Best Mattresses for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain – Our Top Picks!

By | January 27, 2023

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How in the world are you supposed to sleep with pulsing pains shooting up your hips and legs? Aside from seeking the advice and treatment of a medical professional, one thing you can do is buy one of the best mattresses for sciatica. This isn’t any ol’ mattress, but one that lifts your spine into a neutral alignment all the way from your shoulders to your hips.

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Hey it's Bridget with sleepopolis and in This video I want to go over our top Picks for the best mattresses for Sciatica and lower back pain of the year Now having a good mattress can make a World of difference for this kind of Pain so I wanted to be sure to round up A variety of beds that will work for Different sleepers If you want to learn more about any of These mattresses as we go through this Video or see some other great pics just Click the link in the description below We also have other reviews and sleep Health information at But for now let's get into it with our Top picks for the best mattresses for Sciatica and lower back pain of the year Foreign But before we dive in I do want to Quickly mention that mattress Brands Including the ones on this list send us Beds for free to review and to tell you About and if you do decide to buy any of Them using the links in our description Below we may get a commission but They'll never sways our opinions and Instead just helps us keep this content Free All right let's kick things off with the Best overall the saatva the Safa is Considered a luxury inner spring bed and Comes in three different firmness levels So it can work for a wide range of

Sleepers it's built with a coil on coil Construction meaning it has two layers Of coils a layer of larger steel coils Below and a layer of smaller Individually wrapped coils above these Individually wrapped coils move with Your body helping to provide pressure Relief where you need it it also Includes a layer of memory foam between Its coil layers to offer extra relief at The lower back this combination of Comfort and support is what led us to Choose the sofa is our best overall Mattress on this Roundup overall I'd Also say the sofa is a bouncy bed with Some nice Firm support So this makes it A great option for combination sleepers Who switch sleeping positions at night Now to the best mattress in a box for Sciatica the Helix dusk Lux Helix sells a lot of different hybrid Mattresses in a box and has a standard Line and Luxe line for each model we Think the Luxe line is the way to go for Sciatica sufferers because it has a Pillow top layer over its memory foam Which offers a plush feel and added Pressure relief The Dusk is a smart Choice for back pain since it's in that Medium firmness range that works for a Lot of different sleepers from side Sleepers to stomach sleepers hybrid Mattresses can also be helpful for lower Back pain because they offer the springy

Support that helps keep your spine in a Straight line we also think this could Be a good pick for those who tend to Sleep hot Now to our best value mattress the Nectar the nectar's medium soft feel Makes it an optimal choice for anyone Struggling with back pain it performed Great on our pressure map test with its All foam layers Its top layers of gel memory foam and Soft conventional foam fill in the Lumbar region to relieve pressure but It's also a supportive bed for back Sleepers and should work well for side Sleepers too as it Contours the Shoulders and hips It also comes at a value price before Any promotions or discounts you can Often get a queen-size nectar for under A thousand dollars this price goes down Even further once you've applied our Coupons just click the link in the Description below for those and it comes With a 365 night trial and a forever Warranty Foreign Relief is really important to help Alleviate pain in our pick for the best Mattress for pressure relief is the Nola Evolution the Nola Evolution has not one But two Comfort layers meaning there's a Lot of pressure relief for anyone Dealing with lower back pain side

Sleepers and back sleepers should Experience some pressure relief right Away while lying down all while feeling Supported from a layer of coils at the Bottom the Springs even have an Additional Edge support system allowing You to spread out across the entire Mattress without feeling like you're Going to fall off The bed also has a layer of a material Called air foam ice which is the Brand's Version of memory foam that also has a Graphite infusion for extra cooling Another perk the bed comes in three Different firmness levels so you can Pick the best one for your sleeping Position If you share the bed with a partner this Pick is for you the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress the three Factors that we find to be most Important when looking for a mattress For couples are firmness motion Isolation and Edge support we like to Recommend a mattress with a medium Firm Support level so couples that like to Sleep in different positions can find a Nice compromise on feel You'll also want to make sure that the Mattress does a good job isolating Motion transfer so that Restless Sleepers won't wake up the other person In bed when they start rolling around And finally Edge support allows people

To sleep near the edge of the bed Providing more surface area to sleep on And making the bed feel a bit bigger the Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrid checks All of these boxes making it a great fit For couples Now to the best hybrid mattress for Sciatica the winkbed anyone looking to Soothe their sciatic nerve while still Feeling supported should definitely Consider the hybrid construction of the Wink bed built with a combination of Springs and Foams this mattress should Give back sleepers especially those who Suffer from back pain the pressure Relief they need from a pillow top Comfort layer of gel memory foam below That a tall support layer of pocketed Coils gives a slight lift the coils are Zoned meaning they're able to give Different areas of the back different Levels of support the winkbed is Available in four different models Softer luxury firm firmer and plus we Recommend luxury firm or firmer for back Sleepers and then the Plus for heavier Sleepers weighing over 250 pounds If you tend to sleep hot our pick for You is the leesa the leesa is great for Those looking for a softer all foam Mattress but don't let the softness of The memory foam fool you because the Mattresses construction of a thick Comfort layer and high density polyfoam

Gives the leesa a balance of comfort and Support in fact this combination of Pressure relief and responsiveness is Ideal for those with back pain since Sinking too far into the mattress will Throw your spine out of alignment the Leesa is also great for hot sleepers Which is a rare trait for all foam Mattresses thanks to its breathable Comfort layer above the Comfort layer The mattress is topped with a twill Cover which is soft and wrinkle Resistant but also allows for proper Airflow the leesa is also a great budget Option especially when you add our Coupons from the link in the description Below And now to our final pick for this video The best mattress for athletes who Suffer from sciatica or lower back pain The bear star hybrid due to their active Lifestyles athletes are often subject to Pain in the lower back and sciatic nerve But they might find the remedy they're Looking for in the bear hybrid this Mattress should give them the proper Amount of contouring and pressure relief All while creating support with a bottom Layer of pocketed coils but it's real Standout feature is a cover made of Sealant which is a material that may Assist with blood flow and muscle Recovery after a long workout or Sporting match

All bear mattresses also come with a Lifetime warranty [Music] Alright that's all we have for this Video of the best mattresses for Sciatica and lower back pain of the year If you want to learn more about any of These beds we've mentioned or see some Other great pics just click the link in The description below also head over to for more reviews and all Things sleep but hit that subscribe Button before you go and I'll see you Next time bye Thank you [Music]

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