25 Days of Giving Week 4 – Win a Free Mattress!

By | December 19, 2022


Day 21: Brooklyn Bedding –

Day 22: Cocoon –

Day 23: JoyBed –

Day 24: WinkBeds –

Day 25: Sealy –

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Hey everyone Bridget and Amelia with Sleepopolis here for the final week of 25 days of giving no it's not already Over is it not quite yet we do still Have seven more mattresses to give away But then sadly it's over until next year Wow I'm so excited to give away seven More mattresses but so sad it's almost Over The conflict of emotions it really is Bittersweet but let's hang on to the Sweet side of things and go over the Mattresses that are up for the giveaway This week Amelia you're always looking On the bright side of things Bridget This week we're going to be giving away Mattresses from Aurora Brooklyn Bedding thuma cocoon Joybed wink bed and Sealy so many good Options for our final week and again all You have to do to enter is click the Link in the description below and follow Along at sleepopolis.com and our Instagram page plus week 3's giveaways Are still open so be sure to enter those If you haven't already Yes you Definitely should week one and week two Are closed now so we have 14 lucky Winners and we're ready to see who's Going to win from week three and week Four congrats to all those folks who Have won already all of those winners Have been announced on our Instagram Page so head over there to check those

Out I just know all those winners are Going to be sleeping so good in the new Year on a brand new mattress oh for sure A quality mattress is everything when it Comes to sleeping well and having Overall comfort and it's even better When that mattress is free so be sure to Enter to win one of these fantastic Mattresses in our final days of The 25 Days of giving best of luck to everyone [Music] Thank you [Music]

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