All About Sleep Apnea in 60 Seconds! #shorts #sleeptips #sleepapnea

By | October 20, 2022

Sleep apnea is a very common issue and The most common form we have is Obstructive sleep apnea so what happens Is there’s a part of the airway that Actually closes fully or partially when You sleep so when you go to sleep your Muscles in your body relax and when they Relax you start hearing some snoring and If they relax fully enough you actually Have a pause or a cessation in breathing Completely so what sleep apnea is is Pauses and breathing throughout the Night it can be snoring it can be Choking gasping and symptoms that people Often report will be like I said snoring You can be excessively sleepy during the Day you can feel depressed you can have Weight gain you can wake up with Heartburn people often use the bathroom A lot in the middle of the night the Most common misconception with sleep Apnea is that you have to be older you Have to be overweight to have sleep Apnea and that couldn’t be further from The truth

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