Bear vs GhostBed – #1 Mattress Review Guide (MUST WATCH)

By | January 28, 2023

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Bear vs GhostBed – #1 Mattress Review Guide (MUST WATCH). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his updated review of GhostBed vs Bear Now both of these bed in a box brands offer multiple different mattresses, but in this video JD focuses on the flagship beds from both companies – the GhostBed Classic mattress and the Bear mattress. GhostBed also offers the GhostBed Luxe, GhostBed Flex, GhostBed 3D Matrix, and the GhostBed Natural. Bear offers the Bear Pro, Bear Hybrid, and Bear Elite Hybrid mattress. GhostBed is known as a latex and gel memory foam mattress. The Bear mattress, on the other hand, is designed for those who are athletes or live a more active lifestyle. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with mattress brands which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). Wes also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. If you’re a heavy person, JD recommends opting for the Bear Hybrid or the other GhostBed Flex mattress since they utilize coils for extra support. Thanks for watching this GhostBed Classic mattress vs Bear mattress comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Bear or GhostBed for your next bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – General Mattress Policies
2:45 – Similarities
3:45 – Feel
4:45 – Firmness
5:38 – Other Options
6:20 – X-Factors
7:10 – Pricing
8:09 – Final Verdict: Bear vs GhostBed
8:37 – Conclusion

Welcome to the Slumber yard guys I'm JD And in this video we're going to be Comparing the original bear mattress to The ghostbed classic so these are pretty Popular options online at least in the All foam category but when it comes down To it you know why should you really get One option over the other that's what We're primarily going to focus on in This video so we're going to start off By covering the policy information that Both of these beds are backed by it's Pretty similar stuff a little bit Different though then we're going to Delve into the similarities between the Two of course the differences pricing Things of that nature and at the very End I'm going to sum things up with a Final verdict so you can ultimately you Know determine which one of these is Going to be right for you at the end of The day now if you get something out of This video we maybe help you towards Your online mattress search give this Video a thumbs up and consider Subscribing to the Slumber yard and if You need any more information about These two mattress options check the Description box we should have a ton of Helpful content down there for you to Kind of look over more but now without Further Ado let's compare these two beds [Music] Foreign

[Music] Alrighty so right up top let's talk About the policies that these beds are Backed by and before I get into that Stuff I do want to just say that we did Receive these beds for free from Ghostbed and bear to review and tell you Guys about them but in terms of policies You should be getting completely free Bed and box shipping with both this Means that the beds will likely show up In a four foot tall box at your doorstep Which you then drag in your home and Unbox and the whole unboxing process for Bed in a box mattresses usually is Really easy and straightforward to do Now once these beds are in your Possession you'll also get a sleep Trowel with both with the ghostbed Mattress you get 101 nights to basically Sleep on the bed risk-free before you're Completely stuck with it and with the Bare mattress you get 120 nights so 19 More nights to really determine if the Bed is going to be right for you but in Either case you get a nice chunk of time To test the beds out before you're stuck With them and if within that time frame You decide that the beds aren't really What you expected and you want something Different you know you want to try Something else out that's fine because You can get completely free returns with Both and in that case you're just going

To call the brands up and schedule a Time for somebody to swing by your home And remove the mattress at no additional Cost to you and you get all your money Back it's a great process but if the Opposite occurs you end up getting your Brand new ghostbed classic or original Bear mattress and you end up loving it You want to sleep on it for the Foreseeable future that is fantastic Because they're both backed by Warranties that are also pretty nice With bear you get a standard 10-year Warranty that's the industry standard Across online bend-a-box options but With ghostbed you get double that you Get a 20-year warranty with them also Super nice if you need any more Information about the policies that I Just went over there should be some more Information Linked In the description Box for you to help you out with all That stuff but now let's get into the Main similarities between ghostbed and Bear at least for their Flagship models And the main one has to do with the fact That they're both three layer all foam Mattresses and this means that you know They're both going to be primarily best For medium and petite sized individuals If you're a heavier person you could get By on an all-foam mattress just fine Over time but the better option for your Body type is likely going to be a hybrid

Bed that uses pocketed coils pocketed Coils in general are just basically Individually siled Springs that move Independently of one another rather than Something like a traditional inner Spring chassis where the whole unit Moves is one and they're also pretty Dang good at isolating motion and giving Beds bounce if that's something that You're interested in now both of these Brands do offer Hybrid models the Flagship ones that I'm addressing in This video are all foam beds so just Know that going forward I'll discuss the Hybrid models later on in this video but These very similar constructions are Also a little bit different towards the Top layer you know they use Dent support Foam on the bottom and then a transition Layer but their primary Comfort foam Layers are a little bit different which Results in a different feel so bear uses A layer of memory foam on top so it Naturally features more of a standard Memory foam feel it should provide some Of that body conforming sinking feeling But it shouldn't be too overwhelming for You at all and even if you don't really Like the sensation of memory foam we Still think that you'll find the bare Mattress to be pretty dang accommodating Now ghostbed is a little bit more Nuanced than bare in terms of Construction since it features a layer

