Best Cheap Memory Foam Beds | Top Beds For A Tight Budget!

By | October 3, 2022

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Best Cheap Memory Foam Beds | Top Beds For A Tight Budget! In this video, Wes and our team of Certified Sleep Science Coaches cover our updated list of the best affordable memory foam mattresses on the market. He first discusses general polices for online bed in a box mattresses such as shipping, unboxing, trial periods, and warranties. He then discusses each top rated budget memory foam bed in detail, including construction, feel and firmness. Wes also talks about what types of sleepers (side, back, stomach, combo) each bed is best for. Some of the budget memory foam mattresses Wes covers include the Bear mattress, Brentwood Home Cypress mattress, Cocoon Chill by Sealy and DreamFoam Copper Dreams mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. Thanks for watching this cheap memory foam mattress reviews guide. Hopefully it helps you decide which affordable memory foam bed will fit your budget and sleep preferences.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – General Mattress Policy Overview
1:38 – Siena Mattress
2:58 – Sweetnight Dreamy S1
4:20 – Bear Mattress
5:27 – Nectar
7:15 – Cocoon Chill
8:45 – Conclusion

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So you’re a fan of memory foam beds but You also want to save some money well if So this video will be right up your Alley because today at the slumber yard We’re talking about the best cheap Memory foam options now if you didn’t Know about the Slumber yard we basically Review all things online mattresses We’ve been doing it for a while now and We’ve reviewed hundreds of beds so in This video I’ve compiled the list of the Best cheap memory foam options in case You wanted to know now I’m Wes and if You need any more information about any Of these beds they’ll be linked Down Below in the description or you can go To our website for so Much more but let’s get talking about The best cheap memory foam beds [Music] Okay so before I get into each Individual pick on this list I do want To say that these mattress companies did Send us these beds for free to review And then tell you guys about them but we Compiled this list of the beds ourself Now we’re going to start out with the Policies all of these beds are coming With free shipping they’ll be bed in a Box mattresses that you basically just Drag in your home rip off all the Packaging and then you’ll have a brand New bed that’ll expand in front of your Eyes and once you have these beds in

Your possession they’re all backed by at Least a 100 night sleep trial that’s Basically your chance to test the bed Out in the comfort of your own home put Your own sheets on it and decide whether Or not you want to keep it now if you Don’t happen to like any of these beds They’re all backed by free returns but Hopefully you do and if so they’re all Backed by at least a 10-year warranty Now in this video for the best cheap Memory foam beds I am going to go in Order from least expensive to most Expensive so hopefully you want Something that’s rather cheap and if so The first bet on this list is actually Going to be the Sienna mattress the bed Right behind me so this is a simple Three layer all foam bed with support Short foam a transition layer and then The main Comfort layer is memory foam Which is why it made this list now in Terms of feel this 10 inch construction Gives the bed a memory foam feel but It’s a pretty responsive memory foam Feel unlike something like a Tempur-Pedic or a nectar bed which is Really slow to respond this one is Pretty quick to respond and it’s more of A new age memory foam sensation now We’ll provide you with some pressure Relief but it will be rather quick to Respond when you do change through Different sleeping positions throughout

The night so it might be good for any Combination sleepers out there now in Terms of firmness it’s between a medium And a medium firm on our firmness scale So slightly firmer so it might work Great for back and stomach sleepers but It should work for all sleeper types Back stomach side and combination like I Just mentioned now it’s time to talk Price and since this is the best cheap Memory foam bed list this bed’s coming In at around 500 after discount for Queen size so that’s a really affordable Price for a quality mattress and I do Want to preface all the prices by saying That sometimes mattress brands do like To change their pricing around or their Promotions you know if you’re near a Major holiday they might give a bigger Discount or bump the price up you never Know so check down below in the Description to see whatever is current But 500 bucks is a pretty hard price to Beat for a bed like this now moving on The next bed on our list is the sweet Night dreamy S1 and it’ll be slightly More expensive as we’re moving through This list we are going to go up in price But this is still another really Affordable mattress now this is another Three layer all foam bed and one of Those layers is actually incorporating a Curved design which should provide some Sort of a Zone support feature so it may

Help to keep your back in a neutral Spinal alignment as you sleep but it’s Something that’s small and that not Everyone will notice now in terms of Feel this bed has more of a dense Viscous memory foam feel so when you lay Down on it you’ll slowly sink into it And it’ll conform to the shape of your Body and almost provides some sort of Nook for you to sleep in now the bed is Available in a 10 inch or a 12 inch but We think that both those would be around The same firmness between a medium and a Medium firm on our firmer scale so it Should work for all sleeper types back Stomach side and combination now Something to note about the dreamy S1 is As of when I’m recording this video the Queen size was sold out on their website But I did see it on Amazon for the queen Size and they also had the full and the King size so you can go over there to Pick those up now after discount you’re Looking around the five to six hundred Dollar range for the dreamy S1 and this Will depend on which size you go with But again that pricing will be kind of Changing depending on when they get Their next stock at the end of the day The dreamy S1 will be a really Affordable bed that you’re probably Going to be able to save even more money On if you use that discount code Down Below in the description but the next

