Bear Star Hybrid Mattress Review – Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (NEW)

By | April 7, 2023

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Bear Star Hybrid Mattress Review – Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy (NEW). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our new review of the Bear Star Hybrid mattress. This is a premium hybrid mattress that is replacing their original Bear Hybrid mattress. This mattress has The popular bed in a box brand also offers the Bear mattress, Bear Pro Hybrid, Bear Elite Hybrid and even a kids bed called the Bear Cub mattress. The Bear Star Hybrid is made of high-quality pocketed coils and various comfort foams. It also contains a Celliant fiber top. This Celliant material is supposed to be nice for athletes as it helps with recovery. Overall, the Bear Star Hybrid has a comfortable pillow top feel. In the video, JD covers these topics as well as firmness and what types of sleepers (back, stomach or side) this hybrid bed is best for. We’ll see if the Bear Star Hybrid makes our list of the best hybrid mattress or best pillow top mattress. Thanks for watching this Bear Star Hybrid review video. Hopefully we helped you out in some way in your search for a new online bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – General Mattress Policies
3:05 – Construction & Feel
4:45 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
5:15 – Other Bear Bed Options
5:48 – Info For Couples
6:59 – Fun Facts
7:45 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
8:45 – Final Verdict: Bear Star Hybrid Mattress Review
9:09 – Conclusion

Hey guys JD here from Bringing you our official review of the Brand new bear star hybrid so if you Didn't know already bear is a mattress Brand recently underwent a bit of a Revamp on all of their beds and they Just kind of gave the bear hybrid a Facelift to the bear star hybrid so it's Got a bit of a new look a little bit of Bells and whistles to cover so in this Video I'm going to start things off by Covering the general policies then I'll Go over the bed's overall design and Construction and how that adds up to Change its feel and firmness profile Then later on in the video I'll go over X factors and pricing and then near the Very end I'll even sum things up with a Final verdict for you so stick around Now just in case you need any more Information about the new bear star Hybrid maybe I missed something in this Video check down below in the Description box of this video for a lot More helpful links and if you enjoy this Video you get something out of it we Help you out towards ultimately Determining whether or not you want to Purchase this thing for yourself shoot Us a like subscribe to the Slumber yard For so much more but now let's review The bear star hybrid [Music] And save your money

Alrighty so now before we get into Covering the star of the show The Bear Star hybrid we're going to be getting Into this mattress and reviewing it Today for you guys I do want to say that Bear as a brand did send it to us for Free to review so we could tell you guys About it and that's pretty much the case For all of the online mattress review Content that we conduct here on this Channel but if you order it online you Should be back by the following policies Starting with completely free Bed-in-a-box shipping so once ordered It's going to likely show up at your Door inside of a box that's around like Four feet tall tightly compressed and Wound up in plastic packaging all you Got to do is just drag that box in your Home and you know unbox it with the help Of a friend since it is a Burly or Hybrid bed you probably do want someone By your side to unbox the whole thing And the whole process is relatively easy And actually kind of fun to complete Because at the end of it you will have a Brand new hybrid pillow top mattress That will expand right before your eyes And because it does use those pocketed Coils for support it'll likely be ready To sleep on right as soon as you unbox It now once the bed is in your Possession not when it's set up that's a Common misconception with online

Mattresses right when it gets to your Door is when it's in your possession and From there you get a trial period of 120 Nights to basically sleep on it test it Out perform all your rigorous bed in the Box tests on the thing to ultimately Determine if you want to keep it for the Foreseeable future or not and if you do Decide that it's not right for you for Whatever reason maybe the feel is off The construction yada yada you do have Completely free returns within that Trial period time frame in which case You're just going to call Bear the brand Up and schedule a time for them to send Someone by your home and take the Mattress off your hands at no additional Cost to you and you also get a full Refund all your money back that's Awesome but in the case you want to keep It which I think should be the case for Most folks out there this is a really Quality premium pillow top bed just look At it would you it's a nice bed so if You do want to keep it it's backed by a Lifetime warranty which is above and Beyond the usual standard of around like 10 years for an online mattress warranty That's awesome and if you need any more Information about the bear star hybrids Policies or all this stuff bare backs All their beds with policy wise check Down below in the description for so Much more now with the policy stuff out

Of the way let's delve into the actual Mattresses design and construction There's a lot going on here as you can Clearly see so let's talk about it it Starts off at the bottom with a thin Layer of Base foam then you have the Bed's main support system of pocketed Coils now we've talked a lot about Pocketed coils but what they essentially Are are individually siled Springs that You know go a long way in adding a lot More bi-directional support and Long-term durability to beds as opposed To all foam ones and pocketed coils even Give beds increased motion isolation and Bounce and airflow if that's all stuff That you're into as well now above those Coils you have a more responsive Transition foam to act as a buffer Between those coils and the bed's main Comfort layer of copper infused memory Foam this is a more responsive style of Memory foam so you don't get a lot of That stuck feeling that you would Typically get with a more traditional Style of dense viscous memory foam and The copper infusion is supposed to help Wick away moisture and heat throughout The night which could help out in terms Of overall temperature regulation for You rounding everything out is a nice Cooling cover on top it is kind of Noticeably cool to the touch just Slightly though it's not like an active

