Best Firm Mattresses – Our 7 Favorites!

By | January 10, 2023

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What do stomach sleepers, combination sleepers, back sleepers, heavy people, and those who struggle with back pain all have in common? They’re often in search of the best firm mattress — a bed that offers a ton of support and doesn’t have too much sinkage.

If you fit into one of those categories, read on as I take you through the best firm mattresses of the year.

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Hey it's Bridget and Emilia with Sleepopolis and today we're here to go Over our top picks for the best firm Mattresses of the year yeah whether You're a stomach sleeper in search of a Firmer bed a heavier sleeper who needs That Firm support or maybe you just like A firmer feel from your bed we have Rounded up some options that are going To work for a variety of folks yeah and If you want to learn more about any of These beds or see more great firm Choices just click the link in the Description in this video but for now Let's get into it with our top picks for The best firm mattresses of the year Foreign Thing we do want to point out as we go Through this list is that mattress Brands including the ones on this list Do send us these beds for free to review And to tell you about and if you click The link in the description to buy one Of these mattresses we may end up Earning commission yeah but I thought Numbers weighs our opinions and it just Helps us keep these Reviews free yep That's one thing we're firm on get it Okay now let's kick things off with our Best overall firm mattress pick the Plank firm with firm in its name you Know this one's going to be a good one For this Roundup the plank firm by Brooklyn betting is actually a flippable

Bed too with a firm side and an extra Firm side so you basically have two firm Beds in one the extra firm side provides More Firm support than any mattress We're about to cover in this video the High density foam base of the plank firm Offers even more support than some inner Spring beds and both sides should be Great for stomach sleepers these folks Need plenty of support to keep their Hips elevated and their spines in Neutral alignment back sleepers should Also like it if they prefer a firm feel The plank firm's cover also comes with An optional panel of phase change Cooling material which is a great perk For hot sleepers If you're a back sleeper our top firm Recommendation for you is the dream Cloud the dream Cloud mattress has a Nice luxurious feel but also offers Strong support from its coils along with Nice body contouring from its memory Foam this results in a balanced feel That back sleepers especially should Love The dream Cloud's Comfort layer is made With cooling gel memory foam which Doesn't trap heat and should help with Temperature regulation below that you'll Find a transition layer of responsive Foam which adds a bit of Bounce and Works in tandem with the top layer to Keep the spine in a straight line the

Coils inside the dream Cloud also allow For plenty of airflow further helping The mattress to sleep cool If you share the bed with a partner our Firm pick for you is the nectar Premier Copper the all-foam nectar Premier Copper has that quicksand-like slow Moving memory foam that not only makes It great for pressure relief but also For isolating motion this means you Won't feel too disturbed by a Restless Partner on this bed it's a nice match For back sleepers and side sleepers Thanks to the contouring and supported Offers and the nectar Premier copper is Also good for hot sleepers due to its Different cooling materials like its Cooling cover with copper fibers and its Gel infused memory foam Another great part about it nectar Offers a 365 night trial and a forever Warranty Next up is our best firm hybrid meeting It utilizes both foam and coils the Helix Dom Helix has a line of six Mattresses and the dawn is their firmest Option it's also available in a luxury Version called the Helix Don Lux with a Firmer feel and a wonderful blend of Comfort and support there's a lot to Love about this firm hybrid mattress the Helix dawn has a construction of both High-grade pressure relieving poly foam And strong pocketed coils this makes it

A great choice for most stomach sleepers And back sleepers who should appreciate Its firm feel it is for the same reason That heavier sleepers weighing over 250 Pounds should also get the support they Need on the Helix Dawn the bounciness of The Springs also means you're more Likely to sleep on the bed than in the Bed which is nice for combination Sleepers who need to move around on the Mattress And speaking of combination sleepers our Pick for them is the Safa the Safa Classic comes in three different Firmness options plush soft luxury firm And firm so all kinds of sleepers can Find an option that works for them its Firm model is super supportive and works Great for combination sleepers its firm Layer of individually wrapped pocketed Coils helps you stay on top of the bed While also promoting airflow to keep you Cool with this traditional responsive Feel combination sleepers should find it Easy to change positions at night the Construction also aligns your spine and Promotes a healthy sleep posture and the Sofa comes with free white glove Delivery so they'll bring the bed Uncompressed and set it up in your room Of choice then take away your old bed if Needed for free Now for our second to last pick for this Video the best firm mattress for sex the

Emma climax Emma designed this hybrid Mattress with couples and heavier Sleepers weighing over 250 pounds in Mind they crafted it to be really Supportive and extremely bouncy so it's Very easy to move around on and change Positions The coils in this bed are even wrapped In foam to give the Emma climax hybrid Stellar Edge support heavy couples Should be able to spread out without Feeling like they're about to fall off Another bonus for the Emma climax is That it sleeps cooler it has a nice Cooling cover as well as breathable Foams And our final pick for this video the Best firm mattress for athletes the bear Bear is a unique company in that it Designs its mattresses for athletes and Those with active Lifestyles the Brand's Flagship bed the bear original has a Cover made of sealant which is a fabric That regulates temperature some believe This material can also help with blood Flow and Recovery whether you're a Rigorous Triathlon Runner someone who Lives an active lifestyle or just a Sleeper who prefers a firmer mattress This could be a good choice for you the Bear is all foam and its thick Comfort Layer has an infusion of graphite gel to Assist with cooling below the Comfort Layer a responsive transition layer in

Six inch support layer give the bear its Firmness the bear is also fantastic at Isolating motion which is good news for Couples All right folks that's it for our top Picks for the best firm mattresses of The year if you want to learn more about Any of these beds or see some other Great firm options click the link in the Description below and be sure to head Over to for more Mattress reviews sleep product reviews And great sleep health information oh And we also have some exclusive coupons There too to help you save some money And also be sure to hit that subscribe Button before you do head over there and We'll see you next time bye [Music] [Music]

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