Bit I have for you is from a very Reputable brand it’s going to be the Original bear mattress and something Cool about bear is they actually have a 365 night trial period so if you do want To try this bed for an entire year you Can now this is another three layer all Foam bed using memory foam as its main Comfort layer but something cool about This bed’s construction is that it uses A material called Salient in the cover Which is supposed to help restore you And add to your overall Sleep Quality a Lot of people swear that it works some People on our team have actually tried It I haven’t tried it yet but you know I Only hear good things now in terms of Firmness it’s between a medium and a Medium firm just like most all the other Beds I’ve talked about and in terms of Feel it has a memory foam feel but it’s Not really a dense viscous one nor is it A really responsive one it’s kind of in The middle it just feels like a straight Up Memory Foam bed something that’s Going to be really accommodating and Comfortable now in terms of price this Bed retails for around the thousand Dollar Mark but you should be able to Pick it up for closer to the 700 Mark For that queen size so you’re getting a Nice quality bed at another affordable Price Point again check down below in The description to save some money with

Bear now the next bit I have for you is The bed nectar and something cool about Nectar is that they have a machine Washable cover and a 365 night trial Period so you can test this bed for a Full year in the comfort of your home Before you really have to make that hard Decision of whether you want to keep it Or send it back and during that year Trial period you could throw that cover In your washing machine as many times as You want for a deep clean just for fun Now in terms of feel this bed has a Really dense viscous memory foam feel It’s something more like a Tempur-Pedic If you’ve ever seen those ads when you Push down on it the bed will be really Slow to respond and it will be slower to Respond when you do change sleeping Positions but it might also keep you Sturdy in one spot throughout the night So if you don’t like to rotate you want The bed to kind of stop you from Rotating that might be something that is Up your alley in terms of firmness this Is one of the firmer beds on this list It’s around a medium firm on our Firmness scale meaning it should work For all sleeper types but it might be Slightly better for strict back and Stomach sleepers since it is on that Firmer end of the spectrum and we Usually see that people who like firmer Beds are strict back and stomach

Sleepers now if that firmness doesn’t Sound exactly right to you nectar also Makes nectar Premiere and nectar Premiere copper which are a bit softer And we have full reviews and videos About those beds you can check out down Below in the description where Everything is but also nectar recently Just came out with hybrid versions of All of their beds so if you are someone Interested in a bed with coils or Something like that you know that’s an Option for you any reviews we’ve done Will be down below in that description As well but in terms of price you can Pretty much pick up a queen size nectar After discount for around the 800 Mark And while you might be thinking that’s Not really cheap for a quality bed that You get a whole year to test out and it Has a forever warranty nectar is a great Deal now the last bed on our list has Sort of a cooling cover it’s one of the Cooler beds on this list and it’s from The brand Sealy that would be the Cocoon Mattress and I’m actually referring to The chill mattress which is their Flagship bed but you can also get the Chill hybrid if you do want a bed with Pocketed coils but for this video I’m Mainly talking about the all foam Version now in terms of feel it’s got a Typical memory foam feel you know when You lay down on it you’ll get some

Pressure relief and the bed will be Rather slow to respond probably not as Slow as something like a nectar but it Is up there now similarly to nectar this Bed is around a medium firm firmness on Our scale so it should work for all Sleeper types but again might be better For strict back and stomach sleepers now Something cool about the chill mattress Is that it does have a cover that is Cool to the touch so it’s one of the Beds that’s always making our best cool Bed list or our best hot sleeper bed List so if you want to save some money Get a memory foam bed and sleep a little Cooler you might want to go the chill Route now we can’t guarantee that this Bed will actively cool you down because The temperature regulation has to do With a lot of other factors like the Temperature you keep your room your Climate and the kind of sheets you use But we can confidently say that this bed Will sleep temperature neutral now in Terms of price a queen size retails for Around the 1250 Mark but you can usually Pick it up with a pretty sweet discount Bringing the bed closer to the 800 range So check down below in the description To save some money with the chill Mattress and also note that you can Upgrade to the bed with pocketed coils You will have to spend up but it is an Option for you but that is basically the

List when we’re talking about the best Cheap memory foam beds but what do you Think did any of these beds catch your Eye would you like to learn more about Them if so you can check down below in The description we’ve done full reviews On every single bed on this list and we Also have a ton more content over on our Website so check over There and again if you want to save some Money those discount codes will be in The description but hopefully you Enjoyed this video if so hit the Thumbs Up Button subscribe to the channel for More mattress content and for the rest Of the Slumber yard team I’m Wes wishing You a good night’s sleep Summer yards [Music] Like And subscribe

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