Best Mattress For Snoring & Sleep Apnea (UPDATED 2023)

By | April 5, 2023

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Best Mattress For Snoring & Sleep Apnea (UPDATED 2023). In this Best List round up, Wes will reveal our favorite choices for the best mattresses for those with sleep apnea or folks who snore during the night. We’ll spend a moment explaining each mattress and their main features, including price, construction, sleeper types, and more!

Best Mattress for Snoring and Sleep Apnea:

Helix Mattress Review:

Original Tuft and Needle Review:

Saatva Mattress Review:

Awara Mattress Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – General Mattress Policies
1:59 – Adjustable Bases
2:50 – Helix Sleep
4:50 – Tuft & Needle
6:04 – Saatva Classic
8:18 – Awara Mattress
9:46 – Conclusion

Hey welcome to the Slumber yard I'm Wes And in today's video we're going to be Taking a look at the best beds for Snoring or sleep apnea now everyone's Probably snored at one time in their Life and it's not a big deal but sleep Apnea is no joke and for this list we're Basically going to cover some of the Best beds that'll help alleviate if you Do suffer from either of these Conditions now snoring or sleep apnea Won't only affect you but it'll probably Affect your partner as well so for the Purposes of this video I'm going to talk About the four best beds that we think Over here at the slumber yard will help You out and help you sleep more soundly So I may be going a little quicker in This video but if you need any more Information about any of the beds we Cover check down below in the Description box and if you enjoy this Video hit the thumbs up button and you Can always subscribe for so much Slumber Yard content but let's get into the best Beds for snoring and sleep apnea [Music] Work real hard to find the right bed for You And save your money on it [Music] All right so before I get into each Individual bed and talk about how they Might help you out in your condition I

Do want to say that these mattress Brands did send us these mattresses for Free to review and tell you guys about Them but if you order any online they'll Be backed by the following policies Starting with free shipping so most of These beds on this list are bed in a box Mattress one will actually get to you Via White Glove delivery but I'll get Into a little bit more about that when I Get to that specific mattress but Basically once any one of these beds are In your possession it'll get a sleep Trial of at least 100 nights and that's Basically your time to test the bed out In the comfort of your own home with Your own sheets pajamas whatnot and Start to make your ultimate decision of Whether you want to keep the bed for the Foreseeable future or return it and if You do want to return they all come with A return option and if you decide to Keep the bed they are all backed by at Least a standard 10-year warranty and More information about those warranties Or policies will be linked Down Below in The description for you to learn more About that and before I get into the First pick on this list I also want to Do kind of an honorable mentions about Adjustable base is so adjustable bases Can help alleviate your snoring and it Might also be a really good option if You are sharing a bed and you get a

Split adjustable base where one side can Adjust while the other you know can be Flat or whatever adjustment they want But basically by adjusting the Adjustable base slightly you elevate the Head and that can improve blood flow and Help relieve pressure points so you Might want to check out an adjustable Base if you've tried everything and you Still snore or suffer from sleep apnea That might be something for you to look At overall adjustable bases can be a Useful tool for anyone that does suffer From snoring or sleep apnea and if you Want any more information about them Check down below in the description box We'll have some helpful links for you Down there including probably our best Adjustable base video that we did a While ago you definitely want to go Check that out if you are really curious About adjustable bases but this video is Basically about mattresses so let's jump In with the first one and I know I said One mattress but this is actually a Suite of mattresses and it's from the Brand Helix sleep so Helix says a brand Makes six base models and then six Upgraded Lux models which are basically Just those base models with some more Special features and whatnot and they Also have Helix plus which is a bed made For especially heavy individuals they've Got the Birch mattress which is a

Natural and organic bed they've even got A kid's bed and you might be wondering How do you know which Helix bed is right For you well they have a sleep quiz Which you basically enter some Information about yourself the kind of Sleeping setup that you like whether It's your side back stomach whatnot if You have any pain and they basically Spit out the bed that they think will Work best for your sleeping situation so Basically you've got a ton of different Options if you go the route of Helix but For this video I'm mainly going to be Talking about the base models but just Know you could always upgrade to the Lux Models if you wish but pretty much all The Helix base models will have a soft Neutral accommodating coil feel it's Basically going to be something that When you lay down on you're going to Really probably enjoy the hybrid Construction with some comfort Foams and Coils on the bottom makes the beds Pretty responsive and have you know that Traditional bounce that you're probably Looking for in a mattress while all the Comfort from Foams on top add up to give The beds a lot of pressure relief as Well and there's also different Helix Mattresses depending if you like more of A memory foamy feel or a straight up Neutral foam one so definitely take that Sleep quiz to see which bed they think

Will be right for you and in terms of Firmness they basically have beds that Span the whole firmness Spectrum so Whether you want a softer bed for strict Side or combination sleepers or you're a Strict back or stomach sleeper that Wants something a little bit firmer or Something right in the middle Helix will Probably have a bed that will be right At that firmness for you we really like The Helix midnight over here at the Slumber yard it's right around a medium On our firmness scale so it should work For all sleeper types back stomach side And combination and we usually see it Around the eleven hundred dollar range After discount and if you would like to Use a discount code we'll have some link For you down below in the description Box if you do choose to use those they Help us out over here at the slumber Yard and we really appreciate that but That's basically the story when talking About Helix now let's move on to the Next bed which is right behind me and That's the tuft and needle mattress so This is a little bit more simple it's an All-foam bed with two layers it's got Dense support foam on the bottom then Their TNN adaptive foam on top of that This bed will have pretty much a soft Neutral foam feel and will also be right Around a medium so it should be another Accommodating pick and this one would

