Best Latex Mattresses – Our Top 8 Bed Picks!

By | January 9, 2023

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Whether you’re on the prowl for a latex mattress or just want to learn more about the material in general, the Best Latex Mattress 2023 video is for you! While all of these mattresses share a common material in latex foam, that doesn’t mean they all feel the same. We’ve put all of the best latex mattresses to the test and will outline unique characteristics of the classic bedding material, discuss some of our personal faves by category, and then wrap up with a few fabulous latex alternatives. But enough chit-chat! Let’s embark on our journey.

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0:00 Best Latex Mattresses
0:57 Editor’s Pick
1:42 Best Cooling Mattress
2:27 Best Organic Mattress
3:09 Best for Back Pain
3:52 Best for Back Sleepers
4:30 Best Medium-Firm Feel
5:11 Best Pillow Top Mattress
6:02 Best for Stomach Sleepers

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Hey it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and today we want to talk About latex latex latex as in latex foam Oh yes latex foam has become a very Popular material in mattresses it's Known for being eco-friendly durable Cooling and bouncy exactly so let's Share our top picks for the best latex Mattresses of 2023. let's do it although First I do want to tell you that Mattress brands do send us these beds For free to review and to tell you about Including the ones on this list and if You click the link in the description to Buy one of these beds we may end up Earning a commission but that never Sways our opinions and just helps us to Keep bringing you these reviews for free Yeah and head over to if You want to see more reviews sleep Health information or get some access to Some great coupons but for now let's get Started with our top 8 picks for the Best latex mattresses Foreign Latex hybrid the sofa latex hybrid Combines high quality organic and Eco-friendly materials to create a Luxury sleeping surface with excellent Pressure relief that's why we chose it As our editor's pick this is the Mattress fit for back and stomach Sleepers as well as some combination Sleepers who spend minimal time on their

Sides it's also supportive enough for Heavier sleepers weighing over 250 Pounds thanks to the latex layer stomach Sleepers should have their hips well Aligned with their shoulders which can Prevent future spinal alignment problems With great Edge support and quality Materials this bed is super durable and Should last a long time which is also Great for couples Now for our pick for the best cooling Latex mattress the Brooklyn Bedding Eco Sleep latex mattresses are so desirable Partly because they're naturally cooling The Eco sleep by Brooklyn Bedding takes Latex cooling powers to the next level With a layer of coils that allows for Airflow and breathability even the Hottest sleepers should feel cool on the Brooklyn Bedding Eco sleep it's also Worthwhile to note that the Eco sleep Uses organic materials so those looking For an environmentally friendly bed Should find a lot to like the Brooklyn Bedding Eco sleep is a flippable Mattress with a medium firm and firm Side so you can make a selection based On your sleeping position and personal Preferences it's also a nice choice for Couples due to its impressive motion Isolation which means you shouldn't feel Your partner's movements travel across The bed Now to our favorite organic latex

Mattress for those who are really after Eco-friendly materials the winkbeds Eco Cloud It's an extremely comfortable bed with a Classic medium firm feel which works Well for a variety of sleeping positions The Eco cloud has several features to Help regulate temperature a breathable Organic cotton and wool cover four Inches of naturally cooling talalay Latex and recycled steel coils that Promote airflow also the bouncy latex Feel means it's easy to move around on Top of this bed so that makes the Ecocloud a great mattress for Combination sleepers it's one of the Most sustainable mattresses on the Market its materials are all natural and Organic If you suffer from back pain our latex Recommendation for you is the Aurora the Aurora provides some amazing Firm Support this is not only good news for Back sleepers and stomach sleepers but Especially those trying to avoid back Pain it's durable Dunlop latex and Supportive coils help the hips stay up So they don't sink into the structure Which is crucial for proper spinal Alignment it's four inches of Dunlop Latex also help to create a comfortable Pillow top feel we also love how Competitively priced the Aurora is with Coupons and discounts you should be able

To get an aurora queen size mattress for A thousand dollars Now for all you back sleepers Out There Our latex pick for you is the Nola Natural the Nola natural doesn't only Have some top-notch organic and recycled Materials but it's also a comfortable Fit for back sleepers it's a medium soft Mattress with a luxurious feel that will Allow back sleepers hips to sink in the Right amount while still offering Support in their lumbar region a lot of Side sleepers should also be happy on This mattress as they sink into the Latex layer and since latex has some Bounce to it combination sleepers will Benefit too talalay latex and steel are Known to be sturdy materials so this is A durable pick it's also quite Cooling In the world of mattresses we think of Medium firm as the feel that will work For the widest variety of sleepers and Our pick for the latex mattress with This feel is the birch many people love A proper balance between comfort and Support and this is typically achieved With a medium firm mattress we think the Birch mattress created by Helix provides Contouring and sturdiness that should Keep back sleepers and stomach sleepers Happy combination sleepers should like The birch as well it's tallalay latex Material gives the bounce combo sleepers Need for switching sleeping positions at

Night the Birch also offers a natural Construction including organic cotton Wool fibers and natural towel lay latex Making this a high quality natural Mattress Our second to last latex pick is the Best pillow top the avocado which Actually comes with or without the Pillow top the avocado is another bed in A box latex hybrid however instead of Using talalay latex it utilizes Dunlop Latex a slightly denser form of the Material the avocado also distinguishes Itself from others on this list with its Firm support the pocketed coils Underneath the latex should help keep Sleepers hips elevated and maintain Healthy spinal alignment for stomach and Back sleepers our testers felt great Pressure relief as the latex foam Contoured to the lumbar region also the Avocado Zone support system is great for Those suffering from lower back pain we Also like the avocado for combination Sleepers since it's easy to move around On and change sleeping positions And our final pick for this video is the Best latex mattress for stomach sleepers The dream foam latex the dreamfoam latex Mattress is a firm mattress that's a Great match for stomach sleepers the High density foam in this latex mattress Helps to keep these sleepers hips Propped up to be in alignment with their

Spine which is crucial to prevent back Pain it has tally latex inside which is Known for its durability and you can Choose between a 10 inch and 12 inch Latex mattress model this is also a nice Choice for back sleepers as the firm Foam provides enough support to keep Their spines aligned as well All right that's it for our top eight Picks for the best latex mattresses of 2023. if you want to see more Information about these mattresses or See some of our other favorites click The link in the description below also Be sure to head over to For more in-depth reviews on mattresses And Sleep Products along with some Exclusive coupons and some great sleep Health information but don't forget to Hit that subscribe button before you go And we'll see you next time bye [Music] Thank you Foreign

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