Best Organic Mattress of 2022 | Top 5 Natural Beds!

By | September 14, 2022

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Best Organic Mattress of 2022 | Top 5 Natural Beds! In this video, Owen who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach breaks down his selections for the best natural mattresses and best organic beds. He discusses each of these online bed in a box mattresses in detail, including how they are built (pocketed coils, latex foam, etc.), what they feel like and what types of sleepers each is best for. In this video, Owen covers beds that are ideal for all types of people, including side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavy people and more. Some of these beds include the Avocado Green mattress, EcoCloud mattress from WinkBed and the Birch mattress from Helix Sleep. A lot of the beds he discusses are considered latex mattresses because latex is a natural material that is harvested from rubber trees and naturally processed to create foam. Latex foam has a spongy, responsive feel that a lot of sleepers love. Some other natural, eco-friendly materials that these beds incorporate include organic cotton, organic wool and plant-based Bio-Foam. Having an eco-friendly mattress is an important consideration for a lot of consumers these days so hopefully this video helps you decide which organic mattress is right for you.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – General Mattress Policies
2:00 – What is Latex Foam?
3:39 – Avocado Green
5:27 – Birch Mattress
6:46 – PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
8:43 – MyGreen Natural Escape
9:36 – WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid
10:41 – Conclusion

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So a lot of people out there like to buy Organic products especially food but did You know you can actually get organic Mattresses those are the exact type of Beds we’re gonna be talking about in Today’s video Hey how’s it going this is owen and in Today’s video we’ve got our best list of The best organic mattresses these are The beds that are going to be made with More natural materials be better for the Environment and can even help relieve Allergies if that’s something that you Have if you find this video helpful give It a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel and we have a ton of stuff in The description to help you with your Mattress search including any discounts We can find and we’re also going to have Our written reviews of these beds and Our written best list if you’re more of A reader as opposed to a watcher but Let’s just get right into it by covering The policy information that you’re gonna Get with these beds this is stuff like Shipping returns trial periods and Warranties now i’m just gonna go over The minimum stuff it will vary a bit From mattress to mattress so make sure You look at those full range reviews for The full scoop but this is the minimum Stuff you should expect all of them are Going to ship to you completely free Inside of a box now there is one bed

That i’ll get to later that actually Ships in multiple boxes for a very Specific reason but you’re not gonna pay Anything extra for it the unboxing Process is pretty quick and easy to do Although with these beds specifically Most of them are made with a latex foam Which again i’ll talk about here in a Second and those beds are generally Really heavy like Really heavy so make sure you have Somewhere there to help you out to unbox These things once it arrives at your Door you get a trial period of at least 100 nights often longer do you sleep on It at home to decide if you actually Like it or not if you decide that you Don’t for whatever reason you can return It for a full refund within the trial Window but if you decide to keep the bed Which most people wind up doing looking At a 10-year warranty again often longer That’s just the minimum stuff you should Expect again there are variations Between these policies so make sure you Look at the full reviews if you want to Learn more but let’s just get right into The beds themselves now and we’re going To start with the bed right behind me Which is the avocado green mattress this Is a latex foam hybrid and this is a Really good opportunity to talk about Latex foam as a whole because spoiler Alert every single bed on this list does

Feature latex foam now what makes latex Foam unique there are actually a couple Reasons but the first and biggest one is That it’s actually naturally derived as Opposed to chemical based what they Actually do is they collect the sap from Rubber trees and they fire it off in a Mold in order to create these big sheets Of latex foam it has a few distinct Characteristics first off it’s super Durable it’s really hard to destroy Latex foam i think it’s a bit more Durable than your standard polyurethane Or memory foams And that is a pretty nice thing to have In a mattress especially if you want to Last a long time The other big thing is that this stuff Is really responsive and what i mean by Responsive is that when you relieve Pressure from the latex foam it snaps Back into its shape almost immediately i Like to describe the feel of a latex Foam mattress as almost the opposite of A memory foam because with a memory foam You really sink into it and when you Relieve pressure from it it takes a While to reach its original shape but With latex foam you just press down on It and it goes back into its shape Almost immediately this gives latex foam Beds a pretty distinctive feel you get Plenty of comfort and cushioning this Will also depend on what other materials

Are inside the mattress but you don’t Get any of that sinking sensation Whatsoever on a latex foam bed so They’re really responsive and i think People will enjoy the fuel latex foam Bed as long as you’re not specifically Looking for a memory foam bed because You get none of that on this mattress or Any of the beds on today’s list but Enough about that let’s talk about the Avocado green mattress specifically this Bed probably has the most amount of Certifications that we’ve ever seen in a Mattress so there’s a lot of third-party Organizations that will independently Inspect a lot of the materials that are Sourced for these beds and give it a Stamp of approval and the avocado green Mattress has so many it’s actually going To be too long to list right here it Will be in the description if you want To check it out the avocado brand as a Whole is actually carbon negative which Means they’re not only emitting zero Carbon they’re actually offsetting more Than it takes to make the beds which i Think is pretty remarkable you shouldn’t Have to worry at all about this mattress Being somehow bad for the environment There’s no chemicals in there everything Is certified organic and even the hybrid Coils that it uses are made of recycled Steel So just a lot to like about this

