Bear Hybrid Mattress Review | Pro vs Star vs Elite (NEW 2023)

By | April 14, 2023

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Review | Pro vs Star vs Elite (NEW 2023). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our new comparison review of the Bear Hybrid mattresses. Bear recently updated their hybrid mattress models with the Bear Star Hybrid replacing the Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro Hybrid replacing the Bear Pro mattress. In this video, JD will compare the Bear Star Hybrid vs Bear Pro Hybrid, Bear Pro Hybrid vs Bear Elite Hybrid, and the the Bear Elite Hybrid vs the Bear Star Hybrid. All the beds are made of high-quality pocketed coils, various comfort foam celliant fiber top. This celliant material is supposed to be nice for athletes as it helps with recovery. In the video, JD covers these topics as well as firmness and what types of sleepers (back, stomach or side) these hybrid beds are best for. We’ll see if an of these beds makes our list of the best hybrid mattress. Thanks for watching this Bear Hybrid mattress review video. Hopefully we helped you out in some way in your search for a new online bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – General Mattress Policies
2:42 – Similarities
4:04 – Bear Pro Hybrid Mattress Review
5:44 – Bear Star Hybrid Mattress Review
7:38 – Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review
9:36 – Final Verdict: Pro vs Star vs Elite
10:07 – Conclusion

Hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard And in this video we're going to be Comparing all three of the adult sized Hybrid beds from bear so bear is a brand Recently underwent a little bit of a Redesign with all of their beds and they Gave them a little bit of a facelift and Some new changes in terms of overall Design and stuff like that so in this Video we wanted to take the pro hybrid The star hybrid and the elite hybrid and Put them all head to head to head to see Which one is going to be best for you And your preferences by talking about The policies that these three bear beds Are backed by then we're going to delve Into the similarities and differences Between them we're going to talk about Some X factors that they all have going For and stuff like that we'll talk about Each bed as they come and go pricing all That stuff and at the very end I'll even Have a final verdict so you can make Your decision between these three now if We reach the end and you find that you Still need some more information about These mattresses that I'm about to go Over you know I'm going to try to go Pretty in depth here but I might miss Some stuff so check the description box For a lot more related and helpful Content regarding these three bear beds And if you enjoy this video you maybe Get something out of it and we help you

Out towards making your decision between These three today hit the like button Subscribe to the channel for so much More but now let's get into this one [Music] Save your money Okay so policies what do you got to know In terms of shipping returns trial Periods and warranties with all these Bare mattresses and for the record I do Want to clarify that Baird did send us These beds for free to review so we Could tell you guys about them but you Should be getting completely free bed in A box shipping with all three this means That these hybrid mattresses will likely Arrive at your door inside of a box That's around like four feet tall all You got to do is just drag that box into Your home and unbox it but because these Are burly or hybrid mattresses you Probably do want a friend there to help With the whole unboxing process they Can't be quite heavy to lift by yourself But just have a friend there it's a Really easy and fun process to complete Altogether and then you'll have a brand New hybrid mattress that will expand in Front of your eyes rather quickly and Once the beds are in your possession you Also get a trial period of 120 nights With all three and this is basically Your time to see if these beds are going To be right for you and your sleeping

Situation for the foreseeable future or Not you get around four full months to Do so and if within those first four Months you end up not really liking These beds for whatever reason that's Totally fine because you can't get Completely free returns with all three But if you do want to keep them you find That you really enjoy sleeping on them And you do want them to be your nightly Driver as a mattress that's great Because they're all backed by LifeTime Warranties if you need any more Information regarding this policy stuff That I just briefly covered check in the Description we should have a lot more Helpful details linked down there for You now with all the policy stuff out of The way let's talk similarities between These three bare mattresses and the First glaring one is that they're all Hybrid beds so that means that they use A combination of coils for support and Various Comfort Foams on top for comfort And it also means that these three Mattresses will be able to withstand and Handle all body types right off the bat Including much heavier people now if you Didn't know already pocketed coils are Basically individually siled Springs That go a long way in increasing the Overall bi-directional support and Long-term durability in the mattress and They also give beds a lot more airflow

