Best Mattress For Back Sleepers – Top 6 Beds! (UPDATED 2023)

By | April 22, 2023

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Best Mattress For Back Sleepers – Top 6 Beds! (UPDATED 2023). In this video Wes, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our best mattress for back sleepers buying guide. Generally speaking, back sleepers tend to prefer firm mattresses so Wes made sure to concentrate his selections on these types of bed in a box mattresses. With that said, there are back sleepers who prefer softer beds so Wes also made sure to select a few mattresses that fall into this category. That way there are mattresses on the list that work for every type of sleeper. Wes talks about each bed in detail, including what the beds are made of, what the feel like and what makes them great for back sleepers. When selecting a mattress, you’ll want to make sure it provides the proper amount of support to keep your spine in proper alignment. Hopefully this back sleeper mattress guide helps select the right mattress for your sleeping preferences!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
2:04 – Saatva Classic
4:10 – Nectar Mattress
5:42 – Plank Firm / Plank Firm Luxe
7:15 – Purple Hybrid
8:50 – Avocado Green
9:57 – The Allswell
11:00 – Conclusion

So there are a ton of good mattress Options if you're a back sleeper but in This video I'm going to talk about the Best choices from us the Slumber yard Hey there I'm Wes and over here at the Slumber yard we review all things online Mattresses and like I just said for this Video we're mainly going to be talking About the best beds for back sleepers Now based on our observations over here At the yard we tend to notice that most Back sleepers prefer beds that are on The firmer end of the spectrum so just Know that going in these beds are going To be slightly firmer there are some That are close to that Medium firmness But in general we just see the back Sleepers tend to prefer that firmer Firmness so that's what you're getting In this best list now I'll probably go Pretty quick on each mattress pick but If you need any more information about Any of the beds on this list you can Always go down to that description box Below or go to our website my Slumber for so much more but let's get Into the best beds for back sleepers [Music] Money on All right so before I get into this best List I do want to say that these Mattress Brands did send us these beds For free to review and tell you guys About them but we compiled this list

Completely ourselves all right so I'll Get into the six picks for this best List really soon but I first want to Cover the policies so what are you going To get if you do decide to order any of These mattresses and the first one being Completely free shipping most of these Are bed in a box mattresses there's one That will deliver to you via process Called White Glove delivery but Basically you're going to get the bed Shipped to your house completely free Now once these beds are in your Possession you get at least 100 nights To sleep on them in the comfort of your Own home and that's basically your Chance to test the bed out with your own Sheets and your own pajamas and start to Make your opinion on the mattress now if You don't want to keep the beds and you Want to return them most of these brands Do come with free returns there's one That just has a slight transportation Fee but I'll talk about that a bit more But hopefully you do enjoy these Mattresses and if so they're all backed By at least a 10 year warranty which is Pretty much the mattress standard that We see over here at the yard now if you Need any more information about those Policies you can always check Down Below In the description box we'll try to link Them all down there for you but let's Jump into the first pick on this list

And it's actually sitting right next to Me that would be the saava classic Mattress now the main reason that this Bed made this list is because it has two Layers of coils it actually has inner Springs on the bottom then pocketed Coils as a transition layer which will Provide a lot of support for any back Sleepers now when you do decide to order The Sava classic online this is the bed That will ship to you via White Glove Delivery and that basically means that a Local delivery team will bring the bed To your home full size and they'll even Set it up for you and sometimes even Haul away your old mattress for free and Since they do incur a little bit more Costs with that delivery process if you Do decide to return it within that trial Period which is a year for this mattress You will have to pay a slight Transportation fee so just know all that Going in but it is a really nice bed That we think most people will really Enjoy this is obviously a hybrid bed Using coils in combination with Foams But in general we would say it pretty Much has a traditional pillow top feel So it might feel like the bed you grew Up sleeping on there's a lot of Bounce And responsiveness and you know some Nice Comfort elements as well and the Cool thing about this mattress is it's Available in three different firmness