Of latex foam on top and and a Transitional layer of memory foam right In the middle of the mattress it Features more of a mixed or Blended foam Feel as we like to call it we often say That the feel of the ghostbed mattress Is going to heavily depend on how much You weigh if you're a heavier person You're likely going to sink into the Ghost bed a little bit more and feel More of that transitional memory foam Layer but if you're more petite you're Going to lay more on top of the bed Rather than sink in and feel more of the Latex but even though it features that Blended or mixed foam feel that could Sound a little bit off-putting to you Totally get it but don't worry about it Much like the bare mattress it should be Feeling generally comfortable to most Sleeper types out there now these beds Also differ a little bit in terms of Firmness level so the original bare Mattress is right in between a medium And a medium firm on our scale so it Should be a great option for all sleeper Types but it might provide a slight Support Advantage for back and stomach Sleepers who want a little bit more Support rather than pressure relief from Their bed whereas the ghostbed mattress The ghostbed classic is right in the Middle of the Furnace scale at a proper Medium right smack in the middle so it

Should be a great option for all sleeper Types whether you like to sleep on your Back your side your stomach or rotate Between all different sleeping positions At night you should be set with this Thing keep in mind though that firmness Is subjective and it also depends on how Much you weigh so if you're heavier You'll sink into a bed more as I've Stated but you're gonna find it to be a Little bit softer than someone who's of An average sized build and then if You're a petite size person you're gonna Lay more on top find it to be a little Bit firmer than the average Joe but if You are an average sized individual We're thinking along these lines in Terms of overall firmness but if these Firmness levels still aren't sounding Exactly right for you that's fine Because both bear and ghostbed make a Number of other options for you to Consider that vary in terms of firmness With bear they also offer the bear Pro Which is basically an upgraded version Of the original bear mattress also an All foam bed they also have the bare Hybrid which is one of the most Accommodating hybrid beds for all Sleeper types as we found over here at The slumber yard and they recently came Out with the bare Elite hybrid which is Now their premium mattress offering Ghostbed also has a bunch of other beds

In their lineup they have the ghostbed Locks the ghostbed natural the ghostbed Flex and even the ghost bed 3D Matrix Cool name even cooler bed and we'll try To link all these other models that These Brands offer Down Below in the Description box for you to take a look At these bets also have a couple things Going for them in terms of X factors Mainly one for each with the bear Mattress this bed features a Salient Cover a material known as Salient within The mattress cover and this is a textile That's been recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device we've gone on And on about this stuff on the channel You know it's supposed to help promote Restful sleep increase recovery times Improve even blood circulation so a lot More information about Celia has a Material is going to be found Down Below In the description box we're going to Try link some more stuff on it down There in terms of the ghostbed classic Ghostbed as a brand likes to run pretty Nice bundles on their mattresses bear as A brand does as well but we think Ghostbed as a brand is really good at Sweetening the overall pot on a mattress Purchase with things like pillows and Sheets they often do even more so any Sort of current discounted promotion With ghostbed is going to be found Down Below in the description and that leads

Me nicely into pricing so how much You're going to be shelling out for the Ghostbed classic and the original bear Mattress before I get into this stuff I Do want to just preface this section by Saying that mattress Brands change their Pricing and promotion practically year Round okay so if this stuff is a little Bit different as when you're watching This video be sure to check the Description to see whatever's current But as of when I'm recording this video You can usually expect to pick up a Queen size ghost bed for right around The one thousand dollar range after Discount and again we should have a Discount Down Below in the description To help you out with all that and for The original bear mattress you can Expect to pay right around the 650 Dollar range for a queen size after Discount and that is a great overall Value for a all foam bed you know that's Really good for athletes with that Selling cover and stuff like that so We'll try to link some more information Regarding all the discounts and Promotions for these options in the Description box again as I've stated Over and over again but hey if you use Those discounts that are in our Descriptions it actually goes a long way In supporting our Channel and we really Appreciate that over here at the slumber

Yard but now it's time to give you a Final verdict so we're what are the main Reasons to go with each option and why Well over here at the slumber yard we Would say check out the ghostbed classic If you're interested in getting a three Layer all foam bed with a mixed foam Feel and you also want something that's Right around a medium firmness and then Check out the bare mattress if you also Want an all-foam bed but you want more Of a memory foam feel something that's In between a medium and a medium firm You like the sound of that cell in cover And you want the much more affordable Option after a discount but hey that's Just our take on it what is yours when It comes down to this comparison which Way are you going to go are you gonna go Bear ghost bed which one has a cooler Name that's probably the better question Write us down below in the comments and Let us know your thoughts if you need Any more information about these beds Again check in the description I can't Say that enough in our videos you know There's going to be a ton more stuff Located in the description box and if You like this video you got something Out of it or you just enjoyed it in General you know give it a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel for a lot more Stuff but that's going to do it for this One again I'm JD with the Slumber yard

And like always sleep right sleep tight And we'll see you next time foreign [Music]

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