Can Valerian Root Tea Help You Sleep??

By | April 27, 2023

When a good night’s sleep seems elusive, many people seek out different supplements and herbal remedies. Valerian root* is a popular short-term solution known to induce a more relaxed state perfect for slumber. However, before choosing any non-prescription sleep aid, it’s important to learn all you can about it.

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0:00 Can Valerian Root Tea Help You Sleep?
0:33 What Is Valerian Root?
1:27 How Does Valerian Root Help You Sleep?
2:10 How To take Valerian Root
3:10 Who Shouldn’t Take Valerian Root
3:24 Side Effects of Valerian Root

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Have you heard valerian root tea can Help you fall asleep faster I'm Bridget A certified sleep science coach with Sleepopolis and this is our sleepopolis Sleep remedy Series in this video I'm Going to talk about what valerian root Tea is how it works and why some studies Say it can help you sleep I do want to Mention if you may be suffering from a Sleep disorder or a medical condition You should talk to a healthcare provider Or doctor as these videos are meant to Be informative but not take the place of Medical advice All right let's kick things off with What valerian root is Valerian is a Perennial flowering plant which is Native to Asia and Europe and was later Introduced to North America it CH a few different names like set wall Carpin's tail and heliotrope the National Institute of Health says three Parts of the Valerian plant are used in Sleep remedies dried roots are usually The base of valerian teas and liquid Medicines in other dried plant materials Like the roots and Stems are used in Capsules and tablets and because Valerian Roots don't have the best smell They're often combined with other herbs Like lemon balm hops or passion flour to Make it smell better doctors say Valerian root has been used for Centuries as a natural remedy for stress

Anxiety and insomnia and still is today Medical professionals say valerian root Works by calming the nervous system and Promoting relaxation Research shows it can increase the Amount of Gaba a neurotransmitter that Helps to reduce anxiety in the brain Research is still mixed on Valerian Root's overall effectiveness though one Recent study found it could be safe and Useful alone and in combination in Treating sleep problems and anxiety but There's uncertainty you sent sleep Problems and mood disorders can be Subjective in nature so basically it Could help if you can't fall asleep Because you're stressed about a big work Project the next day but there's not Enough research to say it's effective For someone who suffers from chronic Insomnia Thank you So how do you take valerian root doctors Say the most effective way is by capsule Or tablet although tea is also an option Some studies show it's not as effective As taking it in capsule form valerian Root products aren't regulated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration but They are available as over-the-counter Dietary supplements one doctor zubopolis Spoke to recommends taking it 30 minutes Before bedtime for best results but you May not notice effects for up to two

Weeks if taking it as a capsule or Tablet we recommend starting out with The smallest dose usually 250 to 300 Milligrams if taking it as tea boil one Cup of water mixed with one teaspoon of Valerian brood or tea blend then steep For 5 to 10 minutes we also recommend Reading the label and following the Instructions and checking in with your Doctor before taking any supplements Including valerian root There are some people who are advised Against taking valerian root in any form Women who are pregnant or nursing Children younger than 3 years old and People with chronic insomnia There can also be side effects of taking Valerian root like feeling drowsy in the Morning the national Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Says you could also experience dizziness Dry mouth headache excitability heart Disturbances mental dullness upset Stomach and uneasiness [Music] All right that's all we have for today For valerian root tea and sleep Hopefully you found this video helpful If you want to learn more just click the Link in the description below we do Always recommend talking to a doctor Before taking supplements or if you Think you may be suffering from insomnia Head over to for more

Sleep Health content and be sure to hit The Subscribe button below before you go Bye [Music] Thank you

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