Best Cheap Mattress Toppers – Our Top Budget Buys!

By | April 24, 2023

✅ Linenspa 3-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper –

✅ Helix Plush Mattress Topper –

✅ Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper –

✅ Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper –

✅ Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper –

If you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, the prices of a new mattress or even just a new mattress topper can be intimidating. But here at Sleepopolis, we believe you can get good sleep products even if you’re ballin’ on a budget, so we’ve rounded up our five favorite cheap mattress toppers. Mattress toppers can be a quick fix for a less-than-stellar mattress and we’ve personally tested all five of these here at Sleepopolis. Let’s get into what they’re made of, how they feel, and who they’re best suited for.

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Are you a budget Shopper looking for a Great new mattress topper well I've got You covered I'm Amelia from sleepopolis And in this video I'm going to be going Over the sleepopolis team's top picks For the best cheap mattress toppers I've Personally tested all of these Toppers And in this video I'll cover everything You need to know about them before we Get started I do want to let you know That Brands send us products for free to Review and to tell you about including Some of the Toppers featured in this List if you want to buy any of these Toppers using our links in the Description we may earn a commission at No additional cost to you that helps us To fund our testing and keep bringing You these videos for free all right Let's dive into the best cheap mattress Toppers First up on our list is the editor's Pick the linen spot three inch gel Infused memory foam mattress topper this Mattress topper from linen Spa is a Standard no bells and whistles topper Made from a solid block of polyurethane Memory foam with gel beads infused it's Available in two inch and three inch Thicknesses but we chose the three inch Thickness to be a little bit more cozy The linen spot topper is the most Inexpensive topper on this list but we Still found it to be super comfortable

In testing which is why it's our top Pick the gel infusions in the linen Spa Mattress topper draw heat away from the Body promoting a cooler sleep Environment we found they worked well to Keep the foam which naturally traps heat Sleeping temperature neutral the linen Spa topper also offers deep contouring And pressure relief making it an Excellent choice for side sleepers Looking for pressure relief on the Shoulders and hips but the cushioning Feel can also work well for back Sleepers we particularly like how the Foam built in around the lumbar region Which is great for relieving back pain Moving right along to our best cheap Mattress topper for stomach sleepers the Helix Plush mattress topper the Helix Plush mattress topper is made with Polyester fiber fill encased in a bamboo Blend cover it uses baffle box stitching Which creates individual Pockets to Ensure the fill stays evenly distributed The stitching also gives the topper a Slight pillow top effect this topper is Much thinner than most other Toppers out There which is why we think it's a great Choice for stomach sleepers it adds some Softness and cushioning without making The bed too soft stomach sleepers need a Firm sleep surface to prevent their hips From sinking which can cause back pain Next up is our best cheap mattress

Topper for back sleepers the tuft and Needle mattress topper the tuft and Needle mattress topper is made with two Inches of open cell polyurethane foam it Has a polyester blend cover with a Non-skid bottom we like this topper for Back sleepers because it's soft and Pressure relieving but not super thick Back sleepers won't feel completely Enveloped in the foam with this topper But they'll still get the cushioning That they want the open cell foam used In this mattress topper allows for more Airflow within the topper which helps to Prevent hot air from being trapped plus The non-skid bottom of the topper Features grippy silicone beads that help To keep the topper from shifting around On the surface of your mattress Now on to our best cheap mattress topper For side sleepers the Brooklyn Bedding Gel swirl memory foam mattress topper The gel swirl memory foam mattress Topper from Brooklyn Bedding is another Simple but effective topper this topper Is a solid block of gel infused memory Foam and it's available in either two or Three inch thicknesses we'd recommend The three inch version for side sleepers As the extra inch will allow more room To sink in for pressure relief on key Pressure points like the shoulders and Hips the cooling gel infusions keep this Topper from overheating memory foam

Naturally chops a lot of heat but we Found this topper to have a nice Temperature neutral feel additionally The Topper's plush feel will be Comfortable for both back and side Sleepers and two thickness options make This topper versatile to many different Sleepers preferences And finally the best cheap mattress Topper for hot sleepers the Lucid gel Memory foam mattress topper the Lucid Gel memory foam mattress topper is made Of you guessed it gel infused memory Foam it also has ventilation holes in The foam to promote airflow this topper Comes in three different thicknesses two Inch three inch and four inch we found It offered a plush and Squishy feel that Provides lots of pressure relief this Topper is comfortable for both back and Side sleepers providing nice pressure Relief to both sleeping positions and The combination of gel infusions to Diffuse body heat and ventilation holes To make the Foam more breathable makes This a great cooling mattress topper Especially for hot sleepers who are Looking for memory foam Well folks that is it for this video on The best cheap mattress toppers I hope You found this video helpful and if you Want to learn more about any of the Toppers featured in this video or see Some more great options just click the

Link in the description or head over to you can also find a ton More product reviews sleep health Information and exclusive coupons over There hit that subscribe button and I'll See you next time bye [Music]

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