Mattress if you’re looking for a more Organic product so it’s got that latex Foam feel when it comes to firmness There are some variations depending on What you choose when you’re checking out You have the base model and then you Have a model that you spend up for to Feature a pillow top they’re both pretty Firm though the pillow top version is Going to be on a medium firm and then Without the pedal top you’re looking at A true firm i recommend most people go With a pillow top because it makes it More accessible to more sleepers but if You are looking for a very firm mattress Then you can save some money by not Going with the peloton now based on Everything i’ve said about this mattress You probably expect it to be pretty Expensive and you wouldn’t be wrong with That pillow top for a queen size you’re Looking at about 2 500 before any Discounts avocado will normally go on Discount but usually the discounts Aren’t too steep make sure you look down Below in the description for whatever Able to find this just is a more premium Mattress that you’ll be spending up for But based on all the care that goes into Creating this mattress i think that Price point does make some sense next up On the list we have the birch mattress Which is actually owned by helix which Is a pretty unique mattress brand

This mattress specifically doesn’t go With helix’s whole sleep quiz thing it Does have two options though the Original and the lux Both are going to feature latex one as Their primary comfort layer so they’re Going to feel very similar to the Avocado green mattress that i just Described there is going to be some Nuance between these mattresses if you Try to lay down an avocado and then Immediately go lay down on birch you Will notice a difference but it’s not Going to be a significant difference and We put them all in the same feel Category So the original birch does not feature a Pillow top and that one’s going to be Significantly more affordable than the Birch luxe which does have a pillow top The original birch is gonna be about Fourteen hundred dollars after discount Then the birch deluxe is going to be Around twenty five hundred dollars after Discount if i’m being real with you i Think most people should probably go With the original birch mattress unlike The avocado green mattress the original One isn’t quite as firm it’s actually Closer to a medium firm without the Pillow top and the birch luxe doesn’t Really get much softer than the original I do think the birch lux is noticeably Softer but you’re going to be spending

About a thousand dollars more so i’d Probably just stick with the original But that’s just me it also has a ton of Certifications not quite as many as Avocado green mattress but again if You’re looking for something organic i Think you’ll be more than happy with Birch let’s move over to the next bed on This list and that’s actually going to Be the plush beds botanical bliss Mattress and this bed is pretty unique When it comes to online mattresses i Teased earlier that there’s going to be A bed that ships in multiple boxes and This is the one so instead of unboxing It and watching the mattress inflate and Just having a mattress put together you Have to assemble this mattress yourself So the box comes with the cover and it Comes with individual layers of latex Foam Birch and avocado are hybrids which Means they feature coils this mattress Is made entirely of layers of latex foam So you have your support layers of latex Then you have your comfort layers of Latex So if you are more interested in your Mattress being entirely made of latex Foam you don’t want any metal in there Then this is going to be a better option Putting it together is kind of Frustrating i’m not going to lie the First time we did it it took us a while

It’s not that difficult once you know What you’re doing but it’s much easier To unbox a standard mattress but the Fact that you actually assemble the Mattress yourself gives you some level Of customization when you’re checking Out you can pick and choose your Firmness level it comes in a medium and A firm And what this really means is that the Layers of latex foam are going to be Slightly different but if you order the Firm mattress for example you might be Able to rearrange those layers of foam To have it more suit your liking It’s not going to be the easiest thing To do in the world and you should Probably just find the firmness level That works best for you the medium on The botanical bliss is actually indeed a True medium which should work pretty Well for most people you can also get it In a few different height profiles which Is pretty interesting i would recommend Most people go with the 10 inch model It’s kind of their standard and most Popular and when it comes to price after Discount you should expect to pay Somewhere around 23.50 for the botanical bliss changing The height profile will change the price The nine inches cheaper and the 12 inch Is much more expensive but i think for Most people the 10 is probably the way

To go so all the beds i’ve talked about So far are fairly expensive but let’s go With our pick for the best budget Friendly latex foam mattress and that’s Going to be the natural escape mattress From my green mattress this bed like all The others does feature latex foam it’s A primary comfort layer so you’re going To be getting that nice responsive feel When it comes to firmness it’s right Between a medium and a medium firm on Our firmware scale which does make it a Bit softer than a lot of other latex Hybrid beds out there in general latex Hybrids just tend to feel a bit firmer Than a lot of other mattresses and this One while not perfect for side sleepers Will probably be able to accommodate Most combo sleepers who spend some time On their side and when it comes to price This bed is around 1500 after discount For a queen size which makes it one of The more affordable latex home hybrid Beds you’re gonna be able to find a While ago we were actually able to take A virtual tour of their facility where They make these beds located in chicago And they had people by hand stitching These beds together which i thought was Pretty cool then next up we have one of My personal favorite mattresses the Winkbed eco cloud mattress and the Reason that this bed is so near and dear To me is because it’s one of the softest

Latex foam hybrid beds that we’ve tested It’s around a flat medium honor from a Scale maybe even a hair softer than that Depending on your body weight firmness Is pretty subjective but to someone like Me who weighs around 210 pounds Very accommodating for side sleepers Like i just said a minute ago most latex Foam hybrid beds tend to be a bit firmer Like the avocado green mattress pretty Firm but the eco cloud manages to be Decently soft and is probably one of the Best latex foam hybrid beds for side Sleepers i just personally think it’s a Great bed and it’s not as expensive as You might think winkbed has some really Super high quality beds at affordable Prices after discount for a queen you’re Looking about 1700 bucks for the eco Cloud which i think makes it a pretty Solid value latex one beds just tend to Be more expensive because of the organic Nature of the material you generally Wind up paying a bit more for organic Produce at the store and it’s just kind Of the same for organic mattresses Unfortunately But let us know what you think about These beds which one of these five would Be your number one choice let us know Down below in the comments and if you Have any additional questions put them Down there as well we’ll do our best to Answer them don’t forget to check the

Description we’ve got lots of good info Down there including those discounts i Mentioned we watch these prices Constantly prices tend to fluctuate a Lot so all the upstate pricing and Discounts will be linked for you down There so don’t forget to take a look if You found this video helpful give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to the channel But that’s enough for me this is owen Within at home i’ll see you the next one You

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