Best Mattress Under $300 | Top 5 Affordable Beds! (UPDATED 2022)

By | October 17, 2022

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Best Mattress Under $300 | Top 5 Affordable Beds! (UPDATED 2022). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his picks for the best beds for under $300. Not everyone can affordable expensive mattresses, but luckily there are plenty of budget bed in a box mattresses under $300. Wes talks about online mattress policies relating to free shipping, returns, trial period and warranties. He then covers each of these beds in detail, including how firm/soft each mattress is, what types of sleepers each is best for and how much pressure relief/support the beds provide.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
2:03 – Tuft & Needle Nod
4:10 – Dreamfoam Essential
5:53 – Lucid 10’’ Memory Foam Hybrid
7:15 – Zinus Green Tea
8:46 – Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid
9:43 – Conclusion

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So if you want to save some money but You also want a quality mattress you’ve Clicked on the Right video because today We’re talking about the best mattresses Under 300 now of course the space has Gotten pretty crazy and the mattress Prices just go up just like everything Else but for this video I’m going to try To keep it around or under that 300 mark For a full size mattress so you can Outfit your bedroom with something nice Now just to let you guys all know Mattress brands do like to change their Pricing and promotions constantly so These prices are as of when I’m Recording this video but hopefully you Can save some money and if you didn’t Know who I am I’m Wes I work at the Slumber yard where our goal is to help You find the best mattress for you and Also save you the most amount of money Possible we have coupon codes and full Written reviews and more Down Below in That description box so hopefully you Enjoy this best list of the best Mattresses that you can get for around That 300 mark [Music] To find the right bed for you [Music] Money All right so before I get into this list And tell you all of the pics of the best Beds around that 300 Mark I do want to

Say that we compiled this list ourselves But the mattress Brands did send us These beds for free to review and tell You guys about them but let’s start this Whole thing off and talk about the Policies what are you going to be Getting if you do decide to order one of These mattresses online well at bare Minimum you should get free shipping at Least a 90 night trial period or some Sort of trial period you know it might Differ slightly if you do decide to Order directly from Amazon so look into That you’re going to get some sort of Return option and at least a 10-year Warranty and again that warranty might Also differ if you do decide to order Directly from Amazon but lucky for you All the beds on this list do sell on Pretty much their own website or Amazon So you can kind of take your choice There and I would personally recommend That you order directly from the Mattress brand themselves just because You get all of their policies and Warranties and they’re usually a little More comprehensive but if you need any More information about the policies Offered by each individual brand check Down below in the disc description will Have some helpful links for you down There but let’s get into this list with The first pick and this mattress is from A pretty big brand one that we talk

About a lot over here it would be the Tuft needle nod mattress this is Actually an Amazon exclusive bed it’s Available as a hybrid or an all foam but In this video we’re talking about the All foam just because that falls into That 300 price area now you can get this Mattress in two different height Profiles either eight inch or six inch And we’re talking about the six inch Just because that’s the one that you Know falls into this video’s price Category but if you do want to spend up You can always pay a little bit more and Get that eight inch profile the tuft Needle knob has a soft neutral foam feel It pretty much just feels accommodating You know similar to the original tuft Needle mattress it’s just going to be a Bed that’s going to have a nice Comfortable feel that 9 out of 10 Sleepers are probably just gonna think Yeah that felt good this bed doesn’t Have any memory foamy feels we’ll get Into a couple later in the video that do But in general you’re probably going to Be having a nice sleep on the tuft and Needle nod mattress now depending on how Large of a person you are this might Also depend on which size you want to go With you know the six inch is pretty Thin so if you’re a bigger person you Might want to opt up for that eight inch Model just because it might bottom out

And you don’t want that to happen and I Did mention the tuft needle nod hybrid You could get that if you do want a Little bit more bounce or support in Your mattress that’s also a great option To go with and it is still pretty darn Affordable but getting back to the all Foam let’s talk about firmness right now And the eight inches around a medium on Our firmness scale meaning it should Work for all sleeper types back stomach Side and combination whereas the six Inch is going to be a little bit firmer Since it doesn’t have as many Comfort Layers so it might be slightly better For back and stomach sleepers but either Way you have options going with that all Foam tuft needle knot now like I Mentioned up top this bed is only Available on so you’re gonna Have to buy it there but we will have Links Down Below in that description box And for the six inch in a full size you Can pick it up as of when I’m recording This video for around the 260-ish dollar Range so you’re even saving some money On that 300 price point now if we happen To have a discount on this bed it will Be linked Down Below in the description No promises but we definitely will on Some of the later beds on this list and We’re getting to one of those now and It’s actually the one right behind me And that would be the dream foam

Essential mattress now this brand is Actually owned by Brooklyn Bedding which Is one of our favorite Brands over here At the slumber yard they make really Quality products and it’s nice that They’re entering the game with a kind of Budget pick and this essential mattress Is available in a ton of different Options obviously all the size options Like twin Queen full and all that but It’s also available as a six inch 10 Inch eight inch 12 inch 14 inch I don’t Know why I skipped around that was kind Of weird but you know counting is hard So you have a ton of different options To go with if you do want the dream foam Essential and us over here at the Slumber yard we’re testing out the 10 Inch mattress which is pretty darn firm Between a medium firm and a firm on our Firmness scale so it should work great For strict back or stomach sleepers but You know if you like a firmer bed it Could probably work awesome for you as Well now in terms of feel it’s pretty Much got a firm neutral foam feel but You might feel a little bit of memory Foam if you are a bit heavier I Personally don’t really feel any of that Memory foam just because you know I’m a Lighter guy but remember firmness is Subjective based on how much you weigh So different people will feel firmness Is different if you happen to be a much

