Best Pillows 2023 – Our Top 7 Picks Of The Year!

By | March 1, 2023

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Need a new pillow to rest your head on at night? From standard down alternative pillows, to the classic down, to memory foam, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to watch our video review for the best pillows of the year!

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Resting your head on a high quality pillow is a great way to get quality sleep. One of our favorite pillows to use is the Saatva Latex pillow. It’s soft, plush, but supportive and is a good pick for just about anyone. But if you love down, check out the Brooklinen Down pillow. It’s full of ethically sourced down feathers and is super plush.

Love the slow-moving, sinking quality of a memory foam pillow? The Nolah Squishy is for you. You can also adjust the height and firmness to make it work with your sleeping position. But if you’re dealing with neck pain and want a pillow to help out, the TEMPUR-Neck pillow has a unique shape that can help eliminate neck pain.

But if you’re a strict side sleeper, check out a pillow made just for you: the Pillow Cube! This is a single piece of cube-shape memory foam that will be tall enough to support a side sleeper’s head and neck. If you change positions throughout the night, the Layla Kapok pillow is easy to move around on. It’s also an adjustable pillow so you can match whatever position you find yourself in. Back sleepers need a pillow that’s not too tall, but not too short to keep their chin in line with their chest. For that, we recommend the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex pillow. And it even comes in two loft options to work well with all body types.

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What's up world it's Tony and I'm Elissa And we are your friendly neighborhood Bedding and Mattress reviewers here with Mattress Clarity if a new pillow is in Your future but you don't know where to Start don't worry we've got you covered That's right we rounded up a list of the Best pillows of the year to make your Shopping experience even easier but Don't forget you'll find all this Information at along With some money saving coupons let's get Started [Music] Before we reveal our top picks for the Best pillows of the year I do need to Mention some of these pillows were sent To us for free for us to test out this Helps Follow testing operation and it keeps All of our content free to you and if Any of these pillows catch your eye you Can use some of our affiliate links down Below [Music] Here at mattress Clarity we love Software products because they make us Feel like we're sleeping in a luxury Hotel and if that's what you want out of Your pillow then check out the latex Pillow it features a pillow within a Pillow design meaning it's got plush Down alternative outer chambers that Cover and Surround a crushed shredded

Latex core this is going to give you Some really good plush Comfort because Of the down alternative but the latex is There to give you some nice support and Keep your head and neck in a neutral Alignment while you sleep this is also a Great option for hot sleepers because The cotton is super breathable and latex Is super breathable too and because it's Shredded it's got tons of room for Airflow so you won't sleep hot on this Pillow If you're looking for that soft plush And malleable feel check out the Brooklyn and down pillow this pillow has A soft cotton cover that is very Breathable and on the inside you'll find Responsibly sourced down feathers this Not only feels super malleable and Luxurious but it helps promote airflow So this is a great choice if you're a Hot sleeper Foreign I love sleeping on memory foam pillows And one of my favorites is the Nola Squishy inside this pillow you have Chopped memory foam which is going to Give you that classic slow moving memory Foam feel it's going to Contour around Your head and your neck and provide Really good pressure relief in those Pressure points in your head and your Neck you also have the option to take Out some of this fill meaning you can

Adjust the Loft and firmness and feel to Make it work with your sleeping position So it's a win for everyone this pillow Also won't sleep hot the memory foam is Chopped so it's got room for airflow and On the outside you've got a bamboo cover Which is both breathable and moisture Wicking so you can say goodbye to night Sweats [Music] Nobody wants to wake up with neck pain And if this is a common issue for you Check out the temper neck pillow this Has an ergonomic design you'll rest your Neck along the thicker part and it Really helps you maintain a neutral Alignment it's really great if you are a Back or a side sleeper but what I really Love about it is that it's made with Their supportive temper material now Temper material is what a lot of people Imagine when they think about memory Foam it is super slow moving and plush But it's going to offer you that neck Support that you need [Music] If only there was a pillow designed Specifically for side sapers out there Oh wait there is it's the pillow Cube Here's why it is our best pillow for Side sleepers as you can see it's got a Unique Cube shaped design to it and it's Going to fit perfectly right here in Between your shoulder and your neck it's

Made out of a single piece of cube Shaped memory foam so it's going to Provide really good contouring but it Comes in either a five or six inch Loft Option meaning it'll keep your head Elevated and nice and supported without It dipping too low which will cause neck Pain later on plus you just have a Plethora of options with this pillow you Can get it with a breathable cooling Cover on the outside or you can opt for The longer rectangular shaped pillow Called the side sleeper Pro [Music] If you're like me and you tend to switch Sleeping positions around during the Night check out the Layla K-pop pillow This is an adjustable pillow that Arrives super lofty which is great if You're a side sleeper but if you're a Back sleeper or a stomach sleeper you May need to remove some of the filling It's super easy to do that just unzip it And take it out and get it to your Liking what's really cool about this Pillow is that it's stuffed with memory Foam and K-pop tree fibers it's very Breathable and soft and slow moving so You'll get that comfort that you need Back sleepers want a pillow that's not Too tall but still provide some good Support to keep your chin in line with Your chest and for that we go to the Brooklyn Bedding talale latex pillow

This pillow comes in two locked options Either a low or a high your body type Will tell you which Loft option you Should get for heavier back sleepers I Recommend the high option and for Average weight to lightweight back Sleepers I recommend the low Loft option But regardless it comes in a single Piece of latex foam which is really nice And bouncy and responsive but is still Supportive enough and easy enough to Move around on if you're a combo sleeper Too plus the latex has been perforated With holes which will allow for airflow So it won't trap heat either Well that's about it if any of these Pillows caught your eye remember you can Read more in-depth information about Them over at you'll Find some money saving coupons while You're there see you next time [Music]

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