Probably be more of a safe pick so if You don't know exactly what you want in A mattress you can probably go for a Tuft needle bed and think it'll be Really comfortable because we tend to See that ninety percent of people could Sleep on this thing fine any day of the Week now the tuft needle mattress is Pretty basic or simple but that's not a Bad thing and since it is an iPhone bed And has a pretty simple design you can Pretty much use it on any foundation or Adjustable bases so this would probably Be the pick we would say to check out if You do have an adjustable base or you Want to implement one in your sleep Apnea snoring setup now though the tuft Needle mattress doesn't have a ton of Special features or bells and whistles You can slap this thing on an adjustable Base and adjust it to any adjustment you Want now with some beds that are more Involved with maybe an inner spring Chassis or some coils you might not want To put it on an adjustable base or might Void your warranty or something like That so definitely read up all about Your bed before you just slap it on any Old adjustable base but that brings me To the next bed which is probably a bed More in that category and that's the Sava classic because this bed uses two Layers of coils it's got inner springs On the bottom then pocketed coils above

That and it's all wrapped up in a nice Euro pillow top and it pretty much gives The bed a traditional pillow top feel This bed uses some memory foam within Its construction which should provide a Lot of pressure relief for you if you do Suffer from snoring or sleep apnea and One of the main reasons that sofa made This list is because it's available in Three different firmness options they Have their plush soft their luxury firm And their firm mattress so basically you Get three different options to choose From whether you want a softer bed more For side and combination sleepers or you Want to go for that luxury firm firmness Level which we would recommend to most People since it's around a medium firm On our firmness scale and should work For all sleeper types or if you want Something that's extra firm you can go For their firm but again that might be Best for strict back and stomach Sleepers since we usually prefer that Those type of sleepers tend to to prefer Firmer mattresses now since this thing Does use two layers of pocketed coils it Will be extra supportive and probably Work for all body types whether you're Petite medium or much larger this thing Should be able to accommodate you for Sure we've also tend to notice that Pocketed coils can also provide some More airflow and mattresses and whatnot

So there are some benefits and if you Need any more information about pocketed Coils check down below in the Description to learn up more about those But let's continue and talk more about Sava more specifically what are some of This bed's X factors now salva's main X Factor is the fact that it's delivered To you via White Glove delivery where a Local delivery team will bring the bed To your home full size and set it up for You and they'll pretty much almost Always haul away your old bed for Completely free as well so it's a pretty Sweet deal if you live in maybe a High-rise or out in a really rural Location or if you just don't want to Set the bed up yourself you got a team To do it if you go the route of Sava now As of when I'm recording this video you Should be able to pick up a queen size Sofa for around the 1700 Mark after Discount and we usually have some pretty Good deals with Sava you know they used To never really offer any deals but now They do so you definitely want to jump On those if you would like to use them Again down below in the description box You can find any of those deals and I do Want to say that mattress Brands like to Change their pricing and promotions from Time to time so this is as of when I'm Recording this video but if anything Changes we should have you updated Down

Below in that description box as well But let's talk about the last bet on This list and this one pretty much made It because it's more of a natural and Organic pick so if there's any green Thumbs out there or anyone who's super Concerned about our environment which You probably should be maybe check out The awara bed now some cool things about This bed is that they offer a 365 night Trial period basically a full year to Test this thing out and it comes with a Forever warranty but the main reasons You probably will go for this mattress Is because it has more of a latex foam Feel so if you've ever tried latex foam If you know anything about it it's Pretty much the opposite of a memory Foam with a memory foam you slowly sink Into the bed with the latex foam you Kind of are on top of the bed you Buoyant and when you do push down it Will provide some pressure relief but When you release it'll pop right back Into its original shape that latex foam And those coils below will provide a lot Of responsiveness for your mattress so If you do like to change sleeping Positions throughout the night this Might be a great option for you because The bed will pretty much respond and Change with you as you change sleeping Positions latex foam is also natural and Organic it's actually made from the sap

Of a rubber tree so that's a fun little Fact for you and in terms of this bed's Firmness it's around a medium firm on Our firmness scale so it should work for All sleeper types but might be slightly Better for any back or stomach sleepers But again anyone can get by on the Aurora mattress and as of when I'm Recording this video you should be able To pick it up for around the Eleven Hundred Dollar Mark for that queen size After discount and you know that's a Pretty good deal for a natural and Organic bed of this quality and again Any discount codes will be linked down In the description for you but that's Basically the short story when talking About the best beds for sleep apnea what Do you guys think were there any beds on This list that you really want to try or How do you solve this issue in your own Home rise down below although it might Help someone else out down below in Those comments and if you enjoyed this Video feel free to hit that thumbs up Button or you can subscribe to the Slumber yard for so much more but that's Going to do it for this one again if you Need any more information about any of These beds on this list go to our Website or check down Below in that description box but sleep Right sleep tight and we'll see you next Time

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