Best For Stomach Sleepers 2024 – Our Top 8 Picks!

By | January 17, 2024

Welcome to our blog post focused on finding the best mattresses for stomach sleepers in 2024! We understand the challenges faced by individuals who prefer to sleep on their stomachs and the impact it can have on their sleep quality. That’s why our team of experts has thoroughly researched and tested numerous mattresses to bring you our top eight picks. Whether you’re seeking optimal comfort, support, or the perfect blend of both, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the exceptional mattresses that are best suited for the unique needs of stomach sleepers.

Best For Stomach Sleepers 2024 – Our Top 8 Picks!


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, finding the right mattress is essential. As stomach sleepers, we have unique requirements to ensure proper spinal alignment, alleviate pressure points, and provide adequate support. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 8 mattresses that are best suited for those who prefer sleeping on their stomach.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our recommendations!

1. Helix Mattress

  • Save 25% on the Helix mattress and get 2 free Dream pillows.
  • The Helix mattress offers a range of firmness options to cater to individual preferences.
  • Its hybrid construction provides excellent support and comfort for stomach sleepers.
  • The mattress has patented zoning technology that ensures proper spine alignment.

2. Saatva Mattress

  • Up to $600 off the Saatva mattress.
  • Saatva is known for its luxurious feel and exceptional support.
  • With multiple firmness options, stomach sleepers can find their perfect match.
  • The mattress is made with eco-friendly materials and has excellent durability.

3. WinkBed Mattress

  • Save $300 on a WinkBed.
  • The WinkBed mattress offers a balance of support and plushness that stomach sleepers need.
  • It features a Euro-pillow top for added comfort and pressure relief.
  • The mattress has impressive motion isolation, making it an excellent choice for couples.

4. DreamCloud Premier Mattress

  • The DreamCloud Premier mattress is offering up to 40% off.
  • This hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds – memory foam and innerspring.
  • Stomach sleepers will appreciate the medium-firm feel and ample support.
  • The mattress has edge-to-edge support, maximizing the sleep surface.

5. Plank Mattress

  • Get up to 30% off the Plank mattress.
  • Plank is a unique mattress that offers dual comfort options – firm and extra-firm.
  • Stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer surface will find this mattress ideal.
  • It is also suitable for those who rotate positions during the night.

6. Nectar Hybrid Mattress

  • The Nectar Hybrid mattress has a discount of up to 40%.
  • This mattress combines memory foam with pocketed coils for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Stomach sleepers will love the plush feel without compromising on the necessary firmness.
  • The Nectar Hybrid mattress also excels in motion isolation.

7. Emma Mattress

  • We can save up to 55% on a new Emma mattress.
  • The Emma mattress offers great value for money with its premium features.
  • Its medium-firmness level provides the perfect balance for stomach sleepers.
  • It also has excellent breathability and pressure-relieving capabilities.

8. Nolah Mattress

  • Get up to 35% off the Nolah mattress and get 2 free pillows.
  • The Nolah mattress is specifically designed to cater to the needs of stomach sleepers.
  • Its unique AirFoam™ offers the right amount of support and relieves pressure points.
  • The mattress also has impressive cooling properties, perfect for those warm nights.


Choosing the right mattress for stomach sleepers is crucial for a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Each of the mattresses mentioned above has its own set of features and benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of stomach sleepers. Remember to consider factors such as firmness, support, and material when making your decision.

If you want more detailed information about these mattresses, visit the Sleepopolis website. You can also take advantage of the exclusive discounts available for the Helix, WinkBed, and Brooklyn Bedding mattresses through the Sleepopolis Shopify Store.

Sleepopolis has conducted thorough research and compiled a list of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers in the accompanying video, offering a comprehensive overview of the top picks. So, get ready for a good night’s sleep knowing you’re investing in your health!


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