10 Questions With Dr. Shelby Harris

By | October 18, 2022

We asked Dr. Shelby Harris, the Director of Sleep Health at Sleepopolis, to answer some common sleep questions.

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I’m Dr Shelby Harris and I’m the Director of sleep Health at sleepopolis [Music] I am definitely a morning person yeah I Go to bed early and I wake up early Um I’m usually in bed by 9 9 30 and I’m Up by five most mornings 5 30 to go for A run try to get everything done before My kids get up I sleep on my stomach actually believe It or not most people are pretty Surprised but I start off on my stomach And a lot of people actually flip over Throughout the night that’s what I do I Start on my stomach and I end up somehow On my side or my back at night For me I worked on trying to get Something down a little bit more when The pandemic actually happened so I Thought it was an opportunity to start Stretching I had terrible stretching Runners are not good with stretching so I decided every night I was going to Spend at least 20 minutes just kind of Powering down and I go up to my room I Wash my face get ready in my pajamas and Then I actually do a stretching routine That’s about 10-15 minutes and then I Get in bed read a book a magazine for 10-15 minutes and then I’d lights out And go to sleep during the beginning of The pandemic I was watching the news I Was Doom scrolling just like so many Other people that I said I need to

Really start to practice what I preach Much more and I find that it really does Quiet me down a little bit [Music] On on a normal whatever quote unquote Normal is but a normal night for me it Would probably be about eight to eight And a half hours which I know sounds Luxurious but I try to but that doesn’t Mean that I get that every single day I I’m a human being who has a bad night of Sleep here and there and there are Sometimes that you know my kids come in They might come in with a nightmare Things like that and those things Definitely can impact sleep Foreign I get stuck in like TV shows so I’ll Watch Netflix shows and I’ll start to Binge watch I had to turn off the auto Play for me because I was just going From one show to another so I have to be Very cognizant of that and not get Sucked into three hours of Random TV Shows Oh I mean I the baker in me was watching The Great British Bake Off even I’ll Watch the same episode two three times Sometimes Um over the year or two but now I’ve Started to re-watch Gray’s Anatomy so I’ve spent on like season three now and That I get sucked into very easily [Music]

I wish that people knew that it doesn’t Have to be Huge sweeping changes to make little Changes with your sleep so you can start With just picking one thing to make a Change on and like we always say to try And power down and turn screens off an Hour before bed if that doesn’t work Just start with five minutes it doesn’t Have to be all or nothing I wish people Would just kind of gradually ease into It as opposed to just kind of getting Rid of thinking about it because it’s Too impossible I mean there’s a million of them but the One that I hear all the time is that I Want to sleep like a baby I want to be Out cold first of all I don’t know any Babies that sleep throughout the night Perfectly when they’re young so it’s Really about understanding that everyone Wakes up about four to six four to seven Times a night we all do it after a sleep Cycle ends and that if you have one or Two Awakenings at night and you go back To sleep within 10-15 minutes it’s not a Problem as long as you feel well rested And fresh throughout the day Foreign Sometimes go to the bathroom I go back To bed if it’s just a quick Awakening I Just go back to sleep I do have those Nights once in a while where I just Can’t sleep so for me I actually do get

Out of bed because some people can lay There for a little while and fall back Asleep okay I find just laying there Just makes me want to force trying to go To sleep and I get more annoyed and Frustrated so I just get out of bed and I either sit in the corner of my room in A chair that we have with a light on or I go down the hall and I read I have a Stack of magazines and books that I just Read and I’ve even gone through old Cookbooks before just to look for Recipes just something that I find Pleasurable that passes the time without Using a screen and then I get back in Bed when I’m actually sleepy again Foreign [Music] Thing that I think most people Don’t follow when they start having a Bad night or two here and there is that They try to compensate for a bad night’s Sleep so what that means is they’ll Either go to bed a lot earlier or They’ll sleep in in the morning or take Naps if you can keep a consistent wake Time seven days a week if you have Trouble sleeping multiple times a week That consistent wake time and ideally a Consistent bedtime will help to keep it In check more so than if you try to Catch up here and there when you try to Compensate you’re actually by sleeping In the next morning you’re not going to

Be up enough hours during the day to be Hungry enough for sleep at night so we Really want that consistent wake time That helps set your body clock and helps Make you hungry enough for sleep at Night [Music] Either a professional musician bassist In orchestras or a pastry chef because I Really love baking too so I actually Almost thought about going into that World as well now I just bake for fun And stress relief and I love to make Some cookies on the side [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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