Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review | Aurora Cloud Pillow Top (NEW)

By | April 29, 2023

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review | Aurora Cloud Pillow Top (NEW). In this video, JD who is a certified sleep science coach covers his review of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress. This bed now offers a Cloud Pillow Top add-on which he discusses specifically in this video. The bed utilizes zoned pocketed coils, and as a result, the Aurora mattress is a little firmer. JD covers all this and more, including what types of sleepers this bed in a box is best for. As a reminder, the Aurora comes in multiple firmness options, making it a good option for side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers. Really what makes the Aurora special though is that it’s a cooling mattress designed for hot sleepers. In fact, the Aurora makes our list of the best cooling mattress and best mattress for hot sleepers. Thanks for watching this Brooklyn Aurora Mattress review.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – General Mattress Policies
2:59 – Construction
4:00 – Cloud Pillow Top & Feel
4:44 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
5:25 – Info For Couples
6:15 – Active Cooling Elements
7:00 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
8:09 – Final Verdict: Aurora Luxe Cloud Pillow Top Review
8:30 – Conclusion

Today we're going to be going over the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress And More specifically the version of This bed with the optional Cloud pillow Top this is the bed sitting right behind Me over here at the slumber yard I'm JD And if you didn't already over here at The yard we review all things online Beds so if you've been checking out a New mattress for yourself online you Want to know some more information about It now subscribe to our YouTube channel Or even head on over to our website Myslumber but today I'm going To try to tell you everything that you Need to know about this optional upgrade With the Aurora Lux we're going to start Off by covering the policies that this Mattress is backed by then we're going To delve into this new mattress options Construction so what exactly it's made Up of then we're going to go over how This upgrade affects this bed's overall Firmness and feel of course we're going To talk about its pricing and at the Very end I'll even try to sum things up With a final verdict for you so stick Around now if you need any more Information maybe I happen to miss Something in this review you know check Down below in the description we should Have a ton of helpful links and related Content down there for you to peruse and If you enjoyed this video shoot us a

Like but without further Ado let's Review this Aurora lux's upgrade [Music] For you Save your money Okay so when we're talking about the Aurora Lux from Brooklyn betting what do You got to know in terms of policy Information let's cover that stuff right Up top now for the record we did receive This bed for free from Brooklyn betting To review so we could test it out over Here at the slumber yard and tell you Guys about it before you decide to buy It for yourself but once you order it Online it should get to your house with Completely free bed in a box shipping This means that the Aurora Lux is going To be compressed and roll packed tightly In plastic packaging inside of a box That's around like four feet tall or so And all you got to do is just drag that Box in your home unbox the thing rip off All the plastic and then you will have a Brand new hybrid pillow top mattress That will expand right before your eyes Now since this is quite a thick Burley Hybrid bed you may want a buddy there to Help with a whole unboxing process Lifting a mattress like this could be Pretty difficult to move by yourself Unless you're a good pal deep pain the Pain Train who has the power and muscle Of a Great Locomotive you know big

Freight train he regularly unbox his Beds solo over here at the slumber yard And you know editors show a good picture Of him that's a realistic photograph of What you're getting with that physique Right there good stuff get it out of the Way now once the bed is in your Possession that's when your trial period Of 120 night starts with the Aurora Lux So you get around four full months to Really try this bed out and make sure It's going to be right for you for the Foreseeable future or not and if within That time frame you find that this Mattress isn't really cutting it for Your particular preferences that's Totally fine because Brooklyn betting Does offer completely free returns with This mattress within that trial period Though the brand will probably ask you To try it out for at least a full month Before you make your final decision but If the opposite occurs and you get this Mattress in your home and you end up Sleeping on it for a number of nights And you end up loving it that is awesome Because it is backed by a standard 10-year warranty and we're going to try To link some more information regarding All this policy stuff down below in the Description also this bed is made right Here in the USA in the good State of Arizona right out of Phoenix so you are Getting a quality American-made product

Here if that's something that you care About with your whole online mattress Buying experience but enough about all The policy stuff let's talk about this Bed's construction so what exactly is it Made up of well on the bottom it starts Off with a thin layer of Base foam just To act as a layer for all the rest of The elements of the construction to lay On and right above that base foam you Have this bed main support system of Pocketed coils we talked a lot about Pocketed coils on this channel but what They essentially are individually siled Springs that are encased in fabric that Kind of move independently of one Another unlike a traditional inner Spring chassis and hybrid beds Essentially use pocketed coils or some Sort of coil unit for support in Combination with various Foams for Comfort in a nutshell if you are above The 200 pound Mark like myself I Personally sleep on a hybrid mattress And you probably will want to as well You know hybrid beds just provide a lot More bi-directional support and Long-term durability for the bigger body Type out there and they even give beds a Lot more motion isolation bounce and Airflow if that's stuff that you're also Into now right above those coils you've Got a transitional layer of memory foam That acts as a buffer between those

