Can Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep?

By | May 4, 2023

Getting enough sleep is one of the most commonly reported challenges today. Between the busyness of work schedules and home responsibilities, it can be hard to make intentional space to rest. As a result, many of us are struggling to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night and may be looking for natural remedies to help, like tart cherry juice. Tart cherry juice is made from sour cherries and is known for its potent flavor. It has been studied for a wide range of potential benefits related to exercise, brain health, and immune function, but what does the research say about tart cherry juice for sleep?

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00:33 What Is Tart Cherry Juice?
01:03 How Does It Work?
01:37 How Much Tart Cherry Juice Should You Drink?
02:22 Side Effects
02:43 When To Take Tart Cherry Juice
03:04 My Experience
03:39 Conclusion

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Can tart cherry juice help you sleep I'm Bridget a certified sleep science coach With sleepopolis and this is our Sleepopolis sleep remedy Series in this Video I'm going to talk about whether Tart cherry juice can help you catch Some z's along with our research shows It can do for your sleep I do want to Mention if you feel you may be suffering From a sleep disorder or medical Condition we recommend talking to a Doctor or medical professional as these Videos are meant to be informative but Not take the place of medical advice So what is tart cherry juice tart cherry Juice is made from sour cherries and is Known for its potent flavor it's been Studied for a wide range of benefits From exercise to brain health but what About sleep a 2010 study found tart Cherry juice appears to be as effective If not more at improving sleep than Valerian root or melatonin alone which Are two of the most studied natural Products for sleep So how does it work tart cherry juice Contains tryptophan which is often Associated with turkey sleepy effect but Is an essential amino acid that's Converted into a compound that helps Your body produce serotonin it also Helps your body produce melatonin which Is a hormone naturally released by your Brain when it's time to go to sleep

Multiple Studies have found tart cherry Juice to improve sleep quality or Melatonin among participants So there is some evidence suggesting the Tart cherry juice can help with sleep [Music] Tart stuff should you take well it comes In all kinds of forms including capsules Gummies and juice There's no standardized dosage for tart Cherry juice but evidence shows it's Safe to take 475 milligrams of juice or 480 milligrams of freeze-dried tart Cherry skin powder for up to two weeks Tart cherry juice products can vary in Their per serving dosage but it's common For one cup of juice one to two times Daily to be the recommended dosage and Even if tart cherry juice doesn't help You sleep better it still can have a lot Of other benefits like helping with your Blood pressure levels pain management And brain health There aren't a ton of side effects Associated with tart cherry juice but Some do include causing an upset stomach Interacting with blood thinning Medication and increasing sugar levels We always recommend talking to your Health care provider before putting any New supplements into your routine And when should you take tart cherry Juice well since you're using it to help You fall asleep we recommend taking it

Towards the end of the day usually an Hour or two before bedtime we also Recommend waiting at least half an hour After taking it to brush your teeth So I tried tart cherry juice for myself To see what would happen and here are my Thoughts it actually didn't taste too Bad in my opinion but definitely had Some tartness to it after I drank it I Did sleep pretty well but I will note That I usually don't struggle to fall Asleep very often so I'm not sure how Big of a difference it actually made so I think it's going to be up to you to Decide whether or not it works for you If you do try it out let me know how it Goes in the comments below All right that's a wrap on this video on Tart cherry juice and sleep hopefully You found it helpful if you want to Learn more just click the link in the Description below I do want to mention Again if you feel you may be suffering From insomnia check in with your doctor Before taking any supplements head over To for more sleep held Content and be sure to subscribe to These videos so you can see more sleep Health information here too I'll see you Next time Thank you Foreign

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