Best Pillows for Side Sleepers – Our Top 5 Picks!

By | January 25, 2023

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Welcome, side sleepers! If you’re reading this, that means you’re well on your way to finding the right pillow to support you in your go-to position. Yes, it’s true that there are literally hundreds — maybe thousands! — of options out there, but we’ve saved you some time and energy by rounding up what we think are the absolute best pillows for side sleepers.

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Howdy there folks it's Amelia from Sleepopolis and today we're going to be Going over the best pillows for side Sleepers of the year now here at Sleepopolis we test a ton of different Sleep Products including a ton of Different pillows and we've compiled This list of our favorites for side Sleepers so if you're a side sleeper Buckle up because I've got some great Recommendations coming your way all Right let's get into it with our top Picks for side sleeper pillows of the Year Now I do want to mention that Brands Send us products for free to test and Review including the ones on this list And if you end up buying one of these Products with our Link in the Description we may end up earning a Commission at no additional cost to you That helps us to fund our testing Operations and keep bringing you these Reviews for free alright with all that In mind let's get started First up on our list is the best overall The stopfa latex pillow the sofa latex Pillow features a unique dual layer Design wherein an inner pillow is tucked Inside an outer pillow and they Complement each other to offer balance Support the inner core is shredded latex Which offers sturdy support while the Outer layer is filled with a down

Alternative to provide a fluffy Hotel Pillow feel Side sleepers are bound to enjoy the way This pillow within a pillow design Maintains its lofty build and medium Firm feel it's also fairly comfortable For back sleeping if you switch between Positions Next up is our pick for the most Comfortable pillow for side sleepers the Nola squishy Comfort is key to a good Night's sleep and for side sleepers that Means the right mix of support and Pressure relief side sleepers have a Greater space to fill between their neck And the mattress which means they need a Firmer and taller pillow than other Sleepers side sleepers specifically Should appreciate the loft of this Pillow it's supportive in a way that'll Keep the neck aligned with the rest of The spine additionally the soft foam Should be great for relieving pressure Around the shoulder the Nola squishy Pillow has an adjustable Loft meaning You can remove shredded foam fill to Make it lower to fit your exact Comfort Preferences it also features a bamboo Viscose cover which helps promote Temperature regulation Moving right along to our best pillow For neck pain for side sleepers the Elion Elm cotton side sleeper pillow the Eli M cotton side sleeper pillow is a

Great pick for folks who need help Alleviating neck pain with a boomerang Shaped ergonomic design that conforms to The exact Contours of your head neck and Shoulders it's truly ideal for side Sleeping it has a cotton cover and is Filled with a blend of latex and Polyester which combine to create a Plush yet supportive feel and while the Pillow comes amply stuffed into a lofty Build sleepers have the option to adjust The internal feel to their liking plus Despite its side sleeper specific name It works well for back sleepers too Next up is The Temper neck pillow which Is our choice for the best pillow for Back and side sleepers the tempered neck From memory foam magnate Tempur-Pedic is Specifically designed with neck support In mind hence the name it has an Ergonomic design with one side larger Than the other to provide super sturdy Neck support this pillow is made from Tempur-pedic's proprietary temper Material foam but it has a firmer feel Than many other Tempur-Pedic pillows I've tested obviously firm and sturdy Neck support is fantastic for side Sleepers who need more support since Their necks are lifted higher off the Mattress but it's also a great pillow For back sleepers especially those who Prefer a firmer feeling pillow And our final pick for this video is the

Best organic pillow for side sleepers The Birch organic from the cover fabric To the internal fill this entire pillow Is made from organic materials the cover Is made from 100 organic cotton which Means no genetically modified cotton Seeds or synthetic pesticides were used To make it it's filled with a mix of Ethically sourced wool and natural Shredded talalay latex the combination Of wool and talalay latex makes for a Fluffy medium firm feel and a high Loft That offers a good level of support for Side sleepers heads and necks Well folks that's it for our top picks For the best pillows for side sleepers Of the Year I hope you found this video Helpful and that one of these pillows Appeals to you but if not we have a ton More reviews of pillows here on our YouTube channel and over at and while you're over at be sure to check out More of our mattress and sleep product Reviews sleep health information and Exclusive coupons so hit that subscribe Button and head on over there for all Things sleep thanks so much for joining Me and I'll see you next time bye [Music] Book [Music]

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