Best Organic Mattresses of 2023 – Our Top 8 Picks!

By | February 14, 2023

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If you want to be particularly kind to the earth, check out our list of the best organic mattresses! No matter your firmness and feel preferences, we’ve got a bed that will work well for you.

Mattress Clarity maintains an affiliate relationship with some of the products reviewed, which means we get a percentage of a sale if you click over from our video (at no cost to our viewers). Also, many mattress and sleep product companies send us their products for free with the hope that we will like it and review it. However, there is certainly no guarantee that we will review it favorably. See our full disclosures here:

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0:43 Best Overall
1:22 Best Organic Mattress For Side Sleepers
2:01 Best Organic Mattress For Stomach Sleepers
2:35 Best Organic Mattress For Combo Sleepers
3:03 Best Cooling Organic Mattress

3:42 Most Durable Organic Mattress
4:26 Best Organic Mattress For Back Sleepers
4:49 Best Organic Latex Mattress
5:23 Wrap Up

Made with high-quality materials, the Saatva Latex Hybrid is our pick for the “Best Overall Organic Mattress.”

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll love the Nolah Natural’s plush and pressure-relieving foam. Stomach sleepers typically need firm mattresses in order to maintain the proper spinal alignment. If you fall in that category, consider getting the Awara mattress. Back sleepers will love the supportive Birch mattress. Tend to switch sleeping positions during the night? Then you may want to check out the versatile WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress.

If you tend to sleep hot at night, check out the Brooklyn Bedding EcoSleep. This bed has many impressive cooling features. The Zenhaven is our pick for the most durable organic mattress, and it’s a great investment. Last but not least, we have the Avocado Green mattress. This popular bed remains one of the best organic latex mattresses!

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Hey y'all ulyssa here with mattress Clarity if you're looking for an organic Mattress that will help you sleep Soundly at night you've come to the Right place today I rounded up the best Organic mattresses on the market and I'll go over each one individually tell You about their firmness feel and unique Features to help you find the perfect Bed for you let's get started [Music] Before I get into the list I want to let You know that we do receive these Mattresses for free and we may earn a Commission if you choose to buy one from Us using the affiliate Link in our Description below this helps fund our Mattress testing operation and it keeps All of our content free to you Thank you Let's kick things off with the best Overall organic mattress the Safa latex Hybrid we are big fans of saatva here at Mattress Clarity they never compress Their mattresses into boxes and they use Only the most high quality materials This bed is no exception it's made with Talladega latex wool and organic cotton All together it creates a nice Supportive feel which is about a whole Point higher than the industry standard Of medium firm so if you need a bit more Lumbar support this is a great way to go And one thing we really love about latex

Is that it feels naturally breathable so You shouldn't sink into it and trap body Heat all around you I know If you're a side sleeper like myself you May want to check out the Nola natural Mattress this bed contains a thick layer Of Talladega late latex on top with Support coils at the bottom it feels Slightly softer than the industry Standard so it's really great for side Sleepers because you're going to get Great pressure relief along your Shoulders and your hips another thing That's awesome about this bed is that it Has zoned support coils this means it Feels slightly firmer in the center and Softer near the head and the foot which Helps you maintain a nice neutral spine In almost any sleeping position Stomach sleepers on the other hand need Mattresses that feel particularly firm That will prevent their hips from Sinking out of alignment throughout the Night if you follow in this category Check out the awara natural hybrid this Bed has a firmness of seven and a half Out of ten which is a whole point firmer Than the industry standard of medium Firm it's made with high quality Dunlop Latex and supportive coils at the bottom You're going to feel like you're Sleeping on top of this mattress rather Than sinking into it which is also

Really great if you're a stomach sleeper But what if you were a combination Sleeper that rests on your backside and Stomach in that case you may want to Check out the winkbeds ecocloud mattress This bed has a layer of tally latex on Top and is surrounded by a lovely Organic cotton cover but what's really Great about this mattress is that it has Zone support which means it feels firmer In some areas and softer in the others Which helps you maintain a nice neutral Spine in any sleeping position If you're a hot sleeper like myself you May want to check out the Brooklyn Bedding Eco sleep mattress this bed has Coils which promotes airflow it has two Layers of latex which is a naturally Breathable material and it has a layer Of wool which helps Wick away moisture Another cool thing about this bed is That it is flippable the soft side is Really great for side sleepers while the Firm side works well for both back and Stomach sleepers and like all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses the ecosleep is Affordable Brooklyn Bedding owns their Own Factory so they can cut out the Middleman and pass the savings on to you Organic mattresses tend to have a higher Price point so if you're shelling out Some dough you want to make sure that Your mattress is going to last a while The Zen Haven made by saatva is one of

The most durable mattresses on the Market this bed should last at least a Decade for reference most mattresses Only last about five to seven years What's also cool about this bed is it Has a flippable design the softer side Works well for side sleepers but if you Need more support just flip it over and That'll work really well for back and Stomach sleepers and like all saava Mattresses this is available with white Glove delivery and it's never compressed Into a cardboard box so you can sleep on It right away If you're a back sleeper you're going to Need a mattress that offers both comfort And support just like the Birch this is A very high quality luxurious mattress That's made with Tally latex organic Wool and individually wrapped coils plus You have the option to add a pillow top If you need a bit more pressure relief And luxury Last but not least we've got our pick For the best organic latex mattress the Avocado green this is one of the most Popular latex mattresses on the market And for good reason it's made with a Layer of high quality Dunlop latex Followed by pocketed support coils but If you need a bit more pressure relief Opt for the additional pillow top this Is great for side sleepers because it'll Help cushion your shoulders and your

Hips but if you're a stomach or a back Sleeper you may not need the pillow top Either way you're going to love the Avocado green mattress and it's popular For a reason Well that's about it if you need any More information about the best organic Mattresses head over to and read our full Reviews you'll also find some money Saving coupons while you're there see ya [Music]

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