Heavier individual you might find beds To be a little bit softer in general Just because you have more mass now the Thinner models will probably differ in Firmness slightly they’re probably going To be the same feel but they will Definitely differ in price the six inch Of the dream foam Essentials is around The 360 dollar Mark after discount which Is a pretty good deal for a quality bed From a reputable brand dream foam made Made by Brooklyn betting so if you need Any more information about saving some Money on that full-size dream foam check Down below in the description we’ll Hopefully have a discount code for you Down there so where the dream foam Essentials advertises to have somewhat Of a memory foam feel I’m moving on to a Bed that has a more pronounced memory Foam feel and that would be the Lucid Gel memory foam hybrid now we have the 10 inch version of this bed and in terms Of feel we would say it has pretty much A traditional memory foam feel when you Go to lay down on it it’ll feel a little Bit firm but then you’ll slowly sink Into it and it’ll kind of make a little Nook for you to sleep in when you go to Change different sleeping positions the Bed might take a minute to catch up That’s that memory foam working but Since the bed does use pocketed coils It’ll also have a little bit of balance

And responsiveness as well now this Being the first pure hybrid mattress on This list this might be a great option For any extra heavy individuals you know If you’re above the 200 or 250 pound Range we always recommend that you Should probably look into a bed with Pocketed coils just because they provide A lot more bounce and durability for Bigger body types in the long term so It’s nice to have that option with this Lucid and in terms of firmness this bed Is available in multiple different Firmness options but we would pretty Much recommend to go with the medium Firmness because it is right around a Medium on our firmness scale now the Pricing for Lucid can get a little Confusing you know they have pricing on Amazon and on their website and Sometimes they differ so you might want To shop around but as when I’m recording This video you can usually pick up a Full size for right around that 350 Dollar Mark you know spending a little Bit more but you are getting those coils So it’s well worth it now if that price Buying for that last bed was a little Too high I have the next bed coming in At the sub 200 Mark so that would be the Zionist green tea mattress one of the Most affordable beds we’ve ever tried Over here at the slumber yard now this Bed is available in different firmness

Options and we have one of their thicker Models but when you do go to lay down on It you’re going to get a pretty memory Foamy experience when you lay down You’re going to sink in and you’re Definitely going to sink in more than Something like a lucid bed that I Mentioned earlier it’s a pretty memory Foamy bed now the version that we’ve Tried is also pretty soft it’s between a Medium soft and a medium on our scale And that’s pretty much because you’re Sinking so much into the mattress but if You do like a more firm option you will Want to go with a thinner version of This bed now the one only kind of Downside I see with this bed is it will Be a hotter sleeping bed because you Sink so much in the bed will reflect a Lot of your heat back to you and of Course as it is a really budget option It doesn’t have any great cooling Technology to advertise so just know That it might be a hotter sleeping bed But if you do like that dense Traditional memory foam feel that you Sink into it might be a good option for You now in terms of price I’m talking About the six inch just because it is The most affordable but for a full size Six inch you can usually pick this bed Up for around the 170 dollar Mark which Is pretty darn cheap for a mattress now I did want to include that six inch just

Because that mattress price is so low And it shows that you can spend very Little money and get a quality bed but You know six inches is pretty thin so I Would recommend that you go with at Least the 10 inch or the 12 inch that 12 Inch will be right at that 300 mark so Still you’re spending with in your Budget now the last bit I have for you Is the linen Spa Memory Foam High root And since it has hybrid in the name you Know it’s going to have pocketed coils In combination with Foams for comfort And though it does have memory foam in The name I would pretty much classify This to have a neutral foam feel you Know it’s going to be something that’s Comfortable it’s something more like the Tuft needle knot in terms of feel so Know that in terms of firmness this bed Is also right around a flat medium on Our firmness scale so it should be a Pretty safe pick for anyone who wants a Bed with a soft neutral foam feel that’s Around a medium and you also want to Save some money a full size for that 10 Inch is around the 270 dollar Mark as of When recording this video and again if You ever want to maybe check if there’s Some sort of coupon code or discount Check down below in the description Because Apple Slumber yard we constantly Have codes or discounts for these Mattresses and we definitely want to

Share them with you just to save you Some more money on the bed I know you’re Trying to save a lot of money so you Might as well check out those discounts Down Below in the description but Hopefully you enjoyed this video and if You need any more information about any Of the beds on this list go to our Website or check down Below in that description box we’ll have Other videos for you coupon codes Comparisons so much more content but you Know that’s the story when you’re paying Under 300 hopefully you enjoyed this Video if so hit the thumbs up button or Subscribe to the channel to keep up with All the latest in the mattress industry And for the rest of the Slumber yard Team I’m Wes wishing you a good night’s Sleep Is [Music] Like And subscribe

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