Coils and then the two top Comfort Foams Which are a little bit more responsive And those two layers are just beneath The beds Cloud pillow top with a cooling Cover wrapping everything up now that Cloud pillow top that you can see right Behind me on this mattress just Incorporates some additional Comfort Elements woven into that pillow top and It gives this upgrade more of a pillow Top feel so the Aurora Lux as we've put It in the past has more of a soft Neutral foam feel right here with this Upgrade you're getting a general pillow Top feel so I would say that this bed Strikes a really nice balance of support That you get from the coils below and Cushion that you get from all those Comfort foam layers on top I'm a sucker For pillow top mattresses that's my Personal favorite type of bed over here That I've tested and you know pillow top Beds are just going to be generally Accommodating and comfortable for the Vast majority of sleepers out there Compared to the Baseline version of the Aurora Luxe I would just say that the Cloud pillow top just gives you a little Bit more of a comfort Advantage but it's Really subtle now in terms of firmness You also have three different options With the Aurora Lux a soft medium and a Firm we have their medium over here at The slumber yard and we would place it

Right in between a medium and a medium Firm on our scale so it should work fine For all sleeper types backside stomach And combination but primary back and Stomach sleepers are going to be getting A little bit more of a support Advantage From The Medium version now take that Firmness ranking with a grain of salt Because you know firmness is a really Subjective thing that usually depends on How much you weigh and keep in mind that Beds do soften up as you use them so you Almost want to start off with something That's a little bit firmer than a medium To have it come down to the true medium Firmness over time so keep that in mind As well but if you do want a truly soft Or firm version of the Aurora Lux you've Got those levels to choose from as well Now in terms of elements for couples to Consider how well does this bed perform In terms of motion isolation and Edge Support now in terms of edge support Which basically refers to how sturdy the Perimeter edges of the mattress are Under pressure If you happen to sleep Pretty close to them at night on the Aurora Lux on the cloud pillow top Version it is pretty good you know those Coils keep you firmly along those edges And we don't really foresee anybody Falling off this mattress anytime soon But I wouldn't say that the cloud pillow Top really impacts this Edge support at

All you know you're probably going to be Getting the exact same type of edge Support with the Baseline model now in Terms of motion isolation which is Basically how well a bed absorbs and Dense cross mattress movement it's also Pretty good on the Aurora Lux you know It's not going to be as motion isolating As something like a dense memory foam Option like a nectar or a Tempur-Pedic But you know I would say if your partner Likes to get up in the middle of the Night you really shouldn't feel their Movement reverberating through the bed And jostling you awake at night now Let's talk about temperature regulation Which is another element for couples to Consider and it's the main X Factor for The Aurora Lux because over here at the Slumber yard we would generally say that The Aurora Lux is probably one of the Best active cooling options out there For hot sleepers you know if you do Happen to sleep hot the Aurora Luxe is Going to be a great bed for you it just Has a really nice top cooling element in The cover so it should sleep pretty much Temperature neutral on the vast majority Of sleepers out there but it may sleep Even cooler for you than that you know Temperature regulation ultimately comes Down to a lot of other factors than the Actual mattress like the types of sheets Or pajamas that you're wearing it even

Could come down to the overall Temperature of your room that you're Sleeping in so keep all that stuff in Mind as well but the Aurora Lux commonly Makes our list for the best cooling beds You know year after year now so you're Probably getting a great option for hot Sleepers here but you probably don't Really care that much about how this bed Sleeps in terms of temperature but Rather how much it's going to impact Your wallet at the end of the day and Right before pricing I always like to Preface the section by saying that Brands just like Brooklyn betting like To change and play around with their Pricing year round so if this pricing is A little bit different as when you're Watching this video check in the Description to see whatever is current And most up to date but as of when I'm Doing this video you can expect to pay Right around the 1700 range after Discount for that cloud pillow top Upgrade but Brooklyn betting as a brand Does like to offer some pretty sweet Bundles with every mattress purchase and They also do pretty nice discounts Hefty Discounts on their mattresses so check In the description to see whatever is Current to see how much money we can Save you on a brand new Aurora Lux but When all is said and done is this Upgrade gonna be worth it for you and to

Answer that question shortly I would say Maybe you know this Cloud pillow top Isn't going to affect this bed's feel And firmness that much compared to the Baseline model but if you're really into Pillow top beds like myself I would say You know spend the extra money and go For it you know you can't go wrong with A pillow top mattress and it is going to Provide you with a subtle Comfort Advantage it's not going to be much but It could be worth it for you but let's Give you a real final verdict here over At the slumber yard we would say look Into this version of the Aurora Lux if You want a really accommodating and Supportive pillow top mattress available In three different firmness levels You're looking for a nice cooling option For hot sleepers and you don't mind Spending up for those extra Comfort Elements you might want to look into This option it could also come down to If you want a more flat sleeping surface Compared to a tufted one a lot of people You know have preferences in regards to This but what does your guys's take on This new upgrade with the Aurora Luxe do You like it love it or hate it rise Down Below in the comments we would love to Know your thoughts as always if you guys Enjoyed this video you maybe got Something out of it hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe to the Slumber yard

For so much more we're constantly Putting out reviews comparisons and Buyer guides over here and if you need Any more information about this upgrade Check in the description where you Should have some more helpful content Linked down there for you to peruse but That's going to do it for this one I'm Jaded with the Slumber yard and like Always sleep relax sleep tight and we'll See you next time [Music] Love really hard Like And subscribe

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