Best Cooling Mattresses – Our Top 8 Picks for Hot Sleepers!

By | January 8, 2023

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Sleeping hot is a nightly frustration that prevents many people from getting a good night’s rest. This could be caused by their weight, home, climate, age, and personal preference, all of which impact how warm you sleep. Fortunately, finding the best cooling mattress — combined with other cooling bedding accessories — can help you stay cool and comfortable all night long. So let’s take a look at our top picks for the Best Cooling Mattresses! 

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0:00 Best Cooling Mattress
0:58 Best Overall
1:43 Best Innerspring Mattress
2:19 Best for Side Sleepers
3:00 Best Luxury Mattress
3:45 Best for Heavy People
4:30 Best Organic Mattress
5:12 Best Gel Mattress
5:54 Best for Back Pain

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Hey it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and today we want to go over Our top picks for the best cooling Mattresses of the year which can be Really important for anyone who tends to Sleep hot like me yeah I may not be one Of you hot sleepers but I do understand The importance of a cooling mattress for Couples who share the bed for anyone who Has extra warm bedding or maybe lives in A really warm climate if you do want to Check out any other Sleep Products or Mattresses just head over to we also want to mention That Brands send us mattresses for free To review and to tell you about Including the respective brands on this List and if you buy any of these beds Using our links in the description below We may get a commission but that never Sways our opinions and rather helps us Keep these Reviews free okay let's get Started with our top eight picks for the Best cooling mattresses of 2023. Found it Starting with our top pick the best Overall the dream Cloud we picked the Dream Cloud luxury hybrid as our best Overall mattress because its ability to Cool down two people at once two people Do tend to overheat more than one after All this makes it a great fit for Couples or anyone who might share their Bed with their kids it's specifically an

Excellent match for back sleepers and Combination sleepers the dream Cloud Features layers of memory foam infused With gel which helps it dissipate heat Plus pocketed coils that leave plenty of Room for airflow also I love how this Mattress has a luxury look and feel from Its cashmere blend cover to its inner Spring coils it's like something you'd Find in a hotel Next up our pick for the best cooling Inner spring mattress the saava classic We love the saatva for many reasons and Especially as an inner spring bed with a Traditional feel it's built with a tall Internal system of coils which means it Has a ton of room for airflow and can Help dissipate body heat with coil and Coil construction this bed is bouncy Responsive supportive and yes super Cooling it comes in three different Firmness levels so every sleeper should Be able to find the right match for them And another major perk it comes with Free white glove delivery which means a Delivery team will bring the mattress to Your house set it up in your room of Choice and take away your old mattress If you want Now to our pick for the best cooling Mattress for side sleepers the nectar Premiere side sleepers generally like a Softer mattress that will provide Pressure relief at the shoulders and

Hips memory foam can be great for this As it allows them to sink deep into the Bed and spread out their weight to avoid Aches and pains but the problem is the More a side sleeper sinks in the more The bed tends to trap body heat but the Nectar Premiere keeps sweating at Bay With a breathable cool to the touch Cover and a gel infusion found in the Top layer of memory foam I also think It'd be a great pick for back sleepers Who like a slightly softer feel For everyone out there looking for a Luxury feel look no further than a helix Midnight Lux our pick as the best luxury Cooling mattress this hybrid bed Combines memory foam with pocketed coils To offer a supportive combination of Bounce and pressure relief the coils Have excellent airflow and like all of Helix's Lux models the midnight Lux Comes with some additional luxurious Touches such as a special tensile cover That's Ultra breathable and a cushy Pillow top This bed has a medium firm feel that Many types of sleepers should find Comfortable especially back sleepers Side sleepers and couples with different Sleep preferences something else we love About this bed is that it's zoned for Support which basically means it'll feel Soft and cuddly around your shoulders But nice and supportive around your

Lower back [Music] If you weigh more than 250 pounds our Pick for the best cooling mattress for You is the winkbed the winkbed comes in Four firmness levels softer luxury firm Firmer and plus the plus model is Designed specifically for heavy sleepers Over 250 pounds some of the pluses Additional features for heavier folks Include reinforced Edge support and a Euro pillow top made of high density Anti-sag foam and all of the models have A luxury construction including a Tensile cover and gel infused foam which Makes for a cool and pressure Eliminating experience we also really Like this bad for seniors or anyone with Back pain since it has more of a Traditional feel [Music] If natural or organic mattresses are Important to you then you should Consider the Nola natural mattress which Is our pick as the best cooling natural Mattress the Nola natural combines Organic cotton and Wool with Talley Latex for an eco-friendly build the Eco-friendly latex foam layer is Naturally bouncy and cooling it's also a More responsive material and the Comfort Layer is so thick that you should Experience a lot of cushioning there's Also a layer of zoned coils to keep you

Supported the Nola natural has a Slightly softer than average feel best Suited for back and side sleepers I also Think lightweight stomach sleepers Should sleep comfortably on the Nola Natural Foreign a lot of cooling mattresses have Gel infusions in them to help draw heat Away so our pick for the best gel Mattress is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is A hybrid bed with a cool to the touch Cover a few different types of foam in Its top layers and a layer of coils a Proprietary foam called copper Flex has A copper infusion and is treated with Phase change material there's also a Transition layer of viscoelastic gel Memory foam to promote cooling the coils Are also great for promoting airflow Through the mattress which is another Way to keep sleepers cool the Aurora Luxe comes in three different firmness Levels so you can pick the best one for Your sleeping position [Music] And our final pick of the video is the Best cooling mattress for back pain the Bear hybrid Avoiding back pain requires a mattress That keeps the spine in a neutral Alignment which is something the bear Hybrid does very well thanks to a Support layer of bouncy pocketed coils

The coils have plenty of room for Airflow and there's also a sealant cover That's breathable and Wicks away Moisture there's also comforting top Layers of memory foam that should give You some soothing sinkage and pressure Relief some Studies have shown that Celia assists with blood flow and Recovery making the bear hybrid a great Choice for athletes Okay that's a wrap on our best cooling Mattresses of 2023 be sure to head over To for more options and Coupons though yeah we also have a lot Of great in-depth mattress reviews and Sleep product reviews there too also Don't forget to hit that subscribe Button before you go and we will see you Next time bye [Music] [Music] All right

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