Creating An Ideal Sleep Environment #shorts

By | April 4, 2023

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So to set the environment I always say Make it a pretty cave think about a cave Right you don't want to make it dark and Damp and gross but it's cool It's dark and ideally quiet so when I Say cool you really want to have your Temperature in the upper 60s 67 is kind Of the ideal but there's a range then we Talk about Darkness so darkness is key To help you sleep throughout the night So if you can really keep the room as Dark as possible think about light Blocking Shades whatever you can do to Get the light out that is really Important a lot of people don't think About the fact that sometimes in the Summer the Sun comes out at 5 15 in the Morning and that might actually be What's waking them up in the morning and Then quiet is the other big thing that a Lot of people don't always think about So if there's random noises here and There if you have visitors if you're Going to say a hotel and there might be Noise in the hall I actually travel with A white noise machine

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