Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Mattress Review – Best Firm Bed??

By | March 18, 2023

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The Plank mattress is an all-foam, flippable mattress with a firm side and an extra-firm side, which makes it great for both back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Both sides of the mattress should provide stomach sleepers with the right amount of support needed, while back sleepers will be happiest on the firm side.

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Hey I'm Bridget a certified sleep Science coach and Mattress expert here At sleepopolis and today I am going to Be reviewing the plank fur mattress I'm Going to put it through a variety of Tests and let you know how it performs On our sleepopolis scorecard but before We dive in let's do a quick overview of The plank firm it's almost 12 inches Tall and as the name suggests it's a Firm bed it's also flippable so you can Choose between a firm and an ultra firm Side the ultra firm side is the side When the logo is right side up and is One of the firmest feels we've tested We're going to keep it this way for most Of the video although it has that firm Feel it also has some nice cushion on Top to comfort you while still keeping You propped up it's an all-foam bed and You can choose to add a cooling cover For an additional fee if you tend to Sleep hot I do want to mention Brooklyn Bedding sent us the plank firm for free And if you do decide to buy it through Our Link in the description below we may Get a commission but that number sways Our opinion onions and rather helps us Keep these Reviews free and if you Decide to buy this mattress you're going To get free shipping a 120 night trial Free returns and a 10-year warranty it Arrives compressed in a box so I Recommend having a friend help you unbox

It and set it up Foreign Test can be a really big one if you Share the bad with a partner or a pet Checking for motion isolation so motion Transfer is how movement travels from One side of the mattress to the other so If you're snoozing over there someone's Tossing and turning over here you don't Want to be disturbed by those movements So we tested out with our very visual Red wine test I put a glass of wine on One side and then I moved around on the Other to see how it affected it it did a Great job with this and the wine stayed Pretty stable I don't think you'd feel a Partner's movements for the most part so Overall I'd give it four stars for Motion isolation Now let's test for Edge support which is How well the sides of the mattress Support weight so think if you ever sit On the edge of the bed or if you like to Sleep near it strong Edge support can Also make a mattress feel bigger to Start the test I sat on the side of the Plank firm and moved around a little and You can see some sinkage then I lied Down on the edge and moved around again You could see a little bit of sinkage But nothing too bad so overall I'd give It four stars for Edge support Now let's do the pressure map test the Pressure mop uses heat mapping

Technology to show where pressure is Building across the body when lying on a Mattress so here's what you need to know As we go through these results blues and Greens are great and are showing low Pressure oranges and reds are bad and Are showing high pressure you're going To want to see low pressure around your Back hips and shoulders if you sleep on Your side or back and when I lay on my Back on the ultra firm side I see blues And greens and a little bit of pressure Starting to form my results were better On the less firm side while lying on my Side on the ultra firm side there's Pressure forming around my shoulder on The less firm side again the results are Better so overall I'd give the plank Firm four and a half stars for pressure Relief for back sleepers and three stars For pressure relief for side sleepers I'll note that it's not really about Pressure relief when it comes to stomach Sleeping we're about to cover that more Next Now let's talk about the different Sleeping positions and how I think they All do on the plank firm so no matter Your sleeping position you want your Spine to be in alignment but depending On that position you may need different Things out of a mattress to make it Happen stomach sleepers need a firm Mattress so their hips can be lifted up

And in line with their shoulders the Plank firm is a dream for stomach Sleepers and in every weight category I'd give the blank firm 5 stars for Stomach sleeping Side sleepers need their pressure relief Around their shoulder and hip to prevent Pain although I do think this bed has a Cushiony feel it's going to be too firm For most side sleepers I do think some Heavier side sleepers weighing more than 250 pounds could get a little bit more Sinkage on it on the less firm side Though overall I'd give the plank firm Two and a half stars for side sleeping Back sleepers need both support and Comfort I think heavier back sleepers And those who like a firm feel could Really like this bed so I'd give it four And a half stars for back sleeping [Applause] Now let's test for responsiveness which Is basically how easily you can move Around on a mattress so this is great For combination sleepers or anyone with Mobility issues and I don't think the Blank firm is necessarily a bouncy bed But it does keep you really propped up So I think it's easy to move around on And change sleep positions because of That I'd give it 5 stars for Responsiveness Price is of course also a really Important factor When shopping for a new

Mattress I do want to note that mattress Prices change all the time and we also Always have coupons to help you save Even more just click the link in the Description below but right now at full Retail you can get the plank firm in a Queen size for about thirteen hundred Dollars All right we have made it to the end of This video but before we say our Goodbyes I want to give the plank firm One final score along with everything We've covered in this video I'm also Going to rate it on different components Like it's cooling abilities it's Materials it's warranty information and More and when I put it all together and Crank the numbers I give it one final Score of 4.3 out of five All right I hope you found this review Helpful if you want to learn more about This mattress other mattresses or Sleep Products or see some sleep health Information head over to We also have exclusive coupons for you There too but don't forget to hit that Subscribe button before you go bye [Music]

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