Best Pillows For Neck Pain – Our Top 6 Pillow Picks

By | March 5, 2023

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If you experience neck pain, your pillow might be to blame. Fortunately, we’ve tested hundreds of sleep products and rounded up a list of the best pillows for neck pain. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, we’ve got you covered.

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The Nolah Squishy pillow earns top billing as our Editor’s Pick. This adjustable pillow is filled with chopped foam, and it works well for back, side, and stomach sleepers!

If you sleep on your back and side, the TEMPUR-Neck pillow might be the one for you. This pillow is specifically designed to cradle and support your neck. It’s made out of a thick piece of TEMPUR material, which has a slow-moving and luxurious feel.

Back sleepers will love the Saatva Latex pillow. This product contains breathable latex foam, and it has a medium loft. If you’re a side sleeper, check out the COOP Original pillow. This pillow arrives with lots of stuffing inside, which helps side sleepers maintain the proper alignment. But if you don’t need a particularly lofty pillow, you can always remove some of the filling.

Made with a thick piece of graphite and gel-infused foam, the Tuft & Needle pillow is great for fans of that slow-moving feel. If you want a firm pillow, opt for the Purple Original.

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What's up world it's Tony and I'm Elissa And we are your friendly neighborhood Bedding and Mattress reviewers here at Mattress Clarity if you frequently wake Up with neck pain like myself you're Gonna need a pillow that helps you Maintain a nice neutral alignment Throughout the night that's why we've Rounded up a list of the six best Pillows to help with neck pain and You'll find all this information at along with some Money saving coupons let's get started Before we get into the list I want to Let you know that we do receive these Pillows for free and we may earn a Commission if you choose to buy one from Us that's right you can find those Affiliate links in our YouTube Description box below but this just Helps fund our operation and keeps our Content free for you [Music] Is off with our editor's pick we have The Nola squishy pillow this pillow is An adjustable pillow meaning you can Take out these chopped memory foam fill Or add some back in So if you're dealing With some neck pain from a pillow that's Too tall just take some of the fill out And you'll find that sweet spot that Will work best for you because it's made Of slow moving memory foam it's going to Contour around your head neck and your

Shoulder which is going to provide some Really good pain relief while you sleep And it's also going to sleep relatively Cool because the chopped memory foam has Tons of room for airflow and you've got A nice breathable moisture wicking cover On the outside If you're a combination sleeper who Rests on your back and your side you may Want to check out The Temper neck pillow This is made of firm and supportive Temper material which is what a lot of People imagine when they think about Memory foam it has a very slow moving Feel but it still provides excellent Support but what makes it really great For neck pain is its ergonomic design You place the thicker part under the Base of your neck it'll help you Maintain a neutral alignment throughout The night especially great for back and Side sleepers [Music] Sleepers who are dealing with some neck Pain might have Might have Too Tall or too short so you Want a nice medium Loft pillow or a Pillow that provides really good plush Comfort and support and for that we Recommend the softball latex pillow it's Got a chamber design with plush down Alternative that surrounds shredded Latex and it's this combination of Really plush down alternative and

Shredded latex foam that's going to keep Your head and neck in a neutral Alignment and keep your chin in line With your chest while you're sleeping on Your back [Music] Side sleepers listen up you're going to Want to find a pillow that offers Excellent support and helps you keep Your ear in line with your shoulder and Get a neutral alignment enter The Coop Pillow this is an adjustable pillow with A very high Loft but if you find that It's a little bit too lofty for you you Can just unzip it and remove some of the Filling it really Contours the head Which is great for people with neck pain Plus it has a machine washable cover That's hypoallergenic [Music] Do you love a memory foam pillow I know I do and if this is the case you're Looking to get some neck pain relief Check out the tuft and needle original Foam pillow this is made out of a Singles piece of gel and graphite Infused foam that has also been Perforated with holes so it's going to Allow for airflow and it won't trap heat Like traditional memory foam does but What's going to help with neck pain is That it's got a nice medium Loft so it Works well for all three sleeping Positions and body types and it's a

Super responsive memory foam it's not Going to have that traditional slow Moving sinking feel to it so that makes It easy to move around on and it won't Sag so you won't be sleeping with neck Pain on this pillow Last but not least we've got the best Firm pillow the purple now this pillow Is unlike any other pillow you'll find Instead of being filled with foam or Pieces of fiber this contains their Proprietary gel grid it feels squishy And firm at the same time so it really Creates that support that you need and Because there's all these holes it Provides a lot of room for airflow and It doesn't trap heat another cool thing About it is that it's adjustable it Comes with these two boosters that you Can place inside to increase the Loft if You need to and paired with this Stretchy and breathable cover it's a Great choice if you tend to sleep hot at Night By now you should know which pillow is Going to work best for you to help out With some neck pain but if you need more Information you'll find it at and you'll find some Money saving coupons while you're there See you next time [Music] Thank you

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