All about Sleep Paralysis in under a minute! #shorts #sleeptips

By | October 25, 2022

When we go into sleep at night and hit REM sleep that's a stage of sleep where Our brain is working almost like a Filing cabinet and we tend to dream the Most in REM sleep now when we're in REM Sleep your muscles actually are supposed To be paralyzed as a way to protect us So you're not acting out your dreams When sleep paralysis happens it's Usually around falling asleep but more Commonly when you're waking up from Sleep so you're waking up out of REM Sleep but your muscles are actually Still paralyzed for a few seconds Sometimes even as long as a minute Someone might feel like they're awake be Able to open their eyes but the rest of Their body is unable to move and it's Really scary sensation when it happens Initially it can be completely harmless When it happens in many cases and Oftentimes it happens because of poor Sleep hygiene or sleep deprivation

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