Best Innerspring Mattresses – Our 8 Favorites!

By | March 12, 2023

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Despite being one of the oldest types of beds, innerspring mattresses remain popular today due to their durability, comfort, and considerable support; there will always be sleepers out there who love that traditional innerspring feel. In this video for the best innerspring mattresses, we’ll go over their benefits, as well as which specific coil beds might be good for different sleepers.

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3:19 Best Innerspring for Stomach Sleepers
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4:48 Best Innerspring for Heavier Sleepers
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What's up it's Bridget and Emilio with Sleepopolis and today we are here to go Over our top picks for the best Innerspring mattresses of the year yeah Inner spring mattresses are great for Anyone who likes that more traditional Mattress feel along with extra support And durability and because everyone has Different preferences when it comes to Their bed we made sure to round up a Variety of inner spring mattresses That'll work for all different kinds of People in the past inner spring Mattresses really only used coils in Their construction but nowadays modern Day innerspring mattresses typically Incorporate some foam as well to help With pressure relief if you want to Learn more about any of these beds as we Go through this video or see more Options just click the link in the Description below you can also head over To for more mattress and Sleep product reviews sleep health Information and exclusive coupons yes All good stuff but for now let's go over Our top picks for the best inner spring Mattresses of the year But real quick we do want to mention That mattress Brands including the ones On this list send us beds for free to Review and to tell you about if you do Decide to buy any of them using our Links in the description below we may

Get a commission but that never sways Our opinions and rather just helps us to Bring you this content for free Foreign Things off with the editor's pick to Soft the classic the sofa classic offers A luxury feel on an affordable budget it Comes in three firmness levels plush Soft luxury firm and firm we rated the Luxury firm as slightly firmer than Average this makes it a great choice for Sleepers who may want or need more Support like stomach sleepers Combination sleepers and heavier folks Over 250 pounds This office tall pocketed coils allow For plenty of airflow so this mattress Sleeps pretty cool this is a plus for Hot sleepers and couples alike it also Includes a layer of memory foam in the Middle which can take some pressure off Your hips and back Safa offers free white glove delivery a 365 night trial and a lifetime warranty Now for the best pillow top inner spring The dream Cloud Premiere this pillow top Hybrid mattress is a great option for Back and side sleepers because the soft Top really fills in and Contours Sensitive areas on the body the coils at The base of the mattress keep the entire Body supported as well making it ideal For people with pain concerns the Balance of comfort and support make it a

Great fit for back sleepers The dream Cloud Premiere has fantastic Edge support which makes it a good Option for couples Combination sleepers should also be able To comfortably change positions on this Bed Next up the best value inner spring Mattress the Brooklyn Bedding signature Hybrid Technically the signature hybrid is a Hybrid mattress but we put it on this List because it has a coil support System that provides great bounce the Phone provides soothing pressure relief While the coils create a supportive Foundation From Below you can get this Hybrid bed for a great price since Brooklyn Bedding owns its own Factory Allowing the brand to cut down on Manufacturing costs and pass the savings Onto the customer it has a balanced Medium firmness that caters to multiple Sleeping positions and the Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrids bounce makes It a great choice for combination Sleepers who need to move around in the Night For all you stomach sleepers Out There Our pick for you is the winkbed stomach Sleepers tend to need support from their Mattress to keep their hips and Shoulders aligned and ward off back pain And neck pain and the winkbed original

Definitely provides that the original Comes in three firmness levels softer Luxury firm and firmer with the firm and Luxury firm both being great options for Stomach sleepers We also found it has excellent Edge Support making it a great pick for Couples and heavier folks too there's Also the winkbed plus which is Specifically designed for heavier Sleepers over 250 pounds its Foams are Free of heavy metals or harmful Chemicals its pocketed coil support Layer adds extra support making this a Favorite among folks with back pain Overall if you're a stomach sleeper Looking for a firm supportive mattress This is a good choice Back sleepers do really well on an inner Spring-like mattress so our Recommendation for them is the Helix Desk the Helix desk is a hybrid inner Spring memory foam model which is partly Why it's such a great pick for back Sleepers and those who experience back Pain the base layer is made of polyfoam Providing a responsive feel while the Top two layers of foam provide ergonomic Support and allow for a bit of sinkage This results in a balance of comfort and Support that back sleepers tend to Gravitate toward that said back sleepers May want to opt for the Helix dusk Lux As they may find themselves sinking

Through the dusk a bit more than folks Under 250 pounds another perk The Dusk Also sleeps cool For heavier sleepers weighing over 250 Pounds our recommendation is the Titan Plus the Titan plus is designed Specifically for heavier individuals who Have different needs when it comes to Picking the right mattress the cover is Made of a soft polyester which should be Nice and breathable there's a strong Base of high density polyfoam as well as Extra tall coils for inner spring Support this is all topped with a Responsive layer of titanflex foam plus One inch of memory foam quilted into the Cover for pressure relief heavy back and Stomach sleepers should be very Comfortable on the Titan plus as for Heavy combination sleepers they should Find it easy to switch between positions For those sleepers who like a firm feel Our recommendation is the plank firm Lux With a flippable design this bed has Both a firm side and an extra firm side Regardless of which side you end up Going with each one has a core of Individually wrapped Titan caliber coils Giving you some responsiveness As for the top of the mattress both Sides have a quilted top layer that Provides a little bit of pressure relief We think the firm side will be the Better fit for back sleepers and the

Extra firm side will be better for Stomach sleepers and heavier sleepers Over 250 pounds for an additional cost You can also outfit the mattress in a Cooling cover to assist with temperature Regulation because of its responsiveness The plank firm Lux could also be a good Fit for combination sleepers as long as They like a firm feel And our final pick for this video the Best luxury innerspring mattress the Bare Elite hybrid bear has made a name For itself in the Sleep industry for Creating mattresses for those with Active Lifestyles and the bare Elite Hybrid adds a little bit of luxury to This design while it has a traditional Inner spring feel due to its support Layer of pocketed coils it includes Several upgrades the Comfort layer of Memory foam has been infused with copper To help it sleep cool and its Contour Layer is equipped with five Zone Sections each with a different level of Firmness This keeps the bare Elite hybrid soft at The head and feet but firmer in the Middle to promote a neutral spinal Alignment the mattress also has solid Edge support the fair Elite hybrid also Comes in three different firmness levels So you could pick the one that best Matches your sleeping position All right we made it through all of our

Top picks for the best innerspring Mattresses of the year if you want to Learn more about any of these beds or See other great picks just click the Link in the description below you can Also head over to for More in-depth mattress and sleep product Reviews along with sleep health Information and those exclusive coupons Yes but before you go don't forget to Hit that subscribe button and we will See you next time bye Foreign [Music]

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