Best Memory Foam Mattresses – Our Top 6 Foam Bed Picks!

By | January 29, 2023

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The reason so many people out there are in search of the best memory foam mattress is simple. As a material, memory foam is gentle, pressure-relieving, and cozy. It only makes sense that it’s been incorporated into beds all over the world, as it works to relieve tension and keep the sleeper cradled in a cushiony embrace. We’ve gone ahead and highlighted what we’ve found to be the 10 best memory foam mattresses, most of which are dense, thick, and have been modified with either a cooling infusion or open-cell structure.

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What's up it's Bridget and Amelia and This video is for all of you memory foam Lovers out there we're gonna go over our Top picks for the best memory foam Mattresses of the year yeah whether You're a side sleeper or someone looking For some pressure relief this video is For you memory foam beds can also be a Great option for couples or for anyone Who's just suffering from some pain and Although you may think of that slow Moving quicksand-like feel when you Think of memory foam not all the beds on This list are like that because some Have different materials and densities To give them a different feel we wanted To round up a variety of beds that will Work for all kinds of sleepers and if You want to learn anything about any of These beds as we go through this video You can click the link in the Description for more information as well As to see some more options you can also Find some more options over at yeah we have a ton of Reviews over there along with some Exclusive coupons but before you go Check it out let's get into it with our Top picks for the best memory foam Mattresses of the here [Music] But real quick we do want to mention That mattress Brands including the ones On this list send us beds for free to

Review and tell you about and if you buy Anything using our links in the Description we may earn a commission but That never sways our opinions and Instead just helps us keep these videos Free for you All right starting with the editor's Pick the nectar though memory foam can Be slightly expensive the nectar offers Budget conscious Shoppers a memory foam Option that doesn't break the bank which Is one of the reasons it's one of our Favorite mattresses with its all foam Construction and blend of comfort and Support we think the nectar could be Especially comfortable for back sleepers And side sleepers it has a medium soft Feel that cradles the body and offers Pressure relief we also found the cover In gel infusion help the nectar sleep Cooler than the average memory foam Mattress another benefit the nectar Comes with a 365 night trial and a Forever warranty Now for our pick for the best cooling Memory foam mattress the winkbeds Gravity Lux the winkbed's gravity Lux is Available in several different Firmnesses so it can work for a lot of Different sleepers and their sleep Positions we've reviewed the firm model And found it to be a good match for back Sleepers and stomach sleepers it also Has cooling technology built in that

Should appeal to hot sleepers and Couples we also think couples will like The firm Edge support and good motion Isolation this means they won't feel Like they're falling off the sides of The bed and they won't be too disturbed By each other's movements another one of Our favorite things about this mattress Is how durable and long lasting it is Everything next up a hybrid option that Features memory foam and works great for Couples the Helix midnight Helix offers A wide line of mattresses and the Helix Midnight is their most popular one That's because it's a good match for a Wide variety of sleepers including back Sleepers side sleepers and even couples It does a nice job with pressure relief Thanks to its memory plus foam along With being pressure relieving this Material is responsive so you won't feel Stuck in the bed it's also Cooling and Allows for airflow which is good news For hot sleepers and couples and if you Go to helix's website you can take a Mattress quiz to find out which model Works best for you If you suffer from back pain then this One's for you the bear the bear is a Firm mattress that still manages to have Some body contouring thanks to a memory Foam Comfort layer infused with graphite Gel it's also a unique mattress in that It was designed with athletes in mind it

Has sealant in its cover which some Studies say can help promote blood flow And help with Muscle Recovery the firmer Feel of this mattress helps keep sleeper Spines in alignment which is also Essential in preventing and alleviating Back pain And the cooling materials in the bear Make it a nice fit for hot sleepers and Couples And the best hybrid featuring memory Foam the dream cloud while most of the Beds on this list are made entirely of Foam we did include a few hybrid memory Foam mattresses such as the dream Cloud It has coils at the base that provide Enough support to keep the hips in line With the shoulders at the same time the Soft foam cradles the sensitive areas Like the lower back and neck this allows It to offer The Best of Both Worlds Pressure relief and support the dream Cloud does a nice job keeping sleepers Cool and isolating motion it also has a Very luxurious and durable feel [Music] And last up for this video if you're a Side sleeper then our memory foam pick For you is the Lumen Leaf when compared To other popular mattress materials Memory foam is known for its plush Luxurious feel so if you're a side Sleeper who's looking for a true luxury Memory foam mattress we recommend

Checking out the loom and leaf this all Foam bed by saatva offers plenty of Contouring and pressure relief along With a soft cozy and breathable cover The Lumen Leaf has strong Edge support So it could be a good option for couples Who want to maximize their space it also Isolates motion well so you shouldn't be Too disturbed by your partner's Movements on the other side of the bed Okay that's all for this video on the Best memory foam mattresses of the year If you want to learn more about any of The beds we've talked about or see some Other great memory foam picks just click The link in the description below you Can also head over to For more mattress and product reviews as Well as a ton of sleep health Information and exclusive coupons yeah But be sure to hit that subscribe button Before you go and we will see you next Time bye Thank you [Music]

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