Best Mattress Under $2000 – Top 6 Affordable Beds! (MUST WATCH)

By | February 3, 2023

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Best Mattress Under $2000 – Top 6 Affordable Beds! (MUST WATCH). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his picks for the best beds under 2000. JD talks about standard online mattress policies such as shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties. He then talks about each of these bed in a box mattresses in detail, including how firm/soft they are, what types of bedding materials they’re made of (memory foam, coils, etc) and how much pressure relief/support they provide. Of course, JD also talks about pricing and just how cheap/expensive each of these online mattresses are. After discount, all of these are bed in a box mattresses under or around $2,000 (queen size). Thanks for watching this mattress for 2000 reviews guide. Hopefully it helps you select the best affordable mattress for your situation.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – General Mattress Polcies
1:44 – Saatva Classic
3:20 – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe
4:50 – Helix Moonlight Luxe
6:53 – EcoCloud by WinkBed
8:33 – Bear Elite Hybrid
10:12 – DreamCloud Premier Rest
11:32 – Conclusion

Hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard And in this video we're going to be Discussing what we view the best beds That are priced under two thousand Dollars are within the online space so If you've got around two grand to spend Up on a brand new online mattress you Can get a really quality bed online These days and you know we have six Different ones to address for you in This video now because I do have six Beds to address I'm gonna go through These picks rather quickly so if you Need any more information about them Once we reach the end of today's video Check in the description box for a lot More helpful information about them if You do enjoy this video you maybe get Something out of it and we help you Towards your next online purchase for a Mattress you know feel free to drop a Like on this video And subscribe to the Slumber yard for so much more but now Let's talk about the best beds that are Priced under two grand [Music] To find the right [Music] Okay so before I dive right into each And every one of these picks I do want To talk about the general mattress Policies that should apply to all of Them that I'm about to cover and for the Record we did receive these beds for

Free from their respective Brands to Review and tell you guys about them but At bare minimum all should come with Completely free shipping they should Also have at least 100 night trial Periods you know for you to test them Out at home before you're stuck with Them they all come with a return option All but one should have completely free Returns and all should be backed by at Least a standard 10-year warranty and Some of these mattress picks go above And beyond in terms of night trials and Mattress warranties so check in the Description for more information about That stuff and I should try to cover That a little bit more in detail for you As these picks come and go first up on The list one of the best beds that you Can get for under two thousand dollars That is really quality and I think Completely worth the price is the Sava Classic bed this is a bed that I Actually purchased for my dad a couple Years ago and he loves this thing it's a Really luxurious and supportive hybrid Offering that you know comes with two Layers of coils it actually has inner Springs on the bottom and then pocketed Coils above that for even more support Above all those coil layers it uses Various Comfort Foams and a nice European pillow top on top to give it an All-around traditional inner spring feel

Kind of like a pillow top feel so it Feels more like a traditional Hotel bed Or something of that nature kind of an Old school style of mattress so a lot of Folks out there should be already Familiar with this type of mattress feel And it should be accommodating to a Variety of sleepers out there it's Available in three different firmness Levels they have a plush softer luxury Firm and a firm we usually steer folks Toward the luxury firm model as it's Right around a proper medium firm on our Scale so it should work fine for all Sleeper types but probably provide a Little bit of a support Advantage for Most primary back and stomach sleepers The Zava classic comes with a 365 night Trial period so you get a full year to Test it out at home before you're stuck With it it also comes with complementary White Glove delivery where a local Delivery team will actually hand deliver The bed to you and set it up for you but Because they do offer all these great Services returns with the soffit classic Aren't exactly going to be completely Free they'll probably charge you a Nominal transportation fee if you do Want to send it back but we highly doubt Many folks are going to be doing that Anytime soon as it is really nice right Now as of when I'm doing this video you Can pick up a queen size for a little

