6 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster From Sleep Experts!

By | April 30, 2023

If you’ve ever spent more time in bed wishing you could fall asleep instead of actually sleeping, you’re not alone. It’s especially stressful when you know you have to be up early in the morning or just feel drained and are unable to fall asleep. I’ve compiled my favorite tips and tricks to help you fall asleep fast (without spending a fortune). They cover everything from behavior changes you can make to sleep products you can try.

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Do you struggle falling asleep at night Well I'm here to help I'm going to share Six tips to help you fall asleep faster From sleepopolis I will note there's no One size fits all when it comes to sleep And unfortunately no magic solution but These tips are science based and help a Lot of people get better sleep on Average you should be getting between Seven and nine hours of sleep a night so Let's dive into some tips to help Achieve that [Music] I do want to mention if you feel you may Be suffering from a sleep disorder or Medical condition we recommend talking To a doctor or medical professional as These videos are meant to be informative But not take the place of medical advice [Music] Tip number one make sure your sleep Environment is cool dark and quiet this Means cutting off all the lights You can add blackout curtains if needed To help achieve this cutting out all Noise distractions or covering them with A noise machine and keeping a cool Environment this varies by person but Doctors recommend keeping the Temperature at 60 to 72 degrees while Sleeping with most people falling in the Middle of that range but you may have to Experiment to see what works best for You

Tip number two watch what you eat and Drink close to bedtime we recommend Cutting out caffeine eight hours before You go to sleep and avoid heavy meals And alcohol at least three hours before Bedtime all of these things can really Hurt your Sleep Quality without you Maybe even realizing it Tip number three stay off your phone and From watching TV when it's bedtime it's Time to unwind in this content and the Blue light can interfere with your Circadian rhythm or your natural sleep Wake cycle this can make it harder to Fall asleep and also hurt your overall Sleep Quality try to cut out phone time At least a half hour before going to bed So are you on your phone right now in Bed cut it out Number four if you wake up in the middle Of the night don't look at your phone or Clock try to stay relaxed and calm Perhaps with some breathing exercises And if you're really struggling to fall Back asleep get out of bed and do Something boring to help your body calm Back down Tip number five know your chronotype Everyone has a specific chronotype that Can help tell you how you sleep like if You're a morning person or a night owl Once you know it you can use it to cater To your body's natural Rhythm click the Link in the description below to learn

More [Music] Tip number six count backwards from 300 In increments of three if you're lying In bed and struggling to sleep try this Counting method so you start with 300 297 294 291 you get the gist [Music] All right that's it for our top six tips To help you fall asleep faster we also Have more tips and methods like Meditation practices and guides on how To make your bedroom into an oasis over At sleepopolis.com and if you click the Link in the description below but we do Recommend seeing a doctor or Healthcare Professional if you feel you may be Suffering from insomnia be sure to hit That subscribe button before you go to See more videos like this one and I'll See you next time [Applause] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music]

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