Best Mattresses for Couples 2023 – Our Top Picks!

By | January 15, 2023

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Buying a mattress as a couple can be quite the task. What if you and your partner enjoy different firmness levels? How do you know which beds are best for amorous activities? What about motion transfer, materials, budget, and other factors? Fortunately, Sleepopolis has highlighted the best mattresses for couples and who they might be a good fit for.

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Hey it's Bridget and Emilio with Sleepopolis and today we want to go over Our top picks for the best mattresses For couples of the year yeah if you Share a bed with a partner or even a pet You are going to have different wants And needs than solo sleepers you're Going to want to look for great motion Isolation strong Edge support cooling Features and more yeah that's why we Decided to round up a variety of beds That will work for different kinds of Couples and their needs because I'm also Pretty sure that good quality sleep Leads to healthier relationships agreed Be sure to check out for More mattress and sleep product reviews As well as some great sleep health Information but for now let's get into Our top picks for the best mattresses For couples of the year [Music] We do want to quickly mention that Mattress Brands including the ones on This list send us beds for free to Review and to tell you about and if you Do decide to buy any of these mattresses Using our Link in the description below We may get a commission but whenever Sways our opinions and just helps us Keep these Reviews free exactly Our first pick is the best mattress for Couples of different weights the dream Cloud a lot of the time two people

Sharing a bed are going to need Different levels of support because they Aren't the same weight because the dream Cloud mattress offers firm feeling Support to a lighter partner and medium Firm support to a heavier partner it Could be a great solution for couples of Different weights With its mix of gel memory foam denser Polyfoam and sturdy pocketed coils this Bed should give both sleepers a nice mix Of pressure relief and support this Mattress has great Edge support So Couples will be able to use the entire Surface area without feeling like they Might fall off the side of the bed Strong Edge support is also a great sign Of a mattress's durability [Music] Now couples don't just sleep in the Bedroom so next up our pick for the best Mattress for sex the Helix midnight the Helix midnight is helix's most popular Bed likely because its medium firm feel Is comfortable for most sleepers we Chose this as our favorite mattress for Sex because it helps lip sleepers up and Out of the bed preventing that feeling Of being stuck in the mattress this Hybrid mattress is bouncy and responsive Which makes it easy to move around on Its memory foam top layer offers plenty Of cozy pressure relief and helps reduce Motion transfer the bed's responsiveness

And contouring should be a winning combo For most couples Next up is our pick for the best inner Spring mattress for couples the saatva The saatva classic is an inner spring Mattress made with an organic cotton Cover a three inch Euro pillow top a Layer of pocketed coils Zone support Memory foam and a base of Steel coils it Also has a foam Edge support Reinforcement this all gives the bed an Upgraded version of the traditional Inner spring mattress feel and allows Couples to use the full surface of the Mattress Plus it comes in three different Firmness options plush soft luxury firm And firm so you can pick the right Firmness level for your sleeping Positions the Safa classic is also a Bouncy and responsive mattress making it A good mattress for sex [Music] Now to our pick for the best pressure Relieving mattress for couples the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona has a soft feel that Offers plenty of cushioning around Sensitive joints it also includes Pocketed coils that ensure it's Supportive enough for two bodies the Sedona does a great job isolating motion Which means you're unlikely to feel Disturbed by your partner's movements at

Night if you're a side sleeper looking For cuddly pressure relief the Sedona Could be a great option for you and your Partner the cushioning of the mattress Should also be comfortable for anyone Who suffers from hip or shoulder pain Too Foreign Sleepers if you and your boo both sleep On your side our pick for you is the Nola The Nola is made entirely of foam and Has plenty of gentle body contouring and Sinkage to protect your pressure points While side sleeping most of the pressure Relief comes from a comfort layer of Proprietary air foam which forms to your Individual body shape and sleeps Incredibly cool The Nola has a nice medium firm feel and Should be responsive enough for combo Sleepers to switch positions The memory foam also absorbs motion so Neither you nor your partner should be Disturbed by each other's movements And our final pick for this video the Best hybrid mattress for couples the Emma climax hybrid The hybrid Emma climax provides a firmer Feel and combines strong coils with Excellent foam it's an incredibly Durable option with reliable cooling Features and impressive motion isolation So couples should be able to enjoy

Restful sleeps on this bed for years to Come this bed was designed with both Couples and heavy sleepers weighing over 250 pounds in mind the climax hybrid Should also work well for many average Weight back and side sleepers as well as Lightweight stomach sleepers it's also Super easy to move around on and is one Of the bounciest beds we've tested the Responsive feel is also great news for Those who want to feel more on top of Their bed rather than sinking into it All right that's a wrap for our top Picks for the best mattresses for Couples of the Year hopefully you and Your bed me can find the perfect bed That will work for both of you if you Want to learn more information about any Of these beds we've covered or see some Other awesome choices just click the Link in the description below and be Sure to head over to for More mattress and sleep product reviews As well as great sleep health Information we also have some great Resources and product reviews Specifically for couples yes good call But be sure to hit that subscribe button Before you go and we'll see you next Time bye Foreign [Music]

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