Cooling cover but it does incorporate Them material known as Salient in its Design and will address more about that Subject later on in this video but this Entire construction of the bear star Hybrid adds up to give it more of a Generalized pillow top feel so you will Probably get a bit of a sinking Sensation from that memory foam on top But the added Comfort elements in the Cover and the responsive nature of the Coils below help to balance a lot of That out to make it feel more neutral at Least to us a pillow top feel is my Personal favorite style of mattress feel I've tried a lot of online beds memory Foam latex foam neutral foam pillow top Ones just do it for me and so I really Enjoy the feel it's found on the bear Star hybrid and I think most out there Will as well now in terms of firmness I Would say that the bear star hybrid is Really similar to its older model the Bear hybrid I would clock this edit Right at a proper medium on our firmness Scale so that means it should work just Fine for all sleeper types whether you Like to sleep on your back your side Your stomach or a combination of all Three throughout the night you should be Pretty much good to go with this model Firmness is pretty subjective though on A case-by-case basis and everyone's Sleeping preferences are different so if

You do want a Mattress Firm bear that Has a little bit of a different furnace Profile you could go with several other Options they also have the original bear Mattress that's their Flagship Hall foam Mattress it is right in between a medium And a medium firm on our scale great for All sleeper types they also have the Bear Pro hybrid one of their newest Hybrid offerings that's around a medium Firm probably going to be a great hybrid Mattress for most primary back and Stomach sleepers out there and they have Their cream of the crop bed the bare Elite hybrid Ooey that's a nicer bid and That's right in between a medium and a Medium firm at least for that middle Firmness level you actually get three Different firmness options with this bit And we'll have much more information Regarding all the other bare mattresses Down Below in the description box for You but now it's time to talk about some Elements for couples to consider if you Happen to be sharing this mattress with A partner there are a few more things That you should ultimately consider in Terms of edge support which is how Sturdy the perimeters of a mattress are When you happen to sleep pretty close to Them at night you know you don't Necessarily want to fall off the edge You want to keep firmly along that edge And we'd say it's great on the bear star

Hybrid since those coils along the edges Are reinforced provides some great Additional support along the edges you Shouldn't be falling off this mattress Anytime soon in terms of motion Isolation which is how well a bed Absorbs cross mattress movement if You're a light sleeper and your partner Moves around at night you don't want Their motion necessarily waking you up And we'd say the pocketed coil layer on The bottom and the memory foam on top do Deaden quite a bit of cross mattress Motion here so no real issues here Either in terms of temperature Regulation I know that I mentioned that This bed has kind of a cooling cover on Top but we would say it adds up to make It sleep pretty much temperature neutral To most people out there you know in General when you're talking about Temperature regulation a lot more Factors rather than just the beds innate Sleeping temperature come into play like The types of sheets or pajamas that You're wearing or using so keep all of That stuff more at the Forefront of your Mind when you're considering how cold or Hot a bed sleeps now a couple fun facts Regarding the bear star hybrid this bed Is actually green guard gold certified Which is one of the toughest Certifications for an online bed to get Just basically means that the beds are

Made in a sustainable way and as I Mentioned earlier the bed incorporates a Salient cover and Salient if you didn't Know already is a textile that's been Recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device it's supposed to help With all sorts of things related to Bettering the overall quality of your Sleep on a nightly basis like improving Your blood circulation increasing Recovery times from injuries stuff like That people who I know have tried this Stuff and they claim that you know it Does work but I haven't tried it I can't Really speak to it but it could move the Needle for you if you're maybe an Athlete or something like that looking For some restorative properties in your Mattress we'll try to have some more Information regarding all that stuff Down below in the description box as Well but now it's that point in the Video to go over pricing how much are You going to be shelling out for this You know upgraded hybrid offering from Bear and while you know this is a more Premium hybrid offering from the brand It's not bad in terms of overall price As of when I'm recording this video this Bed is retailing for a little over the 1700 mark But after discount which you Should be able to locate Down Below in The description box as well you can Expect to pay closer to the 1300 dollar

Range when all is said and done for that Queen size model bear as a mattress Brand also likes to run some pretty Sweet bundles on every mattress purchase Where they throw in two free pillows so That's great to have as well especially If you're looking for more of a sleep Setup rather than just a mattress so if You want some more information and you Want to see those discounts for saving You the most amount of money possible With the bear star hybrid check the Description we'll try to have it linked Down there for you and hey if you do use Those discounts that are located in our Descriptions it goes a long way in Helping to support our Channel and we Always really appreciate that that's Pretty much going to sum it up for this Review of the new and improved bear star Hybrid you know by now you probably want A final verdict so here you go this is Just our humble opinion over here at the Slumber yard but we would say look into The star hybrid from bear if you want an Upgraded hybrid mattress from the brand That's right around a medium with a nice Pillow top feel you like the sound of That selling cover and you want a pretty Solid value overall for a bit of this Quality but that's just what we think Over here what's your opinion or take on The brand new bear star hybrid what do You think of this bed do you like it

Love it or hate it in any case write us Down Below in the comments we would love To hear from you especially you know if You've slept on this mattress for Yourself if you need any more Information you know regarding this Mattress in terms of policies other Related content full written reviews Stuff like that check the description Again if you enjoyed this video you got Something out of it we maybe helped you Out towards making your final decision On this bed you know drop a like on this Video consider subscribing to the Slumber yard for so much more but that's Going to do it for this one again I'm JD With the Slumber yard hopefully you're Doing well out there like always sleep Right sleep time we'll see you next time Foreign [Music]

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