Best Mattresses For Heavy People – Get The Support You Need!

By | January 4, 2023

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If you’re a larger person, did you know that there are mattresses made just for you? It’s true, and we’ve got the absolute best mattresses for heavy people right here!

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If you simply want the best overall mattress for heavy people, start with the Titan Plus Luxe! This is a soft mattress that offers great pressure relief while still supporting larger bodies. If you’re a fan of pillow top mattresses, take a gander at the DreamCloud Premier mattress. And, if you like something on the firmer end, the Helix Plus could be right up your alley.

Want something luxurious but don’t want to break the bank? The Saatva HD offers that high-end hotel look and feel without costing an arm and a leg. If you’re worried about sleeping hot, the cooling Nolah Evolution Hybrid could be just what you’re looking for. If back pain is an issue, the WinkBed Plus could provide just the relief you need.

Are you a fan of hybrid mattresses? Check out the Bear Hybrid, a supportive and comfortable option for heavy people. Finally, if you sleep on your side, you’ll get great pressure relief from the Leesa Sapira Hybrid.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity and it's Tony so let's not beat Around the bush Tony and I are bigger Guys but we're also mattress experts We've tested hundreds of mattresses so We know what the best mattresses for Heavy people are want to see our top Picks stick around for the best Mattresses for heavy people Before we reveal our list for the best Mattresses for heavy people I do need to Point out some of these mattresses are Sent to us for free for us to test out Now if you click our Link in the YouTube Description below we may earn a Commission decide to purchase them this Just funds our operation and keeps our Content free for you So I'll start off with our best overall Pick the Titan plus Luxe mattress this Is great because it's made specifically With larger people in mind has very Supportive materials extra tall Supportive coils and some really plush Layers right on top it's one of the Softer mattresses on this list it's a Great option if you're a heavier side Sleeper or a heavier back sleeper as Well it's also got some great cooling Features you got a cooling cover Breathable coils you shouldn't be Overheating on the Titan plus Lux If you love That Bouncy responsive Feeling to an inner spring mattress that

Has a plush pillow top than the dream Cloud Premiere is the mattress for you Right on top you're going to find a very Soft pillow top that also rests right Over some slow moving memory foam so for Some great comfort but in the bottom of This mattress you're going to find some Really sturdy supportive coils that can Help support heavier weights and with Coils you're going to have tons of room For airflow so you're not going to sleep Super hot on this bed and dream cloud is A very affordable mattress company so be On the lookout for those annual holiday Discounts [Applause] So next up we have the Helix plus Mattress now Helix is all about options And the Helix plus made specifically With larger people in mind it has tall Support of coils and high density foam Right on top of this construction kind Of creates a firm mattress experience Overall making it a great option for Back sleepers and for some stomach Sleepers as well and it's a great option Also for hot sleepers you have a cooled In cover and breathable coils shouldn't Be overheating on this mattress It might seem contradictory but you can Sleep in the lap of luxury while also Not breaking the bank Safa is a great Brand for those looking for a hotel Quality bed that won't cost several

Thousand dollars and the saatva HD is The Brand's bed for heavier bodies this Is a very tall mattress that comes in at 15 and a half inches tall and most of That height comes from very supportive Individually wrapped coils in that Support system which are going to Support heavier weights these coils have Also been zoned meaning it's going to Feel much firmer in the center of the Mattress which is going to provide great Lumbar support and can even help Alleviate some back pain too and to Really sell that high-end Hotel quality Feel it's made of many high-end products Like organic cotton on the cover and Some Italian latex in that Comfort layer [Music] So now let's talk about the Nola Evolution hybrid mattress this is going To be our best cooling mattress on this List it's cooling in a number of ways as A very cooling cover that's cool to the Touch it's proprietary cooling Foams and Coils for airflow sleeping on this Mattress you should not be overheating And no matter what mattress you get it Has zoning in the construction so it's Firmer towards the center softer towards The head and foot of the mattress this Gives extra lumbar support definitely Something that heavier people need Beds shouldn't be a source for back pain So if you're dealing with back pain get

One that can help like the wink beds Plus in the support system this offers Something called Zone support we've Talked about that a little bit in this List but to reiterate Zone support means The coils in the middle of the bed are Going to be much firmer than the head or The foot which is what's going to Provide really good lumbar support and Keep your spine in a neutral alignment While you sleep this is what's going to Help alleviate that back pain there's Some high density foam in the comfort Layer to provide some good plush comfort And this is Wink beds mattress designed Specifically for heavier bodies so if You're dealing with some back pain this Is the mattress for you Then we have the bear hybrid mattress Our favorite hybrid mattress on this List now hybrids are great for heavy People because they have coils for Support and softer layers on top for Some good pressure relief it is a great Option for back sleepers a good balance Of comfort and support and enough Pressure relief for heavier people when They're on their side also has some nice Cooling materials a breathable cover and Some airflow promoting coils Side sleepers need a mattress that is Designed for pressure relief in your Shoulders and your hips enter the Lisa Superior hybrid this mattress has a very

Thick Comfort layer full of slow moving Memory foam that is perfect for offering Pressure relief in your shoulders and Your hips but they're really supportive Individually wrapped coils in the Support system to prevent you from Bottoming out of this mattress and can Help keep you supported while you sleep This mattress also offers really good Edge support so you can utilize the full Space of the mattress especially if you Sleep with a partner and thanks to a Breathable cover and coils for airflow You're not going to sleep on this bed Either well that's about it at this Point you should know which mattress is Right for you but if you want some more Info on any of these mattresses head Over to and if any Of these mattresses caught here I Remember we've got some links for you to Purchase down below see you next time See you then [Music] Foreign [Music]

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