Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers | Our Top 5 Picks!

By | October 19, 2022

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Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers (Our Top 5 Picks!). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his picks for the best mattresses for heavy people that are side sleepers. Generally speaking, side sleepers prefer soft beds that provide comfort and pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. With that said, bed in a box mattresses typically feel a little softer to start to large individuals since they apply more pressure onto mattresses. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose a mattress that is soft for heavy sleepers but not too soft where they don’t receive the necessary support. JD covers five different online beds that fit this description. The beds offer support, yet they’re also comfortable for side sleepers. Thanks for watching this best mattress for side sleepers video. Hopefully it helps you decide which mattress is best for your particular situation.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – General Mattress Policies
1:38 – Casper Nova Hybrid
3:23 – Nolah Evolution Hybrid
4:55 – Helix Moonlight Luxe
6:13 – Layla Hybrid
7:25 – Puffy Lux Hybrid
9:00 – Conclusion

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If you’re a predominant side sleeper but You’re also a bit on the heavier side You’re probably going to be looking for A supportive hybrid bed to offer you a Little bit more pressure relief than the Average bed in a box mattress and lucky For you guys we’ve hand selected five Different beds for today’s list to go Over for this category hey guys I’m JD With the Slumber yard and over here we Review all things online beds so if You’ve maybe been in the market for a New mattress and you’re checking out Online options feel free to head on over To our website or Check down below in the description for A lot more helpful related content such As this if you end up enjoying this Video and it maybe helps you out with Your whole online mattress search feel Free to like this video and also Consider subscribing to the channel for A lot more but without further Ado let’s Talk about some great bits for heavier Side sleepers [Music] All right so before we get right into This thing I do want to clarify that we Did receive all of these beds on this List for free from their respective Brands to review and tell you guys about Them that’s pretty much the case for all Of our online review content that we Conduct here on this channel but also I

Do want to address policies and the bare Minimum stuff that apply to each and Every one of these options some are Going to be a little bit different than Others but at bare minimum all of these Bed and box options are going to come With free shipping at least a 100 night Trial period to test them out at home For yourself before you’re stuck with Them free returns within that time frame And also all of them are backed by at Least a standard 10-year warranty and if You want to learn up more about the Policies for each specific pick for this List we’re gonna have a lot more helpful Information Linked In the description For you guys but first up on the list we Have the softest option that the brand Casper currently makes and this is their Casper Nova hybrid bed and we think this Should be a really nice accommodating Option for most heavier side sleepers Out there as it uses pocketed coils for Its primary support layer in addition to A lot of softer Comfort Foams above that These Design Elements add up to give the Nova hybrid more of a soft foam feel More of a neutral foam feel than Anything else but it is probably going To be pretty dang soft to you you’re Going to get a lot of pressure relief For your side when you’re sleeping in That position and you’re also going to Be able to rotate between positions no

Problem it’s not going to be like an Overwhelming memory foam feel more so of A soft standard neutral foam one in Terms of firmness it’s right around a Medium soft on our scale so again Probably going to be most suitable for Strict side and combination sleepers but Firmness is pretty subjective so if You’re a much heavier individual you Could perceive it to be even softer than That but if you’re a little bit lighter In weight you could be seeing it right Around a medium give or take but we Think you should be looking at a medium Soft if you’re in the range of like 200 Pounds and up and another cool thing About the Nova hybrid is that it Features a Zone support design they’re Calling it Zone support Pro and this Basically means that the bed is divided Into three separate sections where the Head and foot are slightly softer than The middle which is in turn a bit firmer And this is basically there to help keep Your back more neutrally aligned at Night now you might not even notice that It’s even there on the Nova hybrid it’s A pretty subtle thing that most sleepers Out there don’t even really realize They’re sleeping on but it could move The needle if you maybe suffer from Something like chronic back pain but in Terms of pricing right now after Discount you can pick up a queen size

Nova hybrid for right around the 1950 Range somewhere in there and we should Have something linked Down Below in the Description to help you out with that Pricing now next up we have a pretty Quality pillow top option from the brand Nola that should also work out pretty Well for most heavier side sleepers and That is going to be the Nola Evolution Hybrid mattress this is a thicker Burlier hybrid bed that uses a durable Layer of coils on the bottom for support Alongside various Comfort Foams and a Nice pillow top to give it more of a Pillow top feel in general so when you Lay down on the bed you’re going to get A nice amount of cushion for your side From that pillow top layer and it will Kind of depend on the model that you go With as this bed comes in three Different firmness options so they have A plush a luxury firm and a firm for This list we’d obviously recommend Checking out the soft model as it will Probably offer you the most amount of Pressure relief for your side and it’s Going to be really soft and Accommodating for you vanilla Evolution Hybrid also features more of a cooling Cover on top it is slightly cool to the Touch it’s not the coolest cover out There that we’ve ever tested so the bed Probably will sleep temperature neutral To you at the end of the day and a lot

