Best Mattress For Kids 2023 (UPDATE!) – Our Top 6 Bed Picks!

By | January 22, 2023

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Shopping for the best mattress for kids might seem like a simple process, but there’s actually quite a lot you should keep in mind. Sleep habits vary between children of all ages, plus you need to make sure the bed is big and supportive enough for healthy growth. Luckily, we’ve got you covered in this guide, where we’ll highlight the key factors that will help you find the most healthy, comfortable, and best overall mattress for your kids.

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Hey it's Bridget with sleepopolis and Today I want to go over our top picks For the best mattresses for kids of the Year now it's really important that kids Have a mattress that is both comfortable And supportive as they grow but kids can Of course be different so we wanted to Be sure to include a variety of choices If you want to learn more about any of These mattresses as we go through this Video or see some other great choices Just click the link in the description Below and you can also head over to for more reviews but for Now let's jump into these picks Foreign But before we dive in I do want to Quickly mention that mattress Brands Including the ones on this list send us Beds for free to review and to tell you About and if you do decide to buy any of Them using the links in our description Below we may get a commission but that Never sways our opinions and instead Just helps us keep this content free First up our editor's pick for the best Mattress for kids the nectar the Nectar's all foam construction creates a Surprisingly supportive feel that's Great for back sleeping the sleeper's Hips will be well supported which helps Maintain spinal alignment which is an Important feature for kids with growing Spines there's also a comfort layer of

Gel memory foam to help prevent the Formation of pressure points and while Many memory foams are known to trap body Heat the gel helps draw heat away from The sleeper the nectar is also a budget Friendly option and comes with a 365 Night trial and a forever warranty Now the best mattress for side sleeping Kids the Helix kids the Helix kids is a Hybrid mattress with a unique flippable Design fit for children between the ages Of 3 and 12. each side of the mattress Has its own firmness level that's ideal For a particular age group between the Ages three and seven the firmer side is Recommended and for children between 8 And 12 the softer side is recommended This special feature means the Helix Kids should work for a wide range of Sleeping types which is important for Kids who are always growing and changing This mattress is also made of an Anti-microbial hypoallergenic and water Resistant material Next up the best hypoallergenic mattress For kids the Nola natural the Nola Natural is an 11 inch mattress featuring Environmentally friendly materials like Organic cotton organic wool tallalay Latex and recycled steel this is great News for any sleeper but especially kids Who have allergies they should be able To sleep soundly without worrying about Sneezing coughing or itchiness along

With being free of harmful chemicals and Substances the Nola natural is a Comfortable fit for backside and Combination sleepers due to its support And pressure relieving abilities hot Sleepers should also appreciate how cool This mattress sleeps If your kids into sports or always on The go this pick is for them the best Mattress for active kids the bear the Bear Original Mattress is a bed designed With athletes and those with active Lifestyles in mind it's an all-foam bed That utilizes graphite gel memory foam For a cooling effect and some serious Pressure relief which are both necessary For resting after practice a workout or In the case of some active kids playing Outside the bear also has a sealant Cover which Bayer says can actually help With Muscle Recovery we also found the Sealant cover did a great job of keeping The bed cool and the bear also comes With a lifetime warranty Next up the best cooling mattress for Kids the dream foam hybrid this is a Great mattress for a first big kid bed Because it's very very comfortable and Accommodates all sleeping positions for Smaller people if your child has pain Concerns this is also a great option Since it's a hybrid mattress it provides Enough support to keep their spine Aligned but it has enough cushion to

Keep them comfortable at night it also Has some nice cooling features and Materials to help prevent kids from Overheating at night another perk the Dream foam hybrid is also a really Affordable option And now to our final pick for this video The best hybrid mattress for kids the Dream Cloud the dream clouds hybrid Construction places Foams on top for Pressure relief and coils on bottom for Support this combination isn't just Durable it's a great perk for growing Kids and teens because it helps keep Their spines aligned and supported and As an additional touch the mattress's Top layer is quilted with cashmere to Give the bed a luxurious look and medium Firm feel the dream Cloud also does a Nice job keeping sleepers cool due to Its gel memory foam and pocketed coils The dream Cloud comes with a 365 night Trial and a lifetime warranty All right that's a wrap on this video For the best mattresses for kids of the Year hopefully you found one that can Work for your kid but if you want to Learn more about any of the beds in this Video or see some other great options Just click the link in the description Below we also have a ton more reviews And all things sleep at But be sure to hit the Subscribe button Before you head over there bye

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