Best Mattresses for Back Pain – Our Top 8 Bed Picks!

By | January 3, 2023

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Finding the best mattress for back pain can be a challenge. Sleepers come in all shapes and sizes, and if you struggle with upper or lower back pain, beds that promise deep pressure relief often don’t deliver. When putting together my list of the best mattresses for back pain, I made sure I chose a wide variety. These beds run the gamut from affordable to luxurious, from firm to soft, and are sure to give you plenty of options to mull over while you make your decision.

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Hey it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and if you suffer from back Pain this video is for you that's right We've rounded up our top picks for the Best mattresses for back pain of the Year so whether you're a combination Sleeper with back pain or a budget Shopper with back pain we've got you Covered and want to help yeah having a Good mattress can make a world of a Difference when it comes to back pain During sleep yeah if you want to see More reviews or get some access to Exclusive coupons head over to but for now let's get Into it with our top picks for the best Mattresses for back pain Foreign Sent us beds to test for free and to Tell you about including some of the Ones on this list and if you click the Link in the description to buy one of These mattresses we may earn a Commission but that doesn't sway our Opinions and just helps us to bring you This content for free Starting with the best overall the dream Cloud the dream cloud is a luxury hybrid Mattress similar to what you might find In a high-end hotel with a whopping five Layers it contains several different Foams and a series of Springs creating a Blend of comfort and support that's an Especially good match for back sleepers

It's also a fairly responsive mattress So combination sleeper should be Comfortable on it too and be able to Easily switch positions at night it's Great for back pain because the coils at The bottom of the mattress are extremely Sturdy and help keep the body lifted Which in turn can keep the spine in a Neutral alignment also its Foams provide Pressure relief for the lower back Another perk of the dream cloud is it's Quite Cooling Now on to our pick for the best foam Mattress for back pain the nectar the Nectar is made entirely of foam and has A nice medium soft to medium firm feel We think it can be extra comfy for side Sleepers and back sleepers who struggle With back pain as long as they prefer a Slightly softer mattress sleepers who Suffer from back pain should experience Plenty of contouring and pressure relief On this bed as they sink into its foam Layers memory foam mattresses are known For their ability to isolate motion and The nectar exceeds in this area so if You're someone who sleeps with a partner At night you're unlikely to disturb one Another with your movements this is also A great Budget Buy with its competitive Price tag [Music] If you switch between sleeping positions At night and have back pain our pick for

You is the Helix desk while Helix is Known for their customizable mattresses They also have a line of pre-existing Hybrid beds each with a different level Of firmness the Helix desk is a medium Soft option that offers some Responsiveness and a little bit of Bounce the responsiveness makes it easy For combination sleepers to switch Positions on the Helix desk but because It's a somewhat soft mattress there's Also enough contouring and pressure Relief in the Foams to soothe back pain Especially in the lumbar region we think Back sleepers should also be comfortable On the desk they should feel pressure Relief on the lumbar region as it gets Filled with the bed soft Foams it also Has some great Edge support so you can Sprawl out and use the full surface of The bed If you're a stomach sleeper with back Pain our recommendation for you is the Saatva classic although it's technically A hybrid with both foam and coils the Saatva has a traditional inner spring Feel due it to its unique coil on coil Construction this creates an impressive Amount of Bounce and support which can Help you maintain a neutral spinal Alignment and avoid back pain the saatva Is available in three firmness levels Plush soft luxury firm and firm so most Sleepers should be able to find an

Option for them the softball is also Great for stomach sleepers due to its High level of support if they opt for The firm model they should get a big Lift that prevents them from sinking too Far into the mattress which should help Keep their hips and shoulders neutrally Aligned the soft foot also comes with Free white glove delivery meaning it'll Be hand delivered to your house Uncompressed and the team will set it up In your room of choice as well as take Away your old mattress if you want Now to our pick for the best cooling Mattress for back pain the winkbed with Its traditional inner spring feel the Winkbed should appeal to sleepers who Value a mattress with lots of support Firmness and responsiveness for anyone Who experiences back pain they should Feel even pressure distribution while Sleeping on this bed it comes in three Firmness options and an option for Heavier sleepers weighing over 250 Pounds the winkbed's thickest layer Consists of extra tall coils which means The bulk of the mattress is going to Have plenty of space for airflow above That a thinner layer of memory foam has Been infused with gel to help dissipate Heat also the mattress has a cover made Of tinsel which is a material derived From naturally cooling eucalyptus In other words every layer of the

Winkbed has some type of cooling feature If you suffer from shoulder pain along With back pain then we recommend you Check out the Lisa Legend although the Lisa Legend has two layers of supportive Coils toward the bottom of the mattress It's soft Foams at the top make it Slightly softer than average its Plushness and contouring gives sleeper Some pressure relief on their backs but Where this mattress really shines is in The area of shoulder pain when lying Down on the leesa legend sleepers should Feel their shoulders sink into the soft Foams for some deep pressure relief at The same time the mattresses Springs Should prevent them from sinking in too Far which helps to keep the spine in Neutral alignment you get some Cushioning while your body gets lifted This bed also does a pretty good job at Motion isolation so you shouldn't be too Disturbed by a partner or a pet moving Around while you sleep Thank you All right now to the final pick for this Video the best affordable mattress for Back pain the Brooklyn Bedding signature Hybrid Brooklyn Bedding has a wide Variety of models with the signature Hybrid being one of their most Comfortable and affordable mattresses With a hybrid construction it's Foams And springs help sleepers maintain a

Healthy sleeping posture which is Essential for avoiding back pain it also Does a great job offering pressure Relief the company has its own Factory So it's able to cut down on Manufacturing costs and pass those Savings onto the customer you can often Find a queen size signature hybrid for Under one thousand dollars after Discounts and a pro tip keep a lookout For significant savings and Deals during Major holidays like President's Day or Black Friday All right that's it for our top picks For the best mattresses for back pain of The year if you want to learn more about Any of these mattresses we've covered in This video or check out some other great Choices just click the links in the Description below and be sure to head Over to for more great Mattress reviews sleep product reviews Exclusive coupons and we have some great Sleep Health Resources for back pain Over there yeah we've really got you Covered and also don't forget to hit That subscribe button before you do go Over there and we'll see you next time Bye [Music] Thank you [Music]

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