Of other factors really come into play Other than the actual mattress itself When you’re talking about temperature Regulation such as the types of sheets Or comforter that you’re using or it Could even come down to the pillows or Pajamas that you have so keep that in Mind when it comes down to whether or Not your bed sleep’s cool but Considering it’s nice balance of overall Support and comfort we think that the Nola Evolution hybrid should be able to Accommodate a lot of heavier side Sleepers and it’s also not bad on price For the quality you’re getting here After discount you can usually pick one Up in the queen size for right around 1600 bucks and again anything related to Current promotions or discounts with the Nola Evolution hybrid are going to be Found Down Below in that description box Now we have the brand Helix sleep and More specifically when you’re looking at Their extensive lineup I want to Directly Target the Moonlight Lux as I Think that’ll probably be the most Accommodating option for heavier side Sleepers this bed is actually one of my Personal favorites that I’ve ever tried Out over here at the slumber yard I Think it’s really quality and nice bed It’s around like a medium to a medium Soft in terms of firmness so it should Provide you with a nice amount of

Pressure relief for your side and also It has more of a soft pillow top feel as It also uses a pillow top for Comfort All of the Helix Lux mattresses are Available with optional cooling covers They come with some upgraded Zone Support features and they also provide a Nice amount of support for heavier Individuals all in all we’d say that the Moonlight Lux is probably going to be Really accommodating for your side Sleeping needs if you’re maybe a bit Heavier but another bed worth Reconsideration is probably also going To be the Helix Sunset Lux which we just Got over here at the slumber yard we Really have been enjoying that bed thus Far and it’s a bit softer than the Moonlight Lux and it also features more Of a pronounced memory foam feel but We’ll have both of these beds linked Down Below in the description options so You can check them out more in depth in Terms of pricing for the Moonlight Lux Right now a queen size is available for Around the 1850 region after discount And we actually should have an exclusive Discount code with Helix for you to help Save you even more money on this option Again check down below in the Description for all that stuff now if You’re a heavier side sleeper but you’re Also interested in more of a responsive Memory foam option that features two

Sides in one bed you might want to check Out the Layla hybrid bed this guy’s Sitting right behind me this is a Flippable mattress that features two Sides in one as I just mentioned the Soft side is right around a medium soft That’s probably going to be our choice For this particular list as it features The most amount of pressure relief The Firm side is not too much firmer it’s in Between a medium and a medium firm so Probably going to be working out great For all sleeper types with a slight Advantage for back and stomach sleepers Instead of a dense viscous memory foam Feel the Layla hybrid features more of a New age responsive style of memory foam Feel where you push into the bed and When you let go it responds back into Its original shape rather quickly and This makes it a nice option if you maybe Want a little bit of a sinking sensation With not a lot of that stuck feeling When you go to rotate at night you get 120 nights to test the Layla hybrid out In the comfort of your own home before You’re completely stuck with it and if You do decide to keep it it is backed by A lifetime warranty which is also pretty Nice to know and in terms of pricing Right now you can pick up a queen size For right around the 1500 range after Discount and again anything whatever is Current with their current pricing and

Promotions is going to be linked Down Below in the description for you guys as That pricing could change in the near Future you never know but last but not Least one of the best beds within the Online space for this particular Category have your side sleepers is Probably going to be the puffy Lux Hybrid bed this is the more enhanced Side sleeper version of the original Puffy mattress and it also uses a Supportive layer of coils on the bottom So it should be able to accommodate and Handle all body types including heavier Individuals it features more of a soft Airy memory foam feel so it does use a More responsive layer of memory foam on Top but it’s not going to be Overwhelming like a dense viscous memory Foam so such as something like a Tempur-Pedic so when you push down into The bed and let go it’ll be really Fluffy and really responsive offering a Little bit of a sinking sensation but Just a slight one in terms of firmness It’s also around a medium soft on our Scale so again perfect for most side and Combination sleepers out there looking For tons of pressure relief but if You’re one of those heavier side Sleepers who maybe prefers something That’s a bit firmer for whatever reason You might want to check out the puffy Royal hybrid that’s going to be a little

Bit firmer than the puffy Lux again We’ll link that option Down Below in the Description box but all of the puffy Beds including this one the puffy Luxe Hybrid feature machine washable covers So you can actually remove that entire Cover and send it through your wash for A deep clean if it happens to get dirty Which is really nice and convenient to Have as of when I’m doing this video you Can pick up a queen size puffy Luxe Hybrid for right around fifteen hundred Dollars after discount and puffy is one Of those brands that sets their msrps High and then offers heavy discounts on Their beds and also some pretty nice Bundles to boot so again whatever is Current with this brand is going to be Found Down Below in the description box We want to help save you guys the most Amount of money possible with all of the Beds on this list and speaking of that That’s pretty much going to sum it up For this video if you’re a heavier side Sleeper I hope this video guided you in The right direction if it did you know Drop us a like consider subscribing to The channel for so much more and also What do you guys think were there any Picks that maybe you thought should have Made the cut for this list write us down Below in the comments we would love to Hear from you if you need any more Information about the mattresses that I

Just went over check down below in the Description box as well for a bunch more Helpful links and related content but That’s pretty much going to do it for This one I’m JD with the Slumber yard Hopefully you’re doing well and like Always sleep right sleep tight and we’ll See you next time Foreign [Music]

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