Best Canadian Mattresses – Our 8 Favorites!

By | January 13, 2023

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So, you’re a Canadian shopper looking to buy a new mattress online. You figured out your preferences, did some research on Sleepopolis (*wink wink*) and settled on what you hope will be the bed of your dreams. But then you learn that a lot of bed-in-a-box brands are located in the United States and don’t ship their mattresses outside the country. Fortunately, a handful of Canadian mattress companies have set up shop above the 49th parallel to bring some much-needed comfort to sleepers from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. These are our best mattresses for Canada.

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What's up it's Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis and this video is for all of Our Canadian friends out there we're Gonna go over our top picks for the best Canadian mattresses of the year yeah Over the years Canada has given us some Real gems including peanut butter the Fog horn and even Celine Dion and Ryan Reynolds so we had to repay the favor And what better way than helping you get Your best sleep we've rounded up some Beds are going to work for all different Types of Canadian sleepers yeah if you Want to learn more about any of the beds We cover in this video or some other Great choices just click the link in the Description below or head over to but for now let's get Into it with our top picks for the best Canadian mattresses of the year [Music] We do want to quickly mention that Mattress Brands including the ones on This list send us beds for free to Review and to tell you about and if you End up buying one with the link in the Description we may earn a commission Yeah but that never sways our opinions And instead just helps us keep these Reviews free So let's kick things off with our top Pick for the best Canadian mattress for Hot sleepers the ND Memory foam has a tendency to trap heat

But Andy made sure to have an open cell Design in their memory foam that helps Keep the bed cool there's also a Breathable cover to help with Temperature regulation that foam Comfort Layer is followed by a stretch of Polyfoam then a base of high density Polyfoam the bed gets progressively Firmer toward the bottom placing its Square in the category of medium firm The mixture of softness and Responsiveness makes it a good fit for Those who sleep on their back or side ND Is based out of Toronto with every bed Hand crafted and shipped out by Canadian Workers to Canadian sleepers Next up is our pick for the best Canadian hybrid mattress the sulk and Snow hybrid if you're after a bed that Combines gentle pressure relief and Firm Support the silk and snow hybrid just Might be the ticket this bed is made From Super sturdy pocketed coils and Soft contouring memory foam so you Should feel comfy and supported the silk And snow is a great choice for both back Sleepers and stomach sleepers who should Find that this bed provides some nice Spinal support this bed is also a solid Choice for heavy people who weigh over 250 pounds thanks to its strong pocketed Coils we also think that couples should Like this bed as it has strong motion Isolation and good Edge support so you

Can sprawl out all the way to the edge Of the bed and you shouldn't be Disturbed by your partner's movements Foreign If you're looking for a steal of a deal I mean aren't we all the best Canadian Mattress for the money is the Douglas The Douglas is referred to as the most Canadian mattress in Canada by mattress Company it's built with Canadian Source materials that won't Break the bank it's an all-foam bed That's a little softer than average Thanks to its combination of gentle gel Memory foam and buoyant foam and Supported at the bottom by high density Polyfoam you can get a queen at full Retail for less than eight hundred Dollars Canadian dollars of course every Single Douglas mattress is built with Canadian Source materials throughout Ontario and Quebec If you're a big fan of memory foam then Our pick for you is the novos bed this Is novos bed's Flagship model and it was An early contender in the Canadian bed In a box game its ultra dense memory Foam quickly made the brand one of the Country's most popular online mattress Retailers in total the bed has four Inches of ultra dense memory foam Combined with high density polyfoam for A lush pressure relieving sleep another Great perk is you can get the mattress

In three different firmness options soft Medium and firm so it works for a wide Range of sleepers no ghostbed Manufacturers and sources all its Materials in Canada and the United States If you're looking for eco-friendly Materials then our pick for you is the Best Canadian organic mattress the silk And snow organic With the silk and snow organic Canadian Mattress you can rest assured that your Sleeping surface is safe and Eco-friendly from its organic cotton Cover to its organic latex its materials Have some Stellar third-party Certifications the latex Comfort layer Is durable and sits on top of sturdy Pocketed coils because the latex Material is naturally Cooling and the Coils provide airflow the stud is great For hot sleepers with great Edge support And high quality materials the silk and Snow organic is quite durable Overall it's a high quality product at An affordable price so if you're on a Tight budget then the silk and snow Organic could be a great option Now on to the best Canadian pillow top The Logan Cove this is another bed from it's an ultra luxurious Hybrid bed that caters to back sleepers Stomach sleepers and combination Sleepers it has a blend of pocketed

Coils for support and a plush pillow top For Comfort it's made up of five layers For a total of 14 inches of impressive Comfort between its Zone coils and silk Fill pillow top you'll find contouring In a layer of cooling gel visco foam Followed by a more responsive Eco foam And a quick responding transition layer Of high density biofoam one of the bed's Most unique features is a thick layer of High density polyfoam that surrounds the Coils this adds extra support and Firmness for back sleepers and also Provides great Edge support and the Eco-friendly materials in this bed help It sleep nice and cool [Music] If you switch between two or more Sleeping positions at night our best Canadian mattress pick for you is the Recore another bed from The four layer recore mattress has a Comfort layer of responsive latex that Makes it easy for combination sleepers To switch positions and the latex layer Has been infused with graphite which Helps the bed sleep incredibly cool the Transition layer below also maintains a Low temperature due to a special gel Infusion that prevents body heat from Trapping the mattress has just enough Sinkage for multiple sleeping positions To feel comfortable without making them Feel like they're stuck in the bed the

Foam will give some contouring while Also providing a slight lift Overall it's just a touch softer than Medium firm And now on to our last pick for this Video the best Canadian mattress for Back pain the poly sleep The polysleep offers a lot of pressure Relief but also has just enough support For back sleepers those who struggle With back pain should get the mix-up Comfort and support that they need to Keep their spine in a neutral alignment The memory foam layer is made from Antimicrobial foam that's resistant to Dust and bacteria so it's a great option For sleepers with allergies this Mattress has reinforced edges which Means you can sleep all the way to the Side of the bed and still feel supported The poly sleep also has great motion Absorption making it a good choice for Couples who don't want to feel each Other's movements while they're sleeping [Music] All right although that takes us home For this video we have a lot more Canadian picks and choices if you click The link in the description below and Over at we have a ton More reviews as well as some great sleep Help information and exclusive coupons So you can save even more loonies and Toonies be sure to check it out and also

If you'd be so kind as Canadians are and Hit that subscribe button before you go We'd really appreciate it and we'll see You next time bye Foreign [Music]

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