Cotton Vs Bamboo Sheets – What’s The Difference? #shorts

By | February 21, 2023

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Are you debating between cotton and Bamboo sheets let's go over some of the Key differences cotton is the soft Fluffy fiber that grows on a cotton Plant it's a popular material for Sheets Because it's soft durable and breathable While different weave styles of cotton Have slightly different feels such as Silky or sateen or crisper per kale Cotton is always fairly smooth and feel It also comes in a variety of price Points with there being higher quality Cottons like Egyptian and long staple Cotton on the other hand bamboo sheets Are made from bamboo viscose a fabric Derived from bamboo pulp it's a popular Fabric in Bedding because it's super Soft moisture wicking breathable and Hypoallergenic compared to Cotton bamboo Generally has a much silkier and flowier Feeling and while both Fabrics are good For hot sleepers bamboo is preferable For folks who get the night sweats as It'll Wick moisture away while cotton Absorbs it which type of sheet would you Prefer

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