Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2023 – Our Top 6 Maternity Pillows Of The Year!

By | January 22, 2023

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Pregnancy can cause back pain and discomfort, which makes falling asleep difficult. Fortunately, pregnancy pillows can make pregnant people feel more comfortable! Check out our list of the best pregnancy pillows of 2023.

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The Leachco Snoogle offers excellent hip support and body contouring. That’s why we named it the best pregnancy pillow of 2023! But if you’re specifically looking for a body pillow, check out the Tuft & Needle. This fluffy pillow is filled with down alternative fibers, and it’s incredibly luxurious.

Looking for an adjustable pillow? The BBHug me could be a great choice. This pillow is malleable and supportive, so it can be used in many different ways. If you want a particularly affordable pregnancy pillow, consider the Boppy Side Sleeper. Like its name suggests, this product is great for pregnant side sleepers.

The Yana 360 is our pick for the best U-shaped body pillow. Its heavy construction is helpful while sleeping and nursing! Last but not least, we have the MedCline. This three-part shoulder relief system not only alleviates joint pain; it also helps pregnant people sleep on their sides, which is the healthiest sleeping position during pregnancy.

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Hey y'all Elissa here your friendly Neighborhood mattress and pillow Reviewer at and I'm Emily a marketer at matches Clarity and As you can see I'm Dean So sleeping while pregnant can be Difficult at times so I tested tons of Pillows to find the best sleep and with My vast pillow knowledge and Emily's First hand experience we rounded up a List of the best pillows for pregnancy Check out our full reviews at and find money Saving coupons all right let's get Started [Music] Before we dive into our top picks I do Want to let you know that if you choose To purchase any of the pillows in this Review We may earn a commission this Helps us fund our testing operations and It keeps all of our content free to you Let's kick things off by talking about The best rated pregnancy pillow which is Leech Co this pillow is five pounds so It's super hearty but it's still plush And supportive it can Contour in many Different shapes and it's available in Many different colors and fabric options And because it has a higher Loft it can Also work as a head pillow because it'll Help keep your neck in alignment one Thing that Emily really loves is that

She can place it into a circle and rest Her belly inside and get some nice lower Back relief from this as well put plus It offers some really great support for Your hips and comfort for your knees [Music] If you're looking for a body pillow that The whole family can enjoy check out Tuft and needle there are pick for the Best body pillow for pregnancy this Pillow is super luxurious it has a down Alternative filling and a shell made out Of 100 cotton and it's a bit longer than Other body pillows out there and a bit Wider as well so even if you're much Taller than me it should work well for You it'll provide some really nice Cushioning for your knees and overall Just has a really soft cozy feeling it's Like a hug The further along you get into your Pregnancy you'll need different levels Of comfort and support which is why an Adjustable pregnancy pillow could be a Good option and our top pick is the BB Hug me this pillow is filled with tiny Pebbles rather than beads so this makes It super breathable and malleable but What's cool about this pillow is that it Has a sleeve that goes around the Outside of it that's a little bit longer Than the pillow itself you can put Stoppers on the end to make it a little Bit firmer and supportive and then you

Can tie the sleeve together to get it Into the perfect shape for you it's Really great for side sleeping Emily was Able to support her belly and get Support under her knees as well another Cool thing is that it goes into a donut Shape which really helps provide some Lower back pain relief and another great Thing is that it's longer than most Pillows out there 59 inches long and Emily is five five so it was plenty of Room for her to get into the position That she wanted it in [Music] By the time you reach your second Trimester it's best to start sleeping on Your side this can be an adjustment for Some people including Emily who's mostly A back sleeper so a specific pregnancy Pillow can help with this especially the Boppy side sleeper pillow this one can Be used many different ways you can lie On top of it and let it support your Belly and it also prevents you from Moving over to your back while you're Sleeping or you can place the pillow Between your knees for some extra hip Support it even works as an arm rest if You lean it up against the headboard and You can place it right on top of each Other in a vertical fashion and get some Nice lumbar support kind of like a chair Really cool thing about the boppy side Sleeper pillow is that it's much more

Affordable than some of the bigger body Pillows and because it's so small and Compact it's really easy to store and Put away Foreign U-shaped pillows are super versatile and Supportive so if you're in the market For something like this I for the Yana 360 pillow this one can be used Throughout many stages of pregnancy you Can start on your back to get some nice Support but once you get to your second Trimester it can help you transition to Sleeping on your side you can support The belly cushion the knees and because It's so heavy it can help prevent you From switching back over to your back as You get further along in pregnancy plus You can put it into a donut shape which Will help relieve pain along your lower Back and again it's a lot heavier and More durable it's not going to move Around throughout the night Foreign Pregnancy can exacerbate back pain so if You're looking for some relief check out Medcline this company sells a variety of Different pillows and systems but we're Specifically talking about their Shoulder pain relief system it's Comprised of three parts you've got a Wedge with a hole in the top you put a Pillow underneath that little hole and You put a body pillow around the side

It's not as complicated as it sounds When you rest on top of it and put your Knees over the body pillow you should Feel zero pressure at all which is Really helpful for pregnant people Because the wedge helps Elevate you Which can help with acid reflux symptoms And it supports the belly and provides Cushioning for the knees plus it Encourages you to sleep on your side Throughout the whole night which is the Best sleeping position for pregnant Folks me personally I'm not pregnant but I'm still obsessed with this thing it Kind of reminds me of resting on one of Those zero gravity adjustable beds I Felt zero pressure in my body when I use This Well that's about it if you have any More questions about our best pregnancy Pillows you can check out our full Review at and while You're there you'll find some great Money saving coupons see ya [Music]

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