Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers 2023 – Our Top 8 Supportive Picks!

By | February 17, 2023

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Because heavier sleepers over 250 pounds tend to put more pressure on a bed’s layers, it’s crucial for to have the proper mattress infrastructure and find the best mattress for heavy people. Without it, these sleepers may experience discomfort, disrupted sleep, and a flattening of the mattress’ core. To help prevent this, I’ve listed my picks for the best mattresses for heavy people in 2023.

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0:00 Best Mattresses for Heavier Sleepers
1:13 Best Overall
2:00 Best for Lower Back Pain
2:36 Best Pressure-Relieving
3:27 Best Innerspring
4:15 Best Cooling
4:58 Best Hybrid
5:51 Best for Back Sleepers
6:48 Best Organic

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Hey it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and today we are here to go Over our top picks for the best Mattresses for heavier sleepers of the Year yeah these sleepers need a bed that Is going to be more supportive for their Body type there are some mattresses that Are actually designed with these Sleepers in mind whereas others are just More supportive than your average Mattress yeah we rounded up a variety of Beds that will work for all kinds of Plus size folks and we were sure to Incorporate some of our co-workers Opinions who were also heavier sleepers In order to put together this list if You want to learn more about any of the Beds as we go through this video just Click the link in the description below You can also head over to for more mattress and Sleep product reviews along with great Sleep health information and exclusive Coupons yes definitely but for now let's Get into it with our top picks for the Best mattresses for heavy sleepers of The year But real quick we do want to mention That mattress Brands including the ones On this list send us beds for free to Review and to tell you about if you do Decide to buy any of them using our Links in the description below we may Get a commission but that never sways

Our opinions and rather just helps us to Bring you this content for free So let's start off with the best overall Of this year the Titan Plus If you need the durability of an inner Spring mattress but the comfort of an All-foam bed then the Titan plus is for You it was specifically made for heavier People and has a firm feel this mattress Combines memory foam in the Brand's Titan Flex foam for optimal pressure Relief and comfort this material is Supported by six inches of strong Pocketed coils keeping heavier sleepers From sinking through the layers to the Bottom of the bed this Firm support is Also great for spinal alignment we also Think the mattress does a good job Isolating motion and has strong Edge Support So couples should really like it It's also really responsive and easy to Move around on so we think it's a good Pick for combination sleepers too Any heavier sleepers who struggle with Lower back pain should check out the Dreamcloud premiere this extremely Durable bed provides targeted relief to The hips shoulders and lower back the Dream Cloud Premiere has a quilted Euro Pillow top and layers of memory foam Providing plush pressure relief to the Shoulders and Lumbar regions Its strong coils below help to keep the Body from sinking too far into the

Material the mattress's one-two punch of Pressure relief and support works Wonders for back pain the dream Cloud Premiere has fantastic Edge support Maximizing the usable surface area of The mattress it also scored well in Responsiveness and motion isolation [Music] Now to the best pressure relieving bed For heavy sleepers the nectar hybrid Heavy sleepers require mattresses with Lots of support but that doesn't mean They have to sacrifice pressure relief In fact the nectar hybrid with its soft Foams and layer of coils has both the Nectar hybrid includes two inches of Memory foam so you get a slow moving Hug-like feel a one inch transition Layer ensures you won't sink into the Comfort layer too much this construction Is ideal for heavy back sleepers Weighing under 300 pounds because of its Quilted cooling cover gel infused memory Foam and coils for airflow hot sleepers Should love this bed since this bed has Impressive motion isolation couples Shouldn't have to worry about being Disturbed by their partner's movements It also has pretty solid Edge support so You shouldn't feel like you're about to Fall off the sides of the bed Next up the best inner spring mattress For heavier people the saatva HD inner Spring mattresses are usually a good fit

For heavy people because they tend to be Firmer and more supportive than hybrid Mattresses and all foam mattresses so It's no surprise that saatva a brand Known for creating luxury mattresses With a traditional inner spring feel Created a bed just for heavy sleepers Over 250 pounds the Safa HD should Appeal to people preferring the Sturdiness of traditional beds although It's technically a hybrid it offers that Classic inner spring feel it provides a Firmer feel and is made with high Quality materials This provides sufficient durability for Heavier sleepers in our testing it's Scored well in Cooling responsiveness And Edge support we think it's a great Fit for couples combo sleepers stomach Sleepers and back sleepers If you tend to overheat at night our Pick for you is the Helix plus Helix is Known for offering a range of mattresses That can be personalized to your sleep Style among helix's diverse lineup the Hybrid plus model is designed Specifically for plus size sleepers not Only that it's cooling helping hot Sleepers keep a comfortably low Temperature while they sleep the company Created a sturdy medium firm and Supportive mattress using a variety of Foams in a pocketed coil support system This bed provides great cooling

Properties thanks to the open cell foam Breathable cover gel infused memory foam And coils to promote airflow we also Think this mattress could work for Different body weights so it could be a Good choice for mixed weight couples Now to the best hybrid mattress for Heavy people the Emma climax a hybrid Mattress refers to any bed with a Combination of different materials Usually foam and springs but even in the Large world of hybrids the Emma climax Hybrid stands out it was built Specifically for heavier sleepers over 250 pounds and for couples Heavy people should get a ton of support From a layer of pocketed Zone coils this Means the Springs are firmer in certain Places and softer in others allowing Them to Target different parts of the Body so folks with larger body types Will be treated to an especially Dynamic Kind of support from a hypoallergenic Cover to breathable memory foam to Reinforced edges this mattress has some High quality materials making it both Supportive and comfortable the Emma Climax is also super bouncy and Responsive making it really easy to move Around on If you primarily sleep on your back our Pick for you is the winkbed Plus Back sleepers of all weights and sizes Need a mattress with enough support to

Keep their spine in proper alignment the Winkbed plus is designed to deliver just That as a luxury inner spring mattress It should be comfortable and supportive Enough for heavy back sleepers over 250 Pounds the winkbed plus is constructed With heavier folks in mind its super Firm feel provides the extra support Required by heavy back sleepers while It's quilted cover helps cushion the Lumbar area with the winkbed pluses Tensile cover and pocketed coils you Should sleep cool on this mattress It's high density polyfoam provides Excellent Edge support in the Combination of quick responding latex Foam and pocketed coil layers provide Lots of support and responsiveness And in terms of motion transfer we found Little to none so this is also a great Choice for heavier couples And our final pick for this video the Best organic mattress for heavy people The Nola natural If you're a heavy sleeper who's also an Eco-conscious Shopper the Nola natural Could be the perfect fit for you its Organic materials aren't just good for The planet they result in a responsive Luxurious and supportive feel It has an organic cotton cover an Organic wool layer acting as a natural Fire barrier a layer of bouncy talalay Latex and individually wrapped coils

Those sturdy coils make this bed great For heavy people as they'll provide lots Of support the latex foam will balance Things out with pressure relief Nola Naturals ventilated latex and breathable Coils promote cooling too which is good News for hot sleepers And its responsiveness makes it a great Choice for combination sleepers or Anyone looking for ease of movement Across the mattress All right that's it for our top picks For the best mattresses for heavy Sleepers of the year if you want to Learn more about any of the mattresses We've covered or see some other great Options just click the link in the Description below you can also head over To for more mattress and Sleep product reviews along with sleep Health information and those exclusive Coupons yes but don't forget to hit that Subscribe button before you go Bye [Music] Foreign [Music]

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