Under the 1700 range so well below the 2 000 Mark and we should have a discount Linked In the description to help you Out with those savings but next up on The list we have an option for any hot Sleepers out there who are looking for a Really quality active cooling option Under that two thousand dollar price Point and this is the Brooklyn betting Aurora bed this is another accommodating Hybrid pick and it is actually very Similar to Brooklyn betting's Flagship Bed the signature but it has a European Pillow top and it features an active Cooling cover on top that is noticeably Cool to the touch it is actually one of The coolest beds that we've ever tried Out over here at the slumber yard and we Have tried pretty much every single Active cooling option offered online so That should be saying something for you And if you're a hot sleeper maybe your Ears are starting to perk up a little Bit aside from those active cooling Elements it offers it all also is a Really cozy mattress it has more of a Soft standard neutral foam feel we think You know nine out of 10 sleepers are Going to hop on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and find it to be really Accommodating and nice and it should Just present an unassuming type of Neutral foam feel that practically Anyone can get down with it's also

Available in three different firmness Levels they have a soft medium and a Firm model to choose from we would say Their medium is right around a proper Medium on our scale so good for all Sleeper types whether you like to sleep On your back stomach side or combination You should be set with this model this Bed also uses pocketed coils for support So it'll naturally be able to withstand And handle all body types right off the Bat including much heavier people and For the price after discount it's not Bad MSRP for the queen size currently Retails for right around the 1900 mark But after discount which you should be Able to locate in the description box of This video you should be paying closer To the 1400 Mark at the end of the day But again check the description to see Whatever is current as that pricing may Change in the near future next up we Have more of a customizable pick for Under two thousand dollars and this is Coming from the brand he Helix sleep and This is their Luxe mattress lineup more Specifically we're going to be going Over the Helix Moonlight Lux I think That's one of the best ones offered in This lineup from Helix and I say that Because there are six different Helix Luxe mattresses six more core models of These beds a natural and organic option Called Birch there's just a lot of other

Helix beds all of which you can navigate Through by means of using the Helix Sleep quiz now don't worry there's no Pass or fail for this quiz you're not Gonna have to sharpen your number two Ticonderoga pencil and you know fill in The uh what are those Scantron or Whatever this is just an online quiz Where you just enter a bunch of Information related to your body mass Index your sleeping preferences Everything about you related to sleep That it asks and then at the end of the Quiz it'll basically pinpoint the right Mattress for you based on your answers The Moonlight Lux features more of a Soft pillow top feel kind of like a Standard neutral foam feel and we think A lot of folks out there are going to be Really accommodated by this type of Mattress feel at the end of the day the Moonlight Lux is also right in between a Proper medium and a medium size soft on Our scale so it's a little bit softer Than a proper medium probably going to Work out best for siding combo sleepers But be also great for all sleeper types You know whether you like to sleep on All sleeping positions throughout the Night you should be set on the Moonlight Lux but if you do want a softer bed they Have the sunset Lux and that's a really Soft mattress really good for strict Side sleepers and they also have their

Dawn and Twilight models which are Firmer options for back and stomach Sleepers now the Helix Luxe beds feature More of a Zone support design in the Coil layer they also feature a nice Pillow top on top for comfort and They're also available with an optional Cooling cover so all these elements add Up to a really nice quality mattress From the brand Helix sleep and we would Say that they're not bad on price either Especially after discount you know queen Size right now after discount you can Pick it up for right around the 1900 Range and Helix sleep as a brand also Likes to do pretty nice bundles where They you know throw in a couple free Pillows and stuff of that nature so Again check the description box to see Whatever is current with their pricing And promotions now if you're someone Who's looking for more of a natural air Organic option with a latex foam feel You know these types of beds can be Really pricey online these days but one That we really like that's below the two Thousand dollar Mark is the Eco Cloud Mattress by winkbeds this is a latex Hybrid mattress that uses coils on the Bottom for support with natural latex Above that for its primary Comfort Layers in addition to organic cotton and Wool for some additional comfort and Even some organic cotton within the

Cover and this all adds up to give it More of a latex foam feel now latex foam If you didn't know already is a Naturally derived type of foam it's Actually made of the collected sap from A rubber tree that's been fired off into A mold there's a ton of stuff that goes Into the process to make latex foam it's Actually kind of interesting we'll try To link some helpful details in the Description box for you but a latex foam Feel is almost like the opposite of a Memory foam so instead of getting a lot Of sink in body conforming Sensations You're going to get a lot of pushback Resistance and responsiveness with Little to no sinking but it's also going To be pretty dang nice especially when You compare to a lot of other latex Hybrids within this space many of these Types of beds can be rather firm but This one's closer to a proper medium on Our scale so it should work out just Fine for all sleeper types backside Stomach and combination sleepers this Bed also comes with a ton of ecological Certifications to back up just how Ethically sourced it is there's frankly Too many to cover we'll try to link them In the description box if you're Interested in checking those out and it Also comes with a 129 trial period and a Forever warranty if you do decide to Keep it as when I'm doing this video a

