Best Pillows 2023 – Our Top Picks!

By | January 24, 2023

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Let us start by congratulating you for embarking on a quest to find the best pillow. With so many options out there, pillow-shopping can get pretty overwhelming, and it’s tempting to keep snoozing with the same ones you’ve had since high school (we’ve all been there).

Why settle for less when you can sleep with the pillow that’s perfect for you? We’re about to take you through our Best Pillows of 2023 roundup! We hand-picked eight that appeal to a wide variety of sleep styles, temperature preferences, and budgets so that everyone can find their perfect match.

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Howdy there folks it's Amelia from Sleepopolis and in this video we're Going to be going over the best pillows Of the year a good pillow can make such A big difference in your sleep quality So we have rounded up a variety of picks That are going to work for a bunch of Different types of sleepers all right Hit that subscribe button and let's get Into it with our top picks for the best Pillows of the year [Music] Now I do want to mention that Brands Send us products for free to test and Review including the ones on this list And if you end up buying one of these Products with our Link in the Description we may end up earning a Commission at no additional cost to you That helps us to fund our testing Operations and keep bringing you these Reviews for free all right with all that In mind let's get started this is First up on our list is the sofa latex Pillow which is our pick for the best Latex pillow of the year you know those Pillows that remind you of a hotel Pillow plush and comfortable yet Structured and supportive well if you Want to have that kind of sleeping Experience every night at home try out The Sava latex pillow this pillow has a Pillow within a pillow design with a Fluffy down alternative exterior pillow

And an inner core pillow of shredded Latex this makes the sofa latex pillow Both soft and fluffy but also supportive We love this pillow for back and side Sleepers as it provides the needed Support but it's also so comfortable Plus it maintains a fairly cool Temperature thanks to its naturally cool Latex core and breathable cotton cover Next up on our list is the best bamboo Pillow of the year the Nola squishy Pillow bamboo is a popular material in The world of bedding because it is Ultra Soft and cooling the Nola squishy pillow Features a bamboo cover which helps with Temperature regulation beyond that Bamboo cover this pillow features Squishy foam pads and shredded foam fill You can actually remove some of that Shredded foam fill to lower the loft of The pillow to your desired height This pillow is pretty lofty as it Arrives which works great for side Sleepers with a lowered Loft it can also Be really cozy for back sleepers and Even though it has a super supportive Feel the combo of shredded foam fill and Foam pads makes this pillow live up to Its squishy name Next up on our list is the coop Home Goods Eden pillow which is our pick for The best hypoallergenic pillow this Certipur us certified and green guard Gold certified pick is a favorite among

Folks with allergies who love that it's Free from harmful chemicals or potential Allergens the Eden is a shredded memory Foam pillow the cover is made up of a Proprietary blend of what Coop calls Lultra fabric a blend of bamboo derived Viscose rayon and polyester which is Partly what makes it hypoallergenic the Inner lining is made up of 100 polyester The shredded foam fill in this pillow is Gel infused for extra Cooling and can be Removed to adjust the Loft depending how You adjust the Loft this pillow can work Really well for both side and back Sleepers Moving right along to our choice for the Best silk pillow of the year the Cozy Earth silk pillow if you're looking for An extra luxurious feel then the Cozy Earth silk pillow could be just the Pillow for you it's filled with Mulberry Silk and encased in a cover of bamboo Viscose this results in a super cooling Pillow as both silk and bamboo are Naturally cool materials This pillow is a fantastic choice for Stomach sleepers as it is super soft low Lofted and compressive so you shouldn't Feel any neck strain it's also super Plush fluffy and moldable pillow it Feels very similar to a down pillow to Me but less puffy the cover also feels Ultra Soft and smooth I appreciate that You can shape and mold the pillow around

You to get it exactly how you want it Next up on our list is The Temper Cloud Which is our choice as the best pillow For back sleepers Tempur-Pedic is well known for their Memory foam mattresses but I have to say That I love their memory foam pillows Just as much made with a solid block of Timber material foam this pillow offers A super slow response to pressure and Should conform to your body shape it Also features a polyester knit cover That's removable and machine washable Helping you to keep your pillow super Clean The tempered cloud has a medium height That's just right when sleeping on your Back this height in combination with its Ultra contouring feel will provide back Sleepers with some great support that Should help prevent neck and back pain And even though we like it best for back Sleepers the tempered cloud is also Comfortable for side and stomach Sleeping Moving right along to our pick for the Best down pillow the Brooklyn and down Pillow available in three different Firmness levels plush mid plush and firm The Brooklyn and down pillow has Something for every sleeping position Its down filling is soft and moldable so It conforms easily to your head neck and Shoulders this down pillow is filled

With what else down specifically Canadian down clusters in the Plush Version the pillow is filled with just Down while the mid plush and firm Versions there's also an inner core of Feathers for more support the cover is Made from 100 cotton in a sateen weave Something else I love about the Brooklyn And down pillow is how affordable it is Down can be a pretty pricey material as It is a natural material harvested from Animals however Brooklyn impresses this Pillow quite affordably with each Firmness level ringing in under 150 Dollars And our final pick for this video is the Layla K-pop pillow which we chose as the Best pillow for side sleepers the fill In the Layla K-pop pillow is a mixture Of synthetic memory foam and natural K-pop fibers these are sourced from the Seeds of the K-pop tree which is native To Mexico Central America the Caribbean South America and West Africa it also Features a cover made from polyester Viscose and poly Lycra which is quite Soft to the touch it's also woven with Copper fibers for a slight cooling Effect this pillow is a good choice for Side sleepers because of its firm feel And high Loft that will keep side Sleepers head and neck in line with Their spine side sleepers tend to need The most support of all sleeping

Positions and this pillow provides it However you can also remove fill to Adjust the Loft lower if desired Well folks that's it for our top picks For the best pillows of the Year I hope You found a pillow in this video that Will work well for you but if not you Can head over to more of our Pillow Reviews here on our YouTube channel or More pillow reviews over at we've also got a ton More mattress and sleep product reviews Sleep health information and exclusive Coupons over there so be sure to hit That subscribe button and head on over To thanks so much for Joining me and I'll see you next time Bye [Music] Oh

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