Brooklyn Essential Mattress Review | Best Cheap Hybrid? (NEW)

By | December 18, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a comfortable and affordable mattress that doesn’t compromise on quality? Look no further than the Brooklyn Essential Mattress! In this review, we will delve into the key features and benefits that make this mattress a top contender for the title of the best cheap hybrid on the market. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your sleep experience without breaking the bank, keep reading to discover why the Brooklyn Essential Mattress should be at the top of your list.

Brooklyn Essential Mattress Review | Best Cheap Hybrid? (NEW)


In this article, we will be reviewing the Brooklyn Essential mattress, an affordable hybrid mattress from the renowned brand Brooklyn Bedding. As a certified sleep science coach, Owen will provide his expert insights into the construction, feel, and firmness of this mattress. We will also discuss the mattress policies, including free shipping, sleep trial, returns, and warranty.


The Brooklyn Essential mattress is thoughtfully designed with a combination of high-quality materials to provide comfort and support. Let’s take a closer look at its construction:

  1. Quilted Top:

    • The mattress features a quilted top layer that provides a luxurious feel and adds extra cushioning for a comfortable sleep.
  2. TitanFlex™ Comfort Foam:

    • The second layer consists of TitanFlex™ Comfort Foam, which is responsive and adapts to your body shape, providing pressure relief and enhanced support.
  3. Ascension™ Coil System:

    • The Brooklyn Essential mattress utilizes a pocketed coil system called Ascension™, which offers excellent motion isolation, reduces partner disturbance, and provides targeted support to different areas of your body.
  4. High-Density Base Foam:

    • The base of the mattress is constructed with high-density foam, offering exceptional stability and durability, ensuring that the mattress maintains its shape and support over time.

Feel and Firmness

When it comes to the feel and firmness of the Brooklyn Essential mattress, it offers a balanced level of comfort and support. The quilted top layer provides a plush feel, while the TitanFlex™ Comfort Foam and Ascension™ Coil System offer excellent support and responsiveness.

The mattress falls within the medium-firm range, making it suitable for a wide range of sleeper types. Let’s further explore which types of sleepers can benefit from the Brooklyn Essential mattress.

Recommended Sleeper Types

  1. Back Sleepers:

    • The Brooklyn Essential mattress provides adequate support for back sleepers, ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of waking up with backaches.
  2. Side Sleepers:

    • Side sleepers will appreciate the pressure-relieving properties of the mattress, as it contours to the body’s curves, alleviating pressure points on the shoulders and hips.
  3. Stomach Sleepers:

    • Stomach sleepers tend to prefer a firmer mattress, and the medium-firmness of the Brooklyn Essential provides the support needed to keep the spine aligned.
  4. Combination Sleepers:

    • Combination sleepers, who switch positions throughout the night, will find the Brooklyn Essential mattress responsive and adaptable to their changing sleep positions.

The Brooklyn Essential mattress is suitable for petite, medium, and heavy body types, thanks to its supportive coil system and high-density base foam.

Brooklyn Essential vs. Other Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

If you’re considering other mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding, here are some brief comparisons:

  1. Brooklyn Signature:

    • The Brooklyn Essential is a more affordable option compared to the Brooklyn Signature. Both mattresses provide excellent support and comfort, but the Signature offers additional features, such as enhanced cooling and enhanced edge support.
  2. Brooklyn Aurora:

    • The Brooklyn Aurora is a luxury hybrid mattress with advanced cooling technology. While the Aurora offers a cooler sleep experience, the Essential provides a budget-friendly option without compromising on comfort and support.
  3. Brooklyn Bowery:

    • The Brooklyn Bowery is another affordable mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, but the Essential offers a more robust coil system, making it a better choice for individuals seeking enhanced support.

Policies and Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding offers customer-friendly policies with their Essential mattress:

  • Free Shipping: The mattress is shipped directly to your doorstep at no additional cost, saving you money and making the purchase process hassle-free.

  • Sleep Trial: Brooklyn Bedding provides a generous 120-night sleep trial. This allows you to try the mattress risk-free, ensuring it meets your sleep expectations.

  • Returns: If the mattress doesn’t meet your satisfaction, Brooklyn Bedding offers a hassle-free return process. Simply contact their customer support team, and they will assist you with the return.

  • Warranty: The Brooklyn Essential mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and protecting you against any manufacturing defects or premature sagging.


The Brooklyn Essential mattress is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious customers looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress. Its thoughtful construction, comfortable feel, and medium-firmness make it suitable for various sleeper types, including back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding’s customer-friendly policies, including free shipping, a generous sleep trial, easy returns, and a 10-year warranty, further enhance the overall value of the Brooklyn Essential mattress.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and affordability with the Brooklyn Essential mattress – the best cheap hybrid mattress on the market!


  1. Is the Brooklyn Essential mattress suitable for hot sleepers?

    • Yes, the Brooklyn Essential mattress has excellent breathability and utilizes materials that help regulate temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep.
  2. Can I use an adjustable base with the Brooklyn Essential mattress?

    • Absolutely! The mattress is compatible with adjustable bases, allowing you to customize your sleep position for optimal comfort.
  3. Does the Brooklyn Essential mattress have a strong odor when unpackaged?

    • No, the mattress is made with low-VOC foams, which significantly reduces the off-gassing process and minimizes any potential odor.
  4. Is the Brooklyn Essential mattress suitable for couples?

    • Yes, the mattress offers excellent motion isolation, reducing any disturbance caused by a partner’s movements during sleep.
  5. Can I find any coupon codes or deals for the Brooklyn Essential mattress?

    • Brooklyn Bedding frequently offers promotions and discounts on their mattresses. Visit their website or check online resources to find the best deals and coupon codes for the Brooklyn Essential mattress.

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