Avocado Eco Organic Mattress vs Purple Mattress Comparison – Which Is Best??

By | May 12, 2022

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0:00 Avocado Eco Organic vs Purple Mattress
0:45 Similarities Between the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
1:10 Differences between the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
1:49 Materials of the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
2:50 Firmness & Feel of the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
3:25 Best Sleeping Positions on the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
4:27 Pressure Relief on the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple
5:19 Are the Avocado Eco Organic and Purple good for couples?
6:02 Who Should Get the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress?
6:37 Who Should Get the Purple Mattress?

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Hey friends it’s bridget and emilia from Sleepopolis and today we’re back with Another Mattress bottle we’re going to put two Popular beds head to head all to see Which one comes out on top for you today We’re going to be comparing the avocado Eco organic mattress and the purple Mattress i’m team avocado and i’m team Purple we’re going to put them through a Variety of tests and see how they differ In things like construction feel Firmness and more all to see which Mattress is the ultimate winner for you But before we get started make sure you Head over to sleepopolis.com for lots More mattress reviews and sleep product Reviews along with some exclusive Coupons alright let’s get started [Music] Let’s first talk about the similarities Of these mattresses they’re both made in The united states and they ship for free Compressed in a box both of these Mattresses have a 100 night trial and a 10-year warranty plus they’re both about 10 inches in height and they’re both Great for back sleepers and also a lot Of side sleepers And now on to the differences there are Quite a few but first we’ll start off With price now the purple is a little Bit more expensive than the avocado at Full retail but we do have those coupons

Always to help you out And we’re going to dig into this a Little bit more in the next section but These beds are built totally different The avocado is an eco-friendly organic Mattress with latex and coils while the Purple has its unique purple grid layer And polyfoams and if you’re someone that Has a little bit of concern about pain The purple might be a better option There as it has this unique floating Feeling that does really great with Pressure relief [Music] Okay now let’s dig into construction we Do this by cutting the mattresses open And taking a closer look inside but Don’t do this at home because you will Definitely void your warranty Starting with the covers of these beds The purple has a polyester blend cover That has a soft feel and is breathable The avocado has organic cotton and Organic wool on top for a soft Breathable feel as well Below that the purple has the Hyperelastic polymer purple grid this Layer has a waffle-like design and has a Ton of airflow it’s squishy and stretchy While the avocado eco organic has a Layer of dunlop latex this is another Organic layer that’s durable bouncy and Soft then the purple has two layers of High density poly foam to give support

And durability while the avocado has a Final layer of zoned individually Wrapped coils which are actually made From recycled steel and a final detail I’ll add for the avocado it has handles And We love handles [Music] Here at sleepopolis we like to rate Firmness on a scale from one to ten so One is super super soft like you’re Sleeping on cotton candy Ten super hard like you’re sleeping on a Rock and we like to use six and a half As the standard for medium firm and both Of these beds have pretty similar Firmnesses they’re both medium firm beds So the avocado is about a six out of ten And the purple is about a 6.5 out of 10 On our firmness scale and they both have A very bouncy feel [Music] Your sleeping position also really Matters when picking a new bed back Sleepers can do good on most beds they Just need something that’s supportive And comfortable stomach sleepers are Looking for a firm mattress so they can Have their hips elevated and keep their Spine aligned and side sleepers Typically are looking for a softer Mattress so they can get some contouring Around their shoulder and hip and if You’re a lighter weight sleeper you may

Not sink in so bed might feel a little Bit firmer than someone who’s heavier Than you very true for the avocado eco Organic i felt it was a comfortable Mattress for both back and side sleeping I think some lighter weight stomach Sleepers could do well on it as well but Average or heavyweight stomach sleepers Will probably want a firmer mattress The purple did a great job for back Sleeping in our testing lab and i think Most side sleepers will also be happy on The purple some stomach sleepers may do Okay on this bed but i’d probably opt For something firmer instead i don’t Think the purple is going to be Supportive enough for heavier sleepers Weighing over 250 pounds though [Music] Next up is one of our favorite tests the Pressure map pressure map shows how Pressure is building across your body When you’re laying on a mattress yeah When you’re looking at the results what You need to keep in mind is blues and Greens are low pressure oranges and reds Are high pressure And looking at the purple for pressure Relief it’s pretty much all blue for Back sleepers when you look at the Results from our testing which is great And it shows low pressure and it shows Barely any pressure forming while side Sleeping which shows it conforms nicely

Around pressure points and could help With any joint pain now for the avocado It’s showing mainly low pressure when i Lay on my back so back sleepers should Feel really comfy on this bed and get That needed sinkage at the lumbar region And when i laid on my side you can start To see a touch of pressure forming at my Hips but it’s still pretty low pressure Throughout i would just keep this in Mind if you have sensitive joints Motion isolation and edge support are Two important factors that couples are Going to want to look for in a mattress Motion isolation refers to a bed’s Ability to prevent movement from Transferring across the bed and waking Up your partner An edge support is how well the Perimeter of a mattress supports weight So it allows you to use more of the Surface of the mattress and sit or sleep Near the edge of the bed for motion Isolation i would say both these beds Did below average jobs you’ll likely Feel a partner tossing and turning if They’re near you And when it comes to edge support i’d Say the avocado eco organic has stronger Edge support than the purple [Music] So who should get the avocado Eco-organic mattress first if you are Looking for an eco-friendly organic

Product then this is definitely up your Alley the materials are sustainable and Ethically made with the eco-conscious Consumer in mind it’s also super Affordable for an organic bed second if You’re looking for a durable mattress i Think this would be a great fit it has That dunlop latex in it which is known To last for a while and last if you are A back side or backside combination Sleeper i think you’re going to be Really comfortable on this bed And who should get the purple well Anyone who’s not looking for a Traditional mattress feel as the purple Gives you that floating on air feeling Next up sleepers with pain issues should Really like the pressure relieving Capabilities of the purple and just like The avocado back side or backside combo Sleepers should feel great on this Mattress All right that’s a wrap on this battle And unfortunately we can’t really tell You who won not only because these Mattresses are so different but because It really comes down to your personal Preferences and style Yeah but if you want to see more details About these mattresses or other bed Options just head over to Sleepopolis.com because we have a lot More in-depth reviews there yeah we’ve Got coupons we’ve got product reviews

We’ve got sleep health information on There too so be sure to check it out and Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button Before you go You

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