Queen size retails for right around the Two thousand dollar mark But after Discount which wink beds is pretty dang Good at we should have something in the Description box for you you can pick it Up closer to the 1700 Mark which is a Pretty dang good value for a bed of this Quality now if you're more of an Athletic type and you want a mattress a Hybrid mattress to offer you a bit of a Restorative Advantage potentially on a Nightly basis and you want something That's priced under 2 000 bucks maybe Check out the bare Elite hybrid this is Bear's newest and most top of the line Mattress as of when I'm doing this video It's a supportive hybrid bed that uses Coils on the bottom for support in Tandem with various Comfort Foams and a Nice pillow top to give it more of an All-around pillow top feel on a personal Note I love a bed with a pillow top feel I think it's the best style of mattress Feel out there I think it strikes a Really nice balance between overall Support that you get from a bed and Comfort they're really nice and the Barrel lead hybrid is certainly no Exception in this regard now in terms of Firmness it's available in three Different firmness levels we recommend Their Medium as it's right in between a Medium and a medium firm on our scale so Great for all sleeper types with a

Slight support Advantage for back and Stomach sleepers now the barrel lead Hybrid also features a material known as Salient within its cover and this is a Material that's been recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device it's Supposed to help with all sorts of Things related to bettering your overall Quality of sleep and you know we're not Scientists over here at the slumber yard We can't prove that this stuff actually Works the way many say it does but many Out there swear by it so it could Benefit you if you want some potential Restorative qualities within your hybrid Mattress now it also comes with a 129 Trial period so you get a four month Period to test it out at home before You're stuck with it and if you decide To keep it it's backed by a live time Warranty and that's awesome to have and In terms of price it's well below the Two thousand dollar Mark after discount For the queen size it's available right Now for just shy of the 1400 Mark after Discount again that pricing could change In the future so be sure to check in the Description box to see our most Up-to-date information on all this stuff But rounding out this video we have our Last pick for the best beds under two Thousand dollars and it's going to be The dream Cloud Premiere Rest bed this Is another premium mattress offering

From the brand dreamcloud which makes Really nice luxurious memory foam Options that we tend to really enjoy Over here at the slumber yard but the Premiere rest is their cream of the crop Bed it also uses coils combined with Various Comfort Foams including memory Foam and a nice pillow top on top to Give it more of a soft pillow top feel Out of all three of the dream Cloud Mattresses we would say that the Premiere rests provides the most amount Of sync in pressure relieving Sensation That many memory foam lovers out there Crave from their mattress so while it Does present more of a soft pillow top Feel it also kind of has more of a Responsive memory foam quality so if You're interested in that definitely Check out the premiere rest in terms of Firmness it's right in between a medium And a medium soft on our scale so also Going to be a great option for all Sleeper types but siding combination Sleepers may prefer the amount of Pressure relief they get from this Mattress you know it's just a really Pressure relieving bed at the end of the Day this is also a more luxurious option There's even a bit of cashmere woven Into the mattress cover it's really dang Nice and it's also not bad for the Quality that you're getting here in Terms of price it retails for the queen

Size right around that two thousand Dollar mark But after discount which you Should be able to locate in the Description box of this video you should Be paying closer to the 1500 Mark again Check the description box for all the Most up-to-date information regarding All the discounts and promotions and Pricing for all the beds that I just Went over all all but that's all I gotta Say for this video for the best beds That are priced under 2 000 bucks what Did you guys think was there a mattress That you thought should have made the Cut for this video that maybe didn't Rise Down Below in the comments and let Us know your thoughts if you enjoyed This video you maybe got something out Of it and we helped you out towards Finding your next online bed consider Dropping a like on this video and Subscribing to the Slumber yard for so Much more we really appreciate your Support and again check the description Box to see more information and helpful Links regarding all these beds but That's going to do it for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard hopefully You're doing well out there and like Always sleep right sleep tight and we'll See you next time [Music]

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