Options they've got their plush soft Their luxury firm and their firm we Usually tend to recommend most people to Go towards that luxury firm route since It is around a medium firm on our Firmness scale and that should work for All sleeper types back stomach side and Combination now this bed is a pretty Luxurious mattress we tend to say that We wouldn't see it out of place in a Fancy five-star hotel or in a nice Mansion or you know a really awesome Airbnb and that's just because of its Nice golden embroidery and it uses Quality materials and you know that White glove delivery service is Something that's pretty luxurious as Well now because of all those factors It's not going to be the cheapest Mattress currently a queen size is Retailing for around the two thousand Dollar Mark but you should be able to Save a couple hundred bucks with this Bed and if you do want to save that Money you can check down below in the Description box because we usually have A coupon code with Safa and if you do Want to use a discount code which will Be linked Down Below in the description For all the mattresses on this list you Know you can use those and that really Helps us out over here at the slumber Yard and we really appreciate that but If you go the radissaba you're getting a

Bed with a more traditional pillow top Feel available in three firmness levels With a lot of Bounce and responsiveness That is luxurious now the next bed on This list is going to be pretty Different and that would be the nectar Mattress because this is more of a Memory foam bed and it is all foam when You lay down on nectar it's got more of A dense viscous memory foam feel so You'll slowly start to sink into that Top later and it'll kind of cradle your Body and definitely cradle your pressure Points as well and when you do go to Change different sleeping positions it Will be rather slow to change but then It does do a good job of you know Molding to your shape and remembering That's why they call it memory foam I Guess or wait I forgot why they call it Memory foam You remember Now in terms of the nectar's firmness It's right around a medium firm on our Firm to scale so it should work for all Sleeper types back stomach side and Combination and this bed has a couple of X factors one being that it has a Machine washable cover so you can remove That thing throw it in your washing Machine and get a brand new clean cover For your mattress you might want to hang Dry it rather than throwing in your Dryer because we all know what happens

When you throw stuff in your dryer also This bed has a 365 night trial period And a forever warranty so those are Pretty nice policies to have with your Bed and again more information down Below if you want to learn more about Those policies but for a queen size Nectar mattress you're looking to pay After discount around the seven to eight Hundred dollar Mark nectar as a brand is Usually good at offering some pretty Nice discounts so definitely check to See whatever is current because it might Be lower or higher depending on when you Look but either way you're getting a Really good deal with the nectar Mattress which is giving you that dense Viscous all foam memory foam feel so the Next bit I have for you is from the Brand Brooklyn Bedding and that would be The plank mattress and the reason it Made this list is because it is on the Extra firmer side of things and it is Flippable so you basically get two Different firmnesses in one bed but just Know that both those firmnesses are Going to be pretty darn firm now plank Is available as the plank firm mattress Which is an all foam bed or the plank Firm Lux which swaps out that support Foam and uses pocketed coils instead but The beds are going to be pretty similar In terms of firmness now for this Firmness again they have two different

Options one on each side they have their Firm and their extra firm side so for Both of these beds The Firm side will be Right around a medium firm so again good For all sleeper types but that extra Firm will be around a proper firm so Pretty darn firm maybe just great for Any strict back or stomach sleepers but Hey I'm talking to all the back sleepers Right now so you know what you're Getting yourself into now in terms of This bed's feel it pretty much has a Firm foam feel you know no matter if you Go the route of the coil one or the IPhone bed it's pretty much just gonna Be pretty firm you're not going to get Tons of responsiveness with those coils Just because of how firm this bed is It's called plank so you know that's Given you a hint of How firm so the feel Is going to be neutral but again quite Firm now in terms of the price if you're Going for the all-foam model you should Be able to pick up a queen size for Around the thousand dollar Mark after Discount and you might have to pay a Little bit more around the 8 150 Mark For that bed with the coils instead so That's not too much money to spend up if You do want the coils but just know you Have those options and again any Discounts will be linked Down Below in The description if you do want to use Them now the next bit I'm going to talk

About is the purple hybrid mattress and The reason that this bed made this list Is because it has a really unique feel It's unlike anything that we've seen in Any other mattresses so I thought we'd Want to present it to you now this is Mainly because of its top Comfort layer Which is known as hyperelastic polymer Or the purple grid and it's pretty much Just like a stretchy gel like material That's laid out in a grid format and it Can almost expand to 10 to 15 times its Size and when you do go to lay down on It you'll kind of feel buoyant on top of The mattress kind of like you're Floating but then if you do decide to Change to your side for some random Reason I know we're talking to back Sleepers but if you do decide to change To your side it will cradle those Pressure points and almost become softer As a mattress the purple beds are so Unique we say that they're kind of soft And firm at the same time and they're Really unique kind of something that You'd have to try before you really know If this is something you love Owen on Our team he slept on a purple mattress For a while and he really loves it we've Had some people try them out that Absolutely hate it so it's definitely Unique but we think that most people Will like it heck I like it in terms of The firmness for the purple hybrid it's

Also around a medium firm firmness like A lot of the beds on this list so it Should work for all sleeper types and Something cool about this mattress is Since that grid is laid out in a grid There's tons of room for air to Circulate through the mattress and it Should provide a lot of airflow so that Might move the needle for any hot Sleepers out there now as of when Recording this video you should be able To pick up a queen size purple for Around the 2400 Mark MSRP and sometimes Purple does offer discounts so if they Do they'll be linked Down Below in that Description box but the next bed on this List is the avocado green mattress and The main reason that this bed made this List is because it has really natural Inorganic materials and it has a latex Foam feel which is something that we Haven't talked about yet so latex foam Is pretty much the opposite of a memory Foam you know with a memory foam you Slowly sink into it but with a latex Foam you're pretty much sleeping on top Of the surface as it's really buoyant And pretty responsive and since this bed Is a coil bed in combined with that Latex foam it's really responsive so When you do change sleeping positions Throughout the night the bed will Respond really quickly back sleepers Will probably really enjoy this mattress

And that combined with its firmness Which is pretty firm so if you get the Base avocado green mattress without a Pillow top it's around a proper firm on Our firmness scale so pretty darn firm But if you decide to go the route of the Pillow top mattress which will cost you A couple hundred extra bucks it will Soften the bed up to around a medium Firm but again two choices in one bed Now in terms of pricing a queen size Avocados running around the two thousand Dollar Mark for that queen size without The pillow top again discounts Down Below in the description and you will Have to spend up if you do want that Pillow top but just know if you want This bed with more natural and organic Materials you're going to have to spend Up now speaking of spending up let's do The exact opposite and spend down for The last pick on this list which would Be the allswell so this is our budget Pick it's going to be under a thousand Dollars well under and as well as a Brand is actually owned by Walmart but Their bed the allswell is a hybrid Mattress which uses coils on the bottom For support in combination with some Foams and overall it's going to have a Firm foam feel you know you're going to Get some responsiveness but in general It's going to be pretty firm but not too Firm by any means we would say it's

Between a medium and a medium firm so One of the softer beds on this list Compared to all the other scents they Are so firm but the main selling point Of the allswell mattress is its price so For a queen size you should be paying Around the 450 dollar Mark and that's Before any discount so if we do have Some you can save even more money but The allswell is just a really nice Option that will provide a lot of value For a tight budget and getting a coil Bed at this price point will provide a Lot of support for those back sleepers Out there and you want a lot of support For your back if you are a back sleeper Which you are you know side sleepers get On out of here this is the back sleeper Video but that is basically the short Story when talking about the best beds For back sleepers but what did you guys Think were there any beds that maybe you Think should have made this list or some That you really want to try write us Down below in those comments we want to Hear from you and if you enjoyed this Video hit the Thumbs Up And subscribe For so much more but that's going to do It for this one again if you need any More information about any of the beds On this list or any other beds in the Online mattress space you can always go To our website for so Much more or check down below in that

Description box but that's going to do It for this one I'm Wes hope to see you Back here very soon Back sleepers [Music] Like And subscribe

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