Motion isolation advantages and bounce If that's all stuff that you're into but Since they do use coils going to be Great options for bigger people in General or just all body types now they Also incorporate Salient as a material With within their mattress covers now This stuff is basically a textile that's Been recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness device and it's basically there To help you with your overall recovery Process on a nightly basis a lot of People say it's hearsay a lot of people Say it's great stuff I personally know a Couple people who sleep on beds that Have Salient covers and they swear that There's something to it so it could move The needle for you if you're something Like an athlete and you want some Restorative properties in your mattress Now all three of these hybrid beds are Also green guard gold certified which is One of the toughest certifications out There for an online bed to get it just Basically means that they're made in a Very sustainable type of way we'll try To have more information regarding that Certification Down Below in the Description box if you want to check That stuff out but now it's time to get Into each individual bed and talk about Them in depth starting with the bear Pro Hybrid this is a brand new hybrid Mattress from the brand it used to be an

All-foam bed called the bear Pro but They basically took that support foam And they swapped it out for a supported Pocketed coil layer above those coils it Uses a transitional layer of foam and Gel memory foam on top for its primary Comfort foam layer and it also has that Salient cover there for you this Construction all adds up to give the Bear Pro hybrid more of a neutral foam Feel since it does have that memory foam On top you will probably get a bit of a Sink in Sensation from it but the more Responsive nature of the other foam used And the coils below help to balance that Out to make it feel more neutral to us In general when it comes down to it I Think that the bear Pro hybrid is just Going to be a neutral foam bed though it Is going to be on the firmer end of the Spectrum we would clock this bed to have A firmness at right around a medium firm On our scale so it should work fine for All sleeper types but it's primarily Going to be best for back and stomach Sleepers looking for tons of support in Their bed rather than pressure relief Compared to the old Behr Pro which was An all-foam bed we would say this is a Great hybrid upgrade for this mattress It also performs really well in terms of Motion isolation Edge support and it's Temperature neutral but in terms of Price it's not bad for what you're

Getting here especially after discount So the queen size MSRP for the bear Pro Hybrid currently sits at around 1300 Bucks give or take but after discount Which you should be able to find Down Below in the description box of this Video you can expect to pay right around 975 dollars for that queen size model Which is again a great deal for a bit of This quality usually within the online Mattress space hybrid beds just like This one go for upwards of a thousand Bucks you know so 9.75 that's a great Price for a queen size option you know Again check the description box to see Whatever is current in terms of pricing And promotions for the bear Pro hybrid But moving over to their upgraded pillow Top option which used to be known as the Bear hybrid mattress we love that bed Over here at the slumber yard but now You've got the bear star hybrid not much Has changed here compared to the old Bear hybrid it just has a little bit of A different look it still is going to be Made up of pocketed coils on the bottom Then you have a transitional layer and Then you now have copper infused memory Foam near the top and a nice fluffy Pillow top rounding everything out this Design adds up to give the star hybrid More of a general pillow top feel so Kind of like the bear Pro hybrid you're Going to get a little bit of a sink in

Sensation from that copper infused Memory foam on top but the added Comfort Elements in the cover and the more Responsive nature of the coils balance Everything out so it feels more neutral To us at least in general you know kind Of a fluffier pillow top feel now in Terms of firmness it's right at a medium Much like the old bare hybrid model it's Going to be a great option for all Sleeper types right off the bat backside Stomach and combination and since it Features reinforced coils along the Edges of the bed it should amount to Some pretty good Edge support you Shouldn't be falling off this thing Anytime soon it's also pretty good in Terms of motion isolation and in terms Of temperature regulation though it is Advertised to have a cooling cover we Would say that this bed also sleeps Pretty much temperature neutral lots of Beds within the space advertise that Their beds sleep super cold but we would Say that they all pretty much sleep Temperature neutral since a lot of Factors other exterior stuff comes into Play here a bit more than the innate Sleeping temperature of a mattress now Price wise it's also not bad for the Quality that you're getting here a queen Size bear star hybrid currently retails Right around Seventeen hundred dollars Maybe a little bit upwards of that but

