Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers – Which Is Best For You?

By | July 30, 2022

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We spend a good amount of our lives sleeping, so naturally, we want to make sure that we have the best possible sleep experience, in terms of comfort and support. Whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or all of the above, you need to pick the right mattress and mattress topper to suit you. With so many sleeping surface options available out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. Luckily, we’ve managed to create a comprehensive list of some of the best mattress topper options for side sleepers below.

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Hey there it’s me lauren your favorite Mattress and bedding expert and Certified sleep science coach i’m joined By my fellow nerd becca to tell you About the top five mattress toppers for Side sleepers and now side sleeping is The most popular sleeping position and Side sleepers need a soft plush surface So that their shoulders and hips sink in And get cushioned properly leading to Pain-free sleep this video will tell you Everything you need to know so you can Make a more informed buying decision so Don’t forget to hit that subscribe Button and let’s get to the bottom of This Or the top we’re talking about toppers So the top of it get to the top of it [Music] Starting off with a bang we have our Overall editor’s pick the layla mattress Topper this topper hits all the marks Cooling quality and comfort This two-inch copper-infused memory foam Topper is like a superhero fighting Common sleep environment disruptions It’s moisture wicking antimicrobial and It transfers heat well so you stay cool As you sleep plus it comes with securing Straps so your topper stays fastened to Your bed so you don’t go slipping and Sliding around now as for feel you don’t Really sink into the surface but you do Get cushioned by the two inches of foam

So if you prefer to stay elevated on Your topper and not get engulfed by the Foam the layla will work for you expect To add a touch of plushes to the overall Feel of your bed without drastically Changing the existing feel the layla Topper ships for free comes with a 120-night sleep trial period and a 5-year warranty but if you do want to Lower the price a little bit we do have Some coupons in the description below How a topper feels will depend on your Body type so if you’re on the heavier Side at about 230 pounds or up you’re Gonna love this next pick the saatva Graphite mattress topper With this topper you get three inches of Cushioning and contouring foam that you Can sink into while still receiving Elevated support so this is a bit Thicker than the layla topper that we Just covered so if you are heavier in Body weight this option will suit your Size much better this memory foam topper Is infused with graphite which actively Works to draw heat away from the body But you can still expect that classic Slow responding feel of memory foam You’ll sink slightly into the surface And experience a hugging sensation in Pressure point areas like the lower back Shoulders and hips the saatva topper Ships for free within the contiguous United states comes with a 180-night

Sleep trial and a one-year limited Warranty [Music] Organic or bust am i right yep just like Your produce your sleep products can be Organic and as for mattress toppers that Fit the bill we love the avocado organic Latex topper Choose from two firmness options soft or Firm to add luxury and comfort to your Bed depending on what your existing Mattress needs with the mix of organic Latex rubber wool and cotton you’ll stay Cool and cushioned all night long expect To sink slightly into the foams while Being able to move around thanks to the Bouncy feel of latex if you experience Back pain we noticed from hundreds of User reviews that this topper greatly Helped alleviate soreness and pain in That area with the avocado latex topper Enjoy free shipping a full year to try It out risk free as well as a 10 year Warranty Looking for top of the line pressure Relief for shoulder pain look no further Than the temper topper supreme from Tempur-pedic ever heard of them they’re Kind of a big deal and for good reason i Like this topper so much that i even Brought it home and put it on my own bed In true tempur-pedic style they Delivered an exceptional mattress topper Which provides total support comfort and

Durability for those looking to subside Pain in sensitive areas especially the Shoulders with the temper topper supreme Your shoulders and hips will sink nicely Into the three inches of proprietary Foam with no pressure build up Whatsoever the foam contours the body so Well it feels like the topper was Personally made for you bye bye aches And pains and relax knowing that the Temper topper ships for free and comes With a 10 year warranty But know that this topper cannot be Returned and is considered final sale Upon purchase There’s nothing better than finding a High quality product that doesn’t hurt Your wallet get the topper of your Dreams without sacrificing quality with The lucid gel foam topper our top choice For the best value mattress topper with This topper you get three inches of soft Supportive memory foam infused with heat Absorbing gel which keep things cool While you sleep along with a ventilated Design across the foam which will Maintain airflow and breathability when You lie down expect a slow response feel That you’ll sink right into you’ll feel Engulfed by the foams which should feel Great in pressure point areas if you’re Into that traditional memory foam feel Best yet you can grab a queen sized Topper for around a hundred dollars as

For policies lucid offers free shipping And free returns as well as a three-year Limited warranty All right friends we have reached the End of this video if you found it Helpful give us a big ol thumbs up leave Lauren and i a comment below and most Importantly subscribe to our channel if You want to learn more about any of the Toppers we covered in today’s video you Can check out our written review at or we will link it in The description below but if you want to Continue your topper search we have a Ton of videos on our youtube channel That you can check out thanks so much For watching it’s time for us nerds to Get out of here Bye Organic or bust am i right I’m sorry I’m going to have to get myself together For that one Bye bye aches and pains and relax Knowing that the temper topper [Laughter] Karate chopper All right

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