Does Thread Count Matter? #shorts

By | March 21, 2023

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Does thread count really matter well yes And no it's commonly believed that a Higher thread count is always better but That's not necessarily true first of all Thread count is just the number of Threads that you have in a square inch Of fabric you get that number by adding Together the number of vertical and the Number of horizontal threads in a fabric Or the warp and the weft to use weaving Terminology the more threads you have The more tightly woven the fabric is Going to be high quality materials can Play a bigger role than a high thread Count good quality long staple cotton Will always make a better sheet than Cheaper short staple cotton that will Pill even if the thread count is lower Plus different styles of sheets have Naturally lower thread counts than Others such as linen sheets which can Have thread counts as low as 80 and Still be fantastic quality finally Sheets with Sky High thread counts are Usually distorted companies will use two Ply threads or stuff in extra threads to Up that thread count Without Really any Consideration for quality

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