Best Pillows for Neck Pain – Our Top Picks!

By | February 7, 2023

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Snoozing with a supportive pillow is a great way to maintain healthy posture and guard against neck pain. No one wants to start the morning with an ache, or a stiff neck, that can last all day! Of course, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to determine which pillow will bring you sweet dreams… and which will leave you feeling sore and stiff. But don’t worry — our best pillows for neck pain review is here!

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Howdy there folks it's Amelia from Sleepopolis and today we're going to be Talking about some of the best pillows For neck pain of the Year having a good Pillow can make such a difference in Preventing and alleviating neck pain so In this video I have rounded up some Options that are going to work for a Variety of different sleepers now hit That subscribe button and let's get Started with the best pillows for neck Pain of the year Get started I do want to mention that Brand send those pillows for free to Test and review including the ones on This list and if you decide to buy one Of these pillows using our Link in the Description we might earn a commission At no additional cost to you that helps Us to fund our testing and keep bringing You these videos for free First up on our list is the best overall Pillow for neck pain the Nola squishy we Love the Nola squishy pillow for neck Pain because of its adjustability Cooling and overall Comfort this pillow Features a cooling bamboo blend cover Squishy foam pads and an inner filling Of shredded memory foam this pillow is Adjustable meaning sleepers can take out The shredded foam cubes or put more foam In depending on the Loft that works best For them overall we recommend this Pillow to back and side sleepers because

We think its construction will help best With the spinal alignment of these folks Moving right along to our most Comfortable pillow for neck pain the Sofa latex pillow if you're looking for A pillow that's super comfortable then You should definitely take a look at the Sofa latex pillow it features a unique Pillow within a pillow design wherein a Fluffy down alternative cover envelops a Talley latex core this combination Strikes a cozy balance between soft and Supportive as the outer pillow offers a Plush feel while the inner core adds a Buoyant Boost Plus you have the option To use the pillow as is or remove the Middle insert if you primarily sleep on Your back and side we suggest using this Pillow exactly as it comes however Stomach sleepers looking to reduce the Loft and firmness can easily unzip the Pillow and remove the latex core for a Softer peel Up next is the best memory foam pillow For neck pain The Temper Cloud pillow From Tempur-Pedic filled with one thick Piece of temper Cloud's memory foam The Temper Cloud offers a contouring feel And super slow response to pressure Those who like to sink deeply into their Pillow are most likely to be compatible With this one since it has a medium Loft We think it's best for back and side Sleepers but it can also work for

Occasional stomach sleeping this pillow Offers incredible contouring around the Head and neck but is still very Supportive this combo should work well For preventing and alleviating neck pain Plus it features a removable and machine Washable cover Foreign moving right along to the best Down pillow for neck pain the Brooklyn And down pillow Brooklyn's down pillow Is available in three different firmness Levels making it versatile to different Sleepers and sleeping positions sleepers Of every position should have an option That works for them to prevent neck pain Side sleepers will likely enjoy the firm Option for neck support whereas back Sleepers should be comfy on the middle Ground support of the mid plush stomach Sleepers should opt for the Plush Version to ensure their necks aren't Craning upwards Additionally the Brooklyn and down pillow is a great Option for anyone looking for a high Quality classic down pillow that's Fluffy moldable and cloud-like I also Appreciate how relatively affordable This pillow is down is a more expensive Material than synthetic down Alternatives such as polyester fibers But Brooklyn has kept the price fairly Low And finally our best organic pillow for Neck pain the avocado green pillow

Eco-conscious Shoppers looking to Alleviate neck pain with an all-natural Pillow are going to be most compatible With the avocado green from the cotton Cover fabric to the internal fill this Entire pillow is made from organic Materials it's filled with a blend of Shredded Dunlop latex in a tree fiber Called K-pop which combined to offer a Medium firm feel additionally it lets The sleeper rest on top of the pillow Rather than sinking too deeply into the Material One of our favorite things about this Pillow is that it's adjustable which Allows sleepers of all styles to find Their perfect Loft if you find this Pillow to be too lofty or firm simply Unzip the pillow and remove the stuffing Until you're satisfied that being said We definitely suggest stomach sleepers Remove some fill to reduce the Loft Before snoozing on this pillow Well folks that is it for this video on The best pillows for neck pain of the Year I hope you found this video helpful And that one of these pillows might be a Good option for you if you want to learn More about any of the pillows featured In this video or you want to see some More great options for neck pain just Click the link in the description below You can also head over to for more pillow reviews

Mattress reviews and other sleep product Reviews as well as great sleep health Information and exclusive coupons thanks So much for joining me and I will see You next time bye [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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