Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers 2023 – Our Top 8 Picks For Stomach Sleeping

By | January 16, 2023

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Some of us may sleep on our stomachs periodically, but stomach sleepers who do so for the majority of the night are a rare breed. Of all the sleeping positions, stomach-sleeping is the least common, with 16 percent of us stomach-sleeping on a routine basis. Find out more in our roundup of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers!

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What's up it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and today we are here to Give you our top picks for the best Mattresses for stomach sleepers of the Year yeah stomach sleepers tend to need A firmer and more supportive mattress That's going to keep their hips propped Up and in line with the rest of their Spine this is key to preventing back Pain but of course they also need a bed That's going to be comfortable for them And their sleep needs yeah that's why we Were sure to round up a variety of beds That will work for different types of Stomach sleepers if you want to learn More about any of them as we go through This video or see more options just Click the link in the description below You can also head over to for more mattress and Sleep product reviews but for now let's Get into it with our top picks for the Best mattresses for stomach sleepers of The year [Music] And before we begin we do want to let You know that mattress brands do send us These beds for free to review and to Tell you about including the ones on This list and if you buy one of these Beds using our Link in the description We may get a commission yeah but that Never sways our opinions and instead Just helps us keep these Reviews free

For you exactly so let's get started With our first pick the best overall the Dream called premiere while there are a Ton of hybrid mattresses you can buy Online we like the dream Cloud premiere For stomach sleepers because it's top Layers of foam are soft but not too soft They provide plenty of pressure relief At the shoulders and hips without Causing the lumbar region to dip out of Alignment with the rest of the Torso This results in an even line from head To toe which is ideal for stomach Sleepers they'll also get support they Need from a layer of springy pocketed Coils at the bottom This bed also has great Edge support so You can sit or sleep near the edge of The bed without feeling like you're Gonna fall off We mentioned stomach sleepers do well on A firm mattress so our best firm pick For them is the plank firm the plank Firm is one of the firmest mattresses on The market meaning there's little room For sinkage when you lie on your stomach That's what we look for when Recommending a mattress to stomach Sleepers since it helps align their Spine and hips this bed gives extra Support making it ideal for those who Want to maintain perfect sleep posture This is a flippable mattress so you can Choose from a firm and an extra firm

Side and it's like having two firm beds In one the plank firm could also be a Good choice for combination sleepers Since it's easy to move around on and Change sleeping positions If you sleep on your back and your Stomach then our best firm pick for you Is the Helix Dawn the Helix Dawn hybrid Mattress is a nice fit for back and Stomach sleepers thanks to its support And firmness back sleepers will enjoy How the latex foam alleviates tension in The lumbar region and stomach sleepers Will appreciate how the bed's firmness Elevates their hips keeping their spines In a healthy neutral alignment the Helix Dawn has a strong combination of Bounce And responsiveness so combination Sleepers should be able to easily move Around throughout the night we also like How it's affordable has great Edge Support and play school If you suffer from back pain our next Choice is for you the sofa what's most Notable about this oppa is its special Coil on coil construction where two rows Of coils are stacked on top of each Other this results in a firm feel which Is ideal for stomach sleepers struggling With back pain stomach sleepers most Often experience back pain when their Mattress allows their hips to sink into The bed and fall out of alignment with Their shoulders the sofa's bouncy

Support prevents this issue the sofa Comes in three firmness levels and Stomach sleepers should be most Comfortable on the firm model this bed Is another one that has some seriously Stellar Edge support and it also comes With free white glove delivery so you Don't have to lift a finger [Music] If you're a heavier sleeper weighing 250 Pounds or more then our best firm pick For you is the winkbed's gravity Lux the Weakbed's gravity Lux is a memory foam Mattress that's supportive enough for Heavier people weighing over 250 pounds It comes in a soft medium and firm model So you can choose the firmness level That suits your needs best despite being All foam The Firm model is a very firm Mattress that offers a contouring hug Like feeling it'd be a great option for Back or stomach sleepers looking for a Nice firm feel it's a nice fit for Couples with its strong Edge support Motion isolation and cooling technology The gravity Lux is also quite responsive So combination sleepers can switch Between positions easily throughout the Night If you time to sleep hot at night our Firm recommendation for you is the Nola Evolution if you're a lightweight Stomach sleeper weighing less than 150 Pounds looking for a mattress that won't

Overheat then the Nola Evolution could Be the right bed for you it has a Breathable cover a layer of proprietary Material called air foam ice which is Designed to sleep cooler than standard Memory foam a second Comfort layer of Arctic text fibers which are also Designed to prevent overheating and it Has coils that leave room for air flow Through the bed along with cooling Materials it has impressive Edge support The Nola Evolution also comes in three Different firmness levels but for this Roundup we'll recommend the firm model [Music] If you're after a foam feel then our Recommendation for you is the Lisa Studio the Lisa Studio has a medium firm Yet pressure relieving feel its Materials work against the tendency of Memory foam to trap body heat thanks to A moisture wicking cover so this is good News for hot sleepers it's also a nice Match for back sleepers and we think Couples will appreciate how well it Isolates motion The Lisa studio is also a great deal Because it's under a thousand dollars For a queen and that's not even counting Coupons or discounts All right our last pick for this video The best firm mattress for side and Stomach sleepers the Layla hybrid this Mattress is flippable with a soft and

Firm side allowing sleepers to Experiment with different Comfort levels Before landing on the one that's right For them the Layla offers a one-two Punch of pressure relief and support by Incorporating both gentle memory foam And sturdy pocketed coils into its Design so you should get enough lift at The hips while snoozing on your stomach And enough cozy Comfort at your Shoulders when turning onto your side This ensures sound sleep in both Positions this bed also sleeps cool and Has low motion transfer for couples All right that's it for our top picks For the best mattresses for stomach Sleepers of the year if you want to Learn more about any of these beds or See some other great pics just click the Link in the description below you can Also head over to for More mattress reviews sleep product Reviews sleep health information and Exclusive coupons yeah we've really got You covered over there with all things Sleep but also be sure to hit the Subscribe button before you go bye Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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