Caffeine Gummies – What Are They And How Do They Work?

By | March 13, 2023

Coffee fans who live for that caffeine high so they can power through lengthy to-do lists have an alternative to the liquid stuff — and it’s not a pill. Caffeine gummies are a softer, chewier edible version of a cup of coffee, and they may or may not include additional ingredients for purported brain-boosting benefits. Here’s what to know about caffeine gummies, including how they work and whether they’re really a viable alternative to your favorite espresso.

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What Is A Caffeine Gummy?
How Much Caffeine Is A Caffeine Gummy?
How Do Caffeine Gummies Work?
Are Caffeine Gummies Safe?

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Hey it's Bridget with sleepopolis and Today I'm here to talk about caffeine Gummies there are a lot of gummies for Different things and also a lot of Different forms of caffeine so now There's also an option to combine the Two I'm going to talk about what Caffeine gummies are how they work what You should keep in mind when taking them And who may or may not like them in this Video [Music] So what exactly is a caffeine gummy Caffeine gummies are like soft chewable Pills so instead of a cup of coffee or An energy drink you can opt for eating a Gummy there are different brands of Caffeine gummies out there some may have Fruity flavors While others taste more Like true coffee some also have sugar Added to them While others don't the Caffeine levels Within These gummies can Also vary generally they have anywhere Between 40 and 200 milligrams of Caffeine per gummy the FDA says an 8 Ounce cup of coffee has between 80 and 100 milligrams so one caffeine gummy can Be the equivalent of half a cup of Coffee or two full cups according to the FDA there are no adverse effects in Having between four and five cups of Coffee a day but everyone is different And your limit could be lower if you Overdo it with your caffeine it can lead

To all kinds of unpleasant effects like Insomnia Jitters anxiety nausea an upset Stomach headaches and a racing heart so If you're trying out a caffeine gummy For the first time we recommend checking The label to see exactly how much Caffeine is in it and starting with a Lower dose if you want to ease into it So how exactly do caffeine gummies work By chewing on the gummy you're absorbing The caffeine through membranes in your Mouth which is actually one of the Fastest methods of absorption one study Found that close to 60 percent of the Caffeine in gummies is absorbed within 10 minutes of eating it and not the full 100 is absorbed within 40 minutes so This is much faster than a cup of coffee Which takes about 45 minutes for the Body to absorb although coffee can peak In the bloodstream anywhere from 15 Minutes to two hours after drinking it a Mic chewing a gummy drinking a cup of Coffee leads to the caffeine being Absorbed in the digestive system then Dissolved into the body's fat molecules And water and able to cross into the Brain caffeine gummies from reputable Manufacturers should be safe to consume But it's important to follow the Directions and not overdo it as I Mentioned earlier you want to always be Aware of how much caffeine is in each Gummy and also keep in mind any other

Sources of caffeine you've had in the Day like from soda or supplements the FDA says there can be toxic effects if You take 1200 milligrams of caffeine Quickly we also recommend that parents Be extra cautious about where they're Storing their caffeine gummies because They do look a lot like candy and could Be tempting for kids the American Academy of Pediatrics advises a guest Caffeine for kids under 12. alright That's all we have for today for Caffeine gummies hopefully you found This video helpful if you want to learn More about them or see other sleep help Information just click the link in the Description below and head over to also let me know in the Comments below if you think you would Try out caffeine gummies and swap out Your morning cup of joe for them I don't Know personally if I would do it I do Like my coffee routine in the morning But let me know and hit that subscribe Button so you can see more videos like This one bye [Music]

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