Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers – Our Top 6 Topper Picks!

By | January 26, 2023

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Most of the world sleeps on its side. If a new mattress isn’t in your future, then a topper can help out! We’ve compiled a list of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers. Watch our video for the full list!

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2:39 Best Memory Foam
3:17 Best for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain
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One of our favorite mattress toppers for side sleeping comes from Nolah. This foam topper feels really soft for pressure relief, but super responsive so it’s easy to move around on and not trap you in bed. If you switch between your back and side during the night, the Saatva topper is for you. It’s 3” thick, and provides good pressure relief for side sleeping. But because of its thickness, back sleepers get good body contouring and won’t bottom out of the topper.

Prefer springy, responsive latex? Avocado makes an eco-friendly, latex foam mattress topper. It comes in two firmnesses, but the plush model will be ideal for side sleepers who want to soften a firm bed. If you really love that sinking feeling, the ViscoSoft topper is full of gel infused memory foam. It’s super thick and will provide excellent pressure relief for side sleepers.

Dealing with hip pain from a too firm mattress? Use the TEMPUR-Adapt topper to give you the needed cushioning in the pressure points in your hips. And if you run hot, the Layla topper has been optimized for cooling. It has Thermagel in the cover and copper beads in the foam, both of which will pull body heat away from you.

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What's up world it's Tony and I'm ulyssa And we're your friendly neighborhood Mattress and bedding reviewers now Elissa Knight we're both side sleepers That's right and most people are so if You're a side sleeper looking for a Mattress topper you have come to the Right place we have put together a list Of the best mattress toppers for side Sleepers but remember you can find more In-depth written information about all These Toppers over at let's get started Let's do it [Music] Before we get into it I want to let you Know that we receive a lot of these Products for free and we may earn a Commission if you choose to buy one from Us yes you can find those affiliate Links in our description box below but This just helps fund our testing Operations and keep our content free for You Memory foam is great for side sleepers Because it cushions the shoulders and The hips and provides some much needed Pressure relief so that's exactly what You'll find in Nola's mattress topper That's why we named it the best overall It's made with their proprietary air Foam two inches of that polish material Will really cushion the joints but Because it is nice and breathable you

Shouldn't trap heat on this mattress Topper another great thing is that it Has straps on the Four Corners so it'll Easily secure to the side of the bed [Music] Whether you're a side sleeper or a back Sleeper the sofa mattress topper will Work best for both sleeping positions Because it is a three inch thick memory Foam topper it's going to provide really Good body contouring for back sleepers And exceptional pressure relief in your Shoulders and your hips for side Sleeping it also has a graphite infusion Running throughout that memory foam so It'll pull heat away from your body and Keep you sleeping nice and cool this Topper is also a great option for Couples because it isolates motion Really well so you won't feel your Partner and get in and out of bed during The night If you're in the market for a latex Mattress topper check out the one from Avocado this mattress topper is really Unique because unlike memory foam latex Feels very responsive it's naturally Cooling and it's super durable what's Also really cool about this topper is That it's available in two firmness Levels you've got the plush which will Make your bed feel a little bit softer And you've got the firm which is great If your bed needs a bit more support but

Let's focus on the plush model this one Is really great for side sleepers Because it'll help cushion your Shoulders and your hips and if you're a Hot sleeper you should not worry about Sleeping hot on this because it's very Responsive you're not going to sink into It and trap body heat all around you [Music] If you love sinking into that slow Moving memory foam then the visco soft Topper is the one you need to look at This comes in either three inches or Four inch option but regardless of what You pick it's going to come inside of a Breathable removable and machine Washable cover it also has Corner straps That will firmly attach it to your Mattress meaning it won't shift around During the night this memory foam also Has a gel infusion so it's going to pull Body heat away from you so you won't Sleep too hot on this topper either and This is a great option for side sleepers Because memory foam is going to provide Really good pressure relief in your Shoulders and your hips Foreign Getting it down you may want to check Out The Temper adapt mattress topper This mattress topper contains three Inches of their proprietary temper Material which is what a lot of people Think about when they imagine memory

Foam it's super slow moving and when you Press your hand into it you'll see that Hand print there linger for a few Seconds this is really great for people With hip pain because it can cushion the Joints that may be giving you issues and Because it's so high quality and high Density it's great for people of many Body types If you tend to sleep hot like I do then Check out the Layla mattress topper this Has been optimized for cooling and it Starts on the outside the outside cover Has Therma gel running throughout it Which will pull body heat away from you And inside the memory foam there are Copper beads which will also pull body Heat away to really keep this a cool Mattress topper this is another topper That has Corner strap meaning it will Firmly attach to your bed so you don't Have to worry about it moving around During the night By now you should know which one of These Toppers is going to work best for You but if you need more information You'll find it at And you'll find any saving coupons while You're there [Music]

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