AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier – Small But Mighty?

By | October 19, 2022

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The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier is a popular humidifier out on the market. But is it the right humidifier for you? We’ve got you covered, so be sure to watch our full review!

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4:32 Cleaning & Care
5:10 Who Should Get the AquaOasis Humidifier?
5:31 Who Shouldn’t Get the AquaOasis Humidifier?
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The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier is a great option for people who are looking to save both space and money. It comes to you in three main parts: the base, the water tank, and the directional nozzle. Set up and use is relatively simple, and the water tank can hold up to 2.2 liters of water.

It produces a cool mist and is relatively quiet when in operation. Depending on the setting, the tank should last around 24 hours with continuous use. It’s recommended to clean the humidifier once every 2-3 weeks, and it’s as simple as taking apart the humidifier and washing it out with warm water!

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Humidifiers come in two main types You’ve got warmest humidifiers or you’ve Got one like this one the aqua Oasis Cool mist humidifier what’s up world It’s Tony the Sleep accessories editor For Mattress Clarity in today’s video I’ll go over everything you need to know About the aqua Oasis humidifier what Makes it unique so stick around all Right let’s get started [Music] Before I get too far into this review I Want to quickly mention that mattress Clarity does get products sent to us for Free to test out and if you use some of The affiliate links we have in our Description box below to purchase those Products we might get a commission but This just helps fund our operation and Keep our content free for you guys so With that out of the way let’s talk About the components that make up the Aqua Oasis cool mist humidifier to start Off we have the 360 degree rotating Nozzle Then we have the water tank which can Hold up to about 2.2 liters of water Then we have the base here at the bottom Of the base there is an oscillating Transduction piece and this is what’s Going to take the water and turn it into The Mist then here at the front we have A control knob And this will just let you control how

Much Mist the machine will produce when You have the water tank full it should Last you around 24 hours depending on How much steam it is producing and it Can cover an area of about 400 square Feet which is about the size of a Medium-sized room Foreign Setting up your Aqua Oasis coolness Humidifier is really easy right out of The box all you need to do is remove the Nozzle and then lift the water tank off Of the base using the handle and then You’ll flip it over and Unscrew the cap and here’s where you’ll Fill it up with water once you’ve got it Full Screw the cap on make sure it’s nice and Tight and obviously test for leaks and Then you place it back on the base You add your nozzle And then you just Turn it on and obviously this controls The setting of the Mist and you should Be good to go As the Sleep accessories editor for Mattress Clarity I do take these Products home to test them out so let’s Talk about my experience with the aqua Oasis humidifier starting with the setup I really liked how easy it was to set up Because right out of the box it comes to You in three main pieces that you just Stack on top of one another I also

Really like that you have the option to Use tap water to fill the tank up Aqua Oasis does mention that distilled water Is preferred to fill this up but if you Don’t have a jug of distilled water Laying around I know I don’t tap water Is a really accessible option to use in Terms of use I really like that the Nozzle is really easy to move around and Direct for reference you do want a Humidifier about six inches away from The nearest wall and you do want to set It on a water resistant surface using The aqua Oasis was really easy too I Like that you can just easily turn the Nozzle to direct the Mist wherever you Want it to go and I should mention that You want this pointing away from a wall In fact you want the whole unit to be About six inches away from a wall or Other appliances and I also recommend Placing it on a water resistant surface Now the aqua Oasis will Auto turn off When it’s out of water but you are the One that’s in control of it so when you Get to an optimal humidity level you Have to be the one to turn it off this Doesn’t have a sensor that will turn it Off I also don’t particularly love that When you turn it on it’s going to have a Bright green light so if you’re Sensitive to light like I am when I Sleep this is a little bit noticeable But if you’re using it during the day

It’s not a big deal We use humidifiers to keep our Airways Nice and hydrated while we sleep so we Don’t dry out and you want an optimal Room humidity level of around 40 to 60 Percent now the aqua Oasis humidifier Does not have a sensor to tell you when You’re at that optimal humidity level so Once you feel like you’ve met that you Need to turn this off one way to notice You’re at an optimal humidity level in Your room is to notice condensation Forming around the base or the surface Just turn it off and you’ll be good to Go Aqua Oasis recommends cleaning the Humidifier once every two to three weeks Depending on what type of water you’re Using if you’re using tap water it may Have more minerals and will leave a Residue behind so it may need frequent Cleaning if you’re using tap water but To clean it all you do is remove the Water tank and unscrew the cap and wash The inside of the tank as best you can Now the base may also need some cleaning As well just because water does collect Down here one thing I will note is that This is the only hole that you can use To clean the water tank so you may need A tool just because of how small it is So let’s talk about some pros and cons Of the cool mist humidifier to start With the pros this is a really great

Option if you prefer cool mist Humidifiers because it’s not going to Feel super hot and muggy when you’re Using it it’s also really easy to set up And use right out of the box and if You’re using a full tank it should last You around 24 hours with continuous use Moving on to our cons this isn’t the Easiest to clean just because there is Such a small hole at the bottom of the Water tank it’s not a great option if You’re sensitive to light while you Sleep because the night light was Noticeable for me and you’re not going To need it year round depending on your Climate Well there you have it everything you Need to know about the aqua Oasis cool Mist humidifier if you want to read more Information about humidifiers or look at Some best unifiers lists you can find it At and if you want To get this humidifier I have an Affiliate link down below that you can Use to purchase it see you next time bye [Music] Thank you

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