After discount again check the Description box for it you should be Paying just shy of the 1300 range for One again check the description box to See whatever is current in terms of Pricing and promotions bear as a brand Usually likes to offer a pretty sweet Gift bundle where they throw in two Pillows for free so if you're looking For an entire sleep setup not just a bed Maybe check that out we'll link it down Below in the description box but now Let's move over into their upper echelon Top tier option this is the bare Elite Hybrid mattress this is the most premium Pillow top hybrid offering that bear Currently has as a brand my buddy Neil Actually came over to the Slumber yard To try this bed out for himself he'd Heard a lot about it and he actually Bought one based on testing it out over Here he absolutely loves that bed shout Out Neil it has a very similar Construction to the bear star hybrid Only it has thicker gauge coils in the Middle to give it a bit of a Zone Support Advantage so if you do suffer From nightly back pain you want a Mattress to help maybe support the Middle of your body a bit more and Luckily on the elite hybrid it has this Going for it it also has a bit more of a Phase change material within that Celly And cover used on top it is probably the

Most noticeably cool to the touch bed Out of these three that I've mentioned So far so if you're a hot sleeper Looking for the most amount of cooling Advantage from your bare hybrid mattress Maybe look into the elite it also has More of a pillow top feel it pretty much Just feels like the star hybrid just a Little bit more enhanced it's got a Really nice balance of overall comfort And support but unlike the star hybrid You've got three different firmness Options to choose from with the elite Hybrid you've got a soft medium and a Firm model to choose from here we Usually steer folks toward the medium Option we would consider that bed to be Right in between a medium and a medium Firm on our scale so should be a great Viable option for all sleeper types with A slight support Advantage for most back And stomach sleepers out there of course Though if you do want a softer or firmer Option you have those options at your Disposal here now price wise this is Going to be the most premium offering From the brand so it's naturally going To come with the biggest price tag as of When I'm recording this video a queen Size retails for upwards of the 2100 Dollar mark But after discount again Check the description box for it you Should be paying just shy of the sixteen Hundred dollar range for that queen size

And again all three of these bear beds And their discounts are going to be Linked Down Below in the description box Guys and if you do decide to use our Discount codes it actually helps us out Over here at the slumber yard and we Appreciate the kickback and support from You guys but that's pretty much going to Sum it up for this one let's give you a Short and sweet final verdict over here At the slumber yard we would say look Into that bear Pro hybrid mattress if You want the most affordable hybrid bed From bear with a neutral feel that's a Bit firmer for back and stomach sleepers Check out the star hybrid if you want an Upgraded pillow top mattress that should Work out great for all sleeper types and Then consider the elite hybrid if you Want the most premium pillow top bed From the brand available in three Different firmness levels and you like The sound of those Zone support and Cooling advantages but hey that's just Our take on it that's just our humble Opinion over here at the yard what is Yours when it comes down to this triple Mattress comparison which of these three Bear hybrid beds are you gonna go with And why write us down below in the Comments we would love to hear from you Again if you need any more information About these beds full written reviews Other comparisons buyer guides and

Discounts to help save you the most Amount of money possible on them are Going to be found Down Below in the Description box of this video screen if You enjoyed this video you got something Out of it and we helped you out towards Finding your next online mattress we'd Really appreciate it if you dropped a Like on this video And subscribe to the Slumber yard for so much more but that's Pretty much going to do it for this one Again I'm jaded with the Slumber yard Hopefully you enjoyed this video and Like always sleep right sleep tight and We'll see you next time Are you [